VidReviewz Review – Legit or Scam?

Welcome to my Vidreviewz review. Can you really start making over $500 a day with this simple 3 click software as soon as you purchase it, or is it another scam to avoid?

Here’s what you need to know. This is a program that’s sold on the WarriorPlus marketplace. The platform is known for its shady product launches and offers that promote get rich quick schemes.

Just like with many other similar offers, this one has incredibly hyped up and unrealistic claims on the sales page. 

The idea is to get newbies hooked on the idea that they can make easy money online with little to no effort. Unfortunately, that’s NEVER the case with these automated thirty bucks offers.

This review of Vidreviewz will show you everything that’s wrong with the program and what to REALISTICALLY expect to get when you buy it.

By the time you’re done here, you will know exactly what you’re getting into without any hype or exaggerated claims of income.

Ready? Let’s get started…

VidReviewz Review Summary

Product Name: VidReviewz

Product Owner: Yogesh Agarwal

Product Type: Create Reviews

Product Price: $29.65+ Upsells

Overall Score: 25/100

Recommended: No!

Summary: VidReviewz is a software that automates review creation, allowing you to save a lot of time and effort. You can have multiple reviews done in a matter of minutes.

While that part is true, what you need to understand about this offer, is that you will be sacrificing QUALITY for time. Most of the things that you will create with this software are not going to cut it.

When people go online to search for reviews, they’re also looking to hear from REAL people that share their experiences.

When you’re competing with people that do NOT cut corners and create excellent reviews of a product or service, there is a very low chance that someone will see your automated review and get the feeling that you’ve done a good job.

In other words, getting conversions with this low quality method for creating product reviews is probably NOT going to happen.

If it worked, then everyone would be using some sort of automated way to reduce their time spent on creating, editing, and updating reviews.

The target audience for VidReviewz are newbies in the make money online space and “shiny object” chasers. 

What is VidReviews?

VidReviews is a software tool launched by Yogesh Agarwal. It claims to help you create and rank review videos on Youtube. This is the front end offer of a sales funnel filled with additional products designed to get as much money from you as possible. 

You’re promised a lot of money with very little effort. These products are called “shiny objects” and the perfect buyer for them is someone that does NOT know better.

Anyone that’s spent some time researching ways to make money online has stumbled on hyped up products that almost guarantee high profits with very little work.

That’s the first red flag that immediately caught my attention, and it’s also ONE of the reasons why I do NOT recommend this product.

Is VidReviewz a Scam?

vidreviewz review legit or not

Not technically. VidReviewz is a product that will do exactly what it says. That’s why I can’t say that it’s a scam. There is a real product that you will get for your money. However, I do think that people won’t be making anywhere near (if any) what you’re promised on the sales page

Making $500 a day with just a few clicks is UNREALISTIC. Furthermore, there are other red flags like scarcity marketing that will encourage you to make a decision faster before the time runs out.

I’ve seen a lot of HIGH QUALITY programs that implement this tactic to increase their sales. That alone is NOT enough to label a product bad.

However, when you pile it up with some other concerning things, like the fact that it just feels too good to be true, you can come to the conclusion that you will most likely NOT get what you’re promised.

According to the sales page, you don’t have to show your face on camera or record your voice. All you have to do is browse through the offers that are all over the internet, copy, and paste your link inside the software. Then, you just sit back and watch as your reviews are being created.

The end result will be a slideshow with a bunch of pictures of the product, some background music, and a bunch of text.

When there’s not a REAL human on the other side of the screen, you instantly lose a lot of credibility and significantly reduce your chances of getting conversions.

Not to mention that you will be competing for the attention of your audience with people that ACTUALLY took the time to create an engaging, high quality video about a product or service.

That’s why I think that this software is a waste of time and I do NOT recommend it to anyone.

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How Does VidReviewz Work?

VidReviewz works by luring people in with flashy income claims and exaggerated statements that you can start earning 3 figures per day with as little as 3 simple clicks.

Then, it goes on to urge you to make an investment before the next price increase rolls in. If you try to leave the page, you will see a pop up with a discount code, allowing you to purchase the product with a $5 discount.

On the sales page, you will also see a timer that supposedly limits your time deciding if the product is for you or not. When that timer hits zero, you can still buy the product at the same price. 

Once inside, you will see a list of trending products that you can use. The software allows you to track what’s selling on platforms like Amazon, Aliexpress, JVzoo, and more.

What’s Inside VidReviewz?

Inside this software, you will get access to a video creator, top trending products online, a hashtag generator similar to the one InstaWrapper has, and a bunch of one time offers you can purchase at an additional charge.

The process of creating a video consists of four steps. First, you add all relevant details. Second, you choose the tools to create your video. Third, you use the editor to adjust your slides. Finally, you can make final adjustments using the editor and you’re good to go.

How Much Does VidReviewz Cost?

VidReviwz costs $29.65 (one time). It comes with an upgrade version that costs an additional $37.95. If you don’t get the pro version, your access to the software will be limited. 

The second upsell is called the SEO Edition. It costs $47.95. The third upsell is called Traffic 100K. It costs $37.95, but when you decline that offer, you will see it again at a discounted price ($27.95). 

The fourth upsell is called Reseller Licence. It costs $127.95 and allows you to sell the product as if it was your own and lets you keep 100% of the profits.

The fifth upsell is the Delta Edition. It costs $197.95 but can be discounted to $147.95 when you decline the offer.

What I Like About VidReviewz

vidreviewz review pros vs cons

1. Commercial Licence. Although I doubt that someone will ever buy these low quality videos, you do have the right to sell them.

2. You Can Get a Refund.
There is a 30 day refund policy, which means you can get your money back when you buy this software. Even if the vendor refuses to give back your money, WarriorPlus will issue a refund on their behalf.

What I Don’t Like About VidReviewz

1. Unrealistic & Hyped Up Claims. The sales page can leave people with the wrong impression. Most people that buy this software will be highly disappointed due to the hyped up and misleading income claims.

2. Slim to None Chances For Making Money.
With this program, odds are that you won’t make any money even if you produce a thousand reviews.

3. Expensive Upsells. If you decide to buy everything you’re offered including the upsells and bump orders, you’re looking at spending hundreds of dollars. In my opinion, the value for money isn’t there.

Is There a Better Alternative?

Making money online is never as easy as you’re being led to believe with similar sales pages as the one VidReviwz has.

That’s why I think that beginners with no prior experience will find out that the program is NOT what it seems at first glance. In my opinion, it’s not worth the investment and you will probably NOT make any money with it.

If you’re REALLY interested in learning some high income skills that can help you achieve financial freedom, you should forget about the shiny object syndrome and realize that nothing worth having comes easy. 

On the next page, you will see a smile four step blueprint that I’m using to make up to $1,000 per SINGLE affiliate sale without spending hundreds of dollars on done for you software and automation tools that never work.

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