InstaWrapper Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my Instawrapper review. Can you really increase your sales and revenue with the help of this program, or is it another scam to avoid?

Here’s what you need to know. Instawrapper is a high quality software that can help internet marketers and content creators keep their audience engaged and interested. It works by letting you modify your videos and increase the retention rate of your viewers. 

The idea is to convert any boring video into a highly engaging piece of content that will leave your audience craving for more. 

The program is sold on JVZoo, one of the largest affiliate marketplaces online, and comes with an automatic 30 day money back guarantee. Stick around to find out exactly what you’re getting into, without any hype or exaggerated claims of income.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Instawrapper Review Summary

Product Name: Instawrapper

Product Owner: Karthik Ramani

Product Type: Video Editing Software

Product Price: $37

Overall Score: 70/100

Summary: Imagine if you could turn an ordinary boring video into a highly engaging and converting piece of content in minutes. Karthik Ramani has created Instawrapper with one goal in mind.

To help influencers, marketers, and creators. You can have a profit pulling, highly engaging video that will get your visitors to watch, interact, and take action. Best of all, you need ZERO technical knowledge or experience with video editing platforms.

Instawrapper is designed for internet marketers and people that do NOT have the time or energy to learn complex video editing skills, but KNOW how important they are for attracting visitors and converting them into clients.

Right now, this program costs $37, but the price will increase when the launch period ends.

What is Instawrapper?

Instawrapper is a software that takes care of one fundamental need that everyone selling something online has—getting their visitors to convert and perform the desired action.

Leave their email, go to the next page, fill up a form, or purchase a product. Whatever your goal is, Karthik Ramani’s program can help you get there.

If you already have a bunch of old videos that do not perform as great as you would have wanted, now is your chance to change that and salvage all your underappreciated hard work. 

The demand for videos is rising exponentially. An article in 2018 showed that 72% of consumers prefer videos to text marketing. In 2022 that percentage is even more prominent, and it will keep on growing.

On the other hand, simply creating a video just for the sake of it will NOT be enough to get your visitors to take action. If you’re selling something, you need a highly engaging VSL (Video Sales Letter) to keep your visitors engaged and focused throughout the entire video.

With so many distractions online, the average attention span for internet users keeps on dropping. In other words, it becomes harder and harder to keep people’s attention. Not to mention that EVERY ONE of your competitors is fighting for the same thing as you.

With Instawrapper, you can have that much needed competitive advantage and do more work with less time and effort. Imagine getting more traffic (web users), leads, and engagement, without spending countless hours editing your videos, or paying tons of money for experts to do it for you.

Is Instawrapper a Scam?

instawrapper review legit or not

Instawrapper is NOT a scam. It’s a legit software that can transform any boring video into a state of the art, fun, and intuitive piece of content that will get its viewers to do exactly what you want them to. 

There are more than one ways to benefit from this software. It’s not just about creating new sales videos or updating old ones. For example, you can get freelance gigs and do video ads for entrepreneurs, brands, and solopreneurs.

Furthermore, you will get a commercial license, allowing you to sell all of the videos you make with this software. You can easily find a company that needs a similar service, get on a retainer, and earn anywhere from $250 – $500+ per month for these videos.

What’s Inside Instawrapper?

One of the many features of Instawrapper is that it comes with over 50 done for you templates that you can use for your videos.

They are done by the team of experts that helped make this product possible. In other words, you can rest assured that they are all of extremely high quality and very goal driven. Here’s everything else that you’re getting:

– Unlimited Videos. You can create as many as you want. They can also be as lengthy as you want.

– Branding & Customization. You can brand your videos and customize them as you see fit.

– Progress Bars & Countdown Timers. You know, the ones that you see on videos that get millions of views.

–  Customize. With Creatives from Gifs, Emojis, Images, and more.

– Timeline Editor. You can add elements at any point.

– Storage. Approximately 1GB of internal storage and unlimited external storage.

– Import. You can import video from anywhere incredibly fast.

– Automation. You can get automated captions and transcriptions. 

– Stock Images & Videos. Millions of them.

The idea of putting a “wrapper” on your video may sound overrated, but it’s not. It can be the difference between a highly engaging video that goes viral, and a video that gets no more than a dozen views.

Who is Instawrapper For?

Instawrapper is for ANYONE who uses videos in their online business, be it for themselves, or clients. Everyone wants high converting video sales letters and influencer style videos.

Now, creating them can take you no more than 3 minutes. There is a HUGE demand for video marketing services, so even if you’re not making any money online yet, you can leverage this program to change that. 

How Much Does Instawrapper Cost?

The front end price is $37. There are a bunch of upsells but they are NOT mandatory and you can benefit from Instawrapper without purchasing them. Nevertheless, they are as follows:

Upsell #1 – Pro Version ($67). It unlocks more features.

Upsell #2 – Templates Club ($47). You will get even more templates to use.

Upsell #3 – Agency ($47). This offer comes with everything you need to work with clients, how to obtain them, and how to give them access to your work.

Upsell #4 – Reseller ($97). You can claim this product as your own and sell it online.

Upsell #5 – Agency Training ($25). Get in depth training on how to use this software to run a profitable agency online.

What I Like About Instawrapper

instawrapper review pros vs cons

1. It’s a High Quality Software. The value you’re getting inside is HUGE. Instawrapper can shave off hours and a ton of effort without sacrificing quality.

2. It’s Not Expensive.
The costs associated with this software are NOT big, allowing even those with no real traction in their business to take advantage of this.

3. The Owner is Experienced. 
Karthik Ramani has many projects behind him and his overall vendor score is good.

What I Don’t Like About Instawrapper

1. It’s Only For Those Interested in Video Marketing. You don’t get any business training. Instead, you will be shown how to fully utilize the software and boost your sales and your clients’ results. Apart from that, there aren’t any negative things about this software.

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