Christian Mikkelsen Review (How to Make $10K a Month on Amazon)

Christian Mikkelsen says it’s entirely possible to make $10K a month on Amazon even if you don’t have any prior experience in making money online.

The co founder of Publishing Life claims there is a secret to achieving such a milestone. It’s all about getting positive reviews on your eBooks, prints, and audiobooks. 

A lot of people will put a book up and think that they can magically start getting sales. Christian says that you need at least 50 reviews before things start to happen. When you do that, it’s very unlikely to NOT be making a decent amount of sales each month.

So many people overlook that, but you shouldn’t. That’s not all. There are two more VERY important things to consider. One of them is your titles.

Many publishers create horrible titles. It can be one of the BIGGEST problems for people that do NOT know why they’re struggling so much, while they see others succeed.

The second thing is your covers. If your cover doesn’t make you WANT to buy your book, no one will. Work on these things and you can have a very successful and profitable publishing business.

Christian Mikkelsen

Christian Mikkelsen on Mindset

Christian Mikkelsen got an email. In his own words, the email was long and the author could have published it as a book and started making money online. He took the time to read the entire message and sent a 22 minute long video response.

The message said that the guy that’s written it, has ONE last chance to make it work before they have to find a dead end job. As a response, Christian said that, unless you’re 85 years old, you have PLENTY more chances that will come your way. 

The secret to getting to $10K and more per month is to NOT stop until you’ve achieved it, says Christian. Saying that you have one last shot to make it work, instantly means that you will likely fail. The first time you try anything is never going to work.

Successful people know that the path to success is filled with failures. Instead of beating yourself up for failing, you should be grateful as it only means you’re one step closer to your goals.

When you find enough ways that do NOT work, eventually, you will figure out what actually works.

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Christian Mikkelsen On Sticking to One Path


The email also said that the guy has tried over 10 different ways to make money online and none of them work. Christian Mikkelsen said that, if the guy had stuck to one of these things and kept working on it, eventually, he would have found a way. 

The problem is a lot of times when people jump into something and don’t see instant success, they give up. According to Christian, this is one of the biggest problems that they see online. The Mikkelsen Twins have worked with thousands of people, which is why these words carry a lot of weight.

A ton of newbies are coming through their flagship program, Audiobook Income Academy, regularly, but many of them don’t get anything from the program simply because of their mindset.

They are expecting to try something once, and it will just work out. Admittedly, some people might do just that, but most will keep failing over and over again. The ones that do not give up are those that find success.

Expect To Fail

Christian Mikkelsen says that the first time you try something, you’re going to be bad at it and it’s going to be hard. The beautiful part of it all is that it’s okay to fail.

In fact, you should expect failure and appreciate it when it happens. It gives an opportunity to LEARN from your mistakes. Then you can try it again and you will probably realize that you’ve gotten a bit better at it.

It’s still going to be pretty bad, but that’s okay. It’s a learning process. Then you try it again and again until you eventually become so good at it that it becomes impossible to fail.

As an example, Christian uses a scenario where you’ve published your third book and you finally start getting some traction. That’s because you’ve learned from your mistakes while creating and publishing your first two books.

Maybe you now realize that paying $5 for a cover is not going to cut it. Or maybe you know that having a title without search terms in it is not going to work.

People need to be searching for your book. Not to mention that you NEED a lot of reviews, as they serve as proof of concept for other potential buyers.

What To Expect When Starting a New Business (According to Christian Mikkelsen)

The first time you start something new, you should expect it to be a flop. When you have that expectation, success rates will increase significantly. That doesn’t mean that the SECOND time you try it, it will work, or even the third, fourth, etc.

The point is to keep on trying again until it starts to work. As long as you keep on trying, you embrace making mistakes, getting better, and learning from your mistakes, you’re going to eventually achieve your goals. Christian says that success is inevitable if you allow it to be.

He is a big fan of taking accountability for everything in your life. The good and bad. Even if it might not literally be your fault due to outside factors that come into play, you should act as if everything is your fault.

When everything in your life is because of you, you suddenly have control.

However, you should definitely know that starting a publishing business on Amazon is not cheap and neither is the Mikkelsen Twin’s course. If you can’t afford at least a few thousand dollars up front, or if you prefer to avoid spending that much, there are other ways to start a wildly profitable online business on a budget. 

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