BNB Investor Academy Review – is Michael Elefante Legit?

Welcome to my BNB Investor Academy review. Can Michael Elefante really help you start and scale your AirBNB business, or is this another scam to avoid?

Here’s what you need to know. This high-ticket training program will supposedly teach you how to acquire, set up, manage, and profit up to $10K from properties.

Without even owning them.

Anyone can learn these skills, regardless of experience, age, knowledge, or background. All it takes is a willingness to succeed and a few grand to invest in this program.

By the time you’re done here, you will know exactly what you’re getting into, without any hype or exaggerated income claims.

Ready? Let’s get started…

BNB Investor Academy Review Summary

Product Name: BNB Investor Academy

Product Type: AirBNB Training Course

Product Owner: Michael Elefante

Product Price: $10K – $12K

Overall Score: 55/100

Recommended: Not For Everyone

Summary: BNB Investor Academy is a six-month-long program designed to get you making money from Airbnb rentals. According to students of the program, the information inside is available for free online.

However, there is support, a community of like-minded people you can learn from, and many resources that can help anyone aspiring to master this business model. On the downside, the costs to join can be anywhere from $10K to $12K or more.

The methods taught inside are NOT new or innovative. They work, but it will take time, effort, and dedication.

Just like with any legitimate business model, success is never guaranteed. You can do everything right and still fail.

If you’re willing to risk losing a lot of money on this business venture, then you can benefit from Michael Elefante’s program.

If you prefer a safer, less expensive, and more lucrative way to start a profitable online business, see this below.

What is BNB Investor Academy?

Michael Elefante

BNB Investor Academy is a training program founded by Michael Elefante. It teaches the four core steps to effectively run a profitable Airbnb business from anywhere in the world.

Step one is to guide you through hot markets. Step two is to help you choose the right properties for Airbnb. Step three is to make sure your properties look great and appealing to prospects.

Step four is getting help with all the technical stuff, like setting up the software tools, automation programs, and everything else needed to run your business.

Michael has coached over 800 students. His first students ever, Logan and Bri, went from $0 to $40K with the help of his course. Does that mean everyone who enrolls will achieve the same or greater results?

Is BNB Investor Academy a Scam?

BNB Investor Academy review legit or not

BNB Investor Academy is not a scam. It’s a legit training program that will show you a real business model. Michael Elefante is the founder of this course and a very successful Airbnb business owner.

In his own words, this business brings him in 6 figures every single month. In my opinion, this model can work for many aspiring business owners.

However, I also think that many people could potentially end up losing a lot of money. If you’re not willing to risk over $10K on this venture, then it’s probably not for you.

The Simple Cost Effective & Beginner-Friendly System I’m Using to Make Money Online 

Are There Any BNB Investor Academy Alternatives?

There are many alternatives to BNB Investor Academy. The BNB Success Academy is a short-term rental course by Frazier Mackie and Arthur Diulgerian. It’s designed to teach you how to get your first property listed and rented in 14 days or less.

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BNB Profits is a 7-part video series course by Blake Rocha. It will teach you how to do Airbnb Arbitrage. This includes getting started and acquiring your first property for up to $10K and accessing Blake’s personal lender’s list.

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Beyond BNB Secrets is a training course created by Dr. Chau Ong. His course will teach you how to leverage corporate housing with Airbnb to make money.

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BNB Riches is a course created by Noelle Randall. She goes over everything you need to know about Airbnb and her own strategy for earning a lot of money. She will teach you how to capitalize on this business model without owning a property yourself.

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There are many alternatives when it comes to picking a course that will help you make money.

There is no shortage of online gurus trying to teach you their methods for achieving success. It’s up to you to decide which ones to trust and where to look for guidance.

What Are BNB Investor Academy Students Saying About The Program?

Logan and Bri are the first students of BNB Investor Academy. They made $40K in a year. Abby is making $3K per month with this method, and Collin and Addy are making $5K per month. These are just a few of the successful students of the program.

A student who enrolled in the program left a positive comment about BNB Investor Academy on Reddit.

They said that no other coach brings in other coaches who are experts in different areas such as CPA, Lender, Location Finder, etc.

bnb investor academy reddit review

However, some claim to be dissatisfied with purchasing the program. Sarah commented on Biggerpockets, saying that the course is not worth the cash investment.

bnb investor academy second review

Devon claims that the information available inside can be found for free online (pic)

Nozomiwaifu states that, during the course, Michel asks his students to go online and spam comments.

It looks like the main downside of this course is that the majority of information can be found for free. However, you do get professional support, help, and a community of like-minded individuals.

How Much Does BNB Investor Academy Cost?

bnb investor academy cost

BNB Investor Academy costs anywhere from $10K to $12K or more. The only way to find that out is by scheduling a free call with one of the sales representatives of the program.

bnb investor academy price

Their job is to sell you the course and get you to invest your hard-earned money. According to users who have gone through these calls, you can be asked to pay anywhere from $10K to $12K or more.

Can You Get a Refund?

No refunds are available. That’s strictly outlined in their refund policy. If you don’t get any results in 6 months, they will continue to work with you until you do. That’s the only thing you get.

What I Like About BNB Investor Academy

BNB Investor Academy review pros vs cons

1. It’s Taught By An Expert. Michael Elefante knows how to build a profitable business with Airbnb. He is more than capable of teaching others how to succeed.

2. You Don’t Have to Own a Property.
This removes the entry barrier for a lot of people, allowing for more people to get the chance to dabble in this.

3. Community Access.
This can be very beneficial for you and everyone else. A community can help you get motivated when you need it, learn more stuff, learn from experienced individuals, and help each other out when needed.

What I Don’t Like About BNB Investor Academy

1. It’s Very Expensive. The coaching alone costs five figures. Not everyone can afford it.

2. It’s Very Risky.
The costs associated with buying the program and getting the properties are very high. This makes the entire venture very risky.

3. Not The Best Alternative For Beginners.
In my opinion, there is a better, cost-effective alternative for starting a wildly profitable online business.

Without having to risk five figures to get started. On the next page, I will show you the simple system I’m using to bank up to $1K per SINGLE sale using other people’s products and services. On automation. Completely online.

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