Reviewing Aspiring Entrepreneurs By Sophie Howard

Welcome to my Aspiring Entrepreneurs review. This is Sophie Howard’s platform, where she shares valuable insights for growing an online business. 

On her website, you can get a free eBook showing you the most profitable strategies that work right now in today’s market, a bunch of courses that you can pay to become a member of, and a ton of additional resources.

It’s safe to say that, she is a very profitable, successful businesswoman and course creator. But does it mean that you can benefit from everything that you’re offered inside? 

Can you even afford to invest in Sophie Howard’s favorite business model, and is it something that you would enjoy doing? Stick around to find out.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Aspiring Entrepreneurs Review Summary

Name: Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Owner: Sophie Howard

Price: $997 – $2,997 + Free Features

Overall Score: 75/100

Recommended: Yes, But Not For Everyone!

Summary: This is a platform created by Sophie Howard with the intention of inspiring future entrepreneurs to chase their dreams and achieve financial freedom.

Most of the content inside is free of charge, but there are a couple of paid programs.

One of them teaches you how to invest, which means that you need to have at least $10K for the course and investing fees that will come.

The other one is another high ticket program that shows you different ways to start an online business.

Since most beginners would prefer to avoid shedding that much money on something that may not even work, I think that there are better ways to get started. 

What is Aspiring Entrepreneurs?

It’s Sophie Howard’s website, where she shares valuable tips and tricks that can help beginners start an online business.

Everything inside is focused on guiding the inexperienced and removing many of the obstacles ahead by providing a clear path to follow. 

You can choose how to consume your content. From blog posts to podcasts, it’s all there.

One of the first episodes that were uploaded on the Aspiring Entrepreneurs website is called “The 4 Entrepreneur Archetypes – Finding Your Best Path to Financial Freedom”.

In total, there are 8 episodes from the Aspiring Entrepreneurs podcast. The last one was aired in November 2021. 

You can also get 11 free eBooks from their library, or read one of the many business related articles that are available to the public.

Is Aspiring Entrepreneurs a Scam?

Aspiring Entrepreneurs review legit or not

No, it’s not. This is a platform created by a successful Amazon FBA seller and course creator, Sophie Howard. She has a proven track record of success in the industry and a ton of devout students. 

That’s why Aspiring Entrepreneurs is NOT a scam. A lot of the learning material inside is free of charge and can serve as a starting point for beginners. 

While there are many different business models covered inside, Sophie’s area of expertise is more profound when it comes to Amazon FBA.

This is one of the more expensive business models and the starting capital can exceed $5K.

That’s why, I think that there are way better, and cost effective ways to earn passive income online. 

Beginner’s Alternative: Compare This With Selling Stuff on Amazon

What’s Inside Aspiring Entrepreneurs?

aspiring entrepreneurs sophie howard

The platform is divided into five sections. The first one is a squeeze page designed to get your email in exchange for a valuable gift that you would enjoy.

In this case, you will get access to all the workbooks and you can download them for free. The other sections inside Aspiring Entrepreneurs will be broken down in a simple way below.


Sophie Howard has two paid courses inside her platform and one on one coaching. It’s safe to say that private coaching is one of the most expensive services offered over there.

However, the price is NOT displayed anywhere, which is common practice when it comes to selling high ticket products. It seems that there is a waiting list, so you can’t get on board anytime you want. 

The first course is called The Digital Asset Investors. It’s a program on investing and passive income generation. There are 10 modules that go over everything you need to know from start to finish.

The second one is the Freedom Navigator Workshop. It’s a training course on finding the right business model and taking your first steps towards success.


The “Books” section inside Aspiring Entrepreneurs is a collection of business eBooks that you can read or listen to on Amazon.

If you want to get all of them at once and be able to download each one at your convenience, you will have to leave your email address on the website.

In return, you will get 11 eBooks on launching, growing, and scaling an online business and the different ways to generate online web traffic.


The blog part of the website seems updated with new content pieces added regularly. For example, the last 5 blog posts were uploaded less than two weeks prior to this review.

Over there, you can read about the legal steps of launching a business, what to do when you’re starting out, creating a business plan, etc.


The podcast has eight episodes and looks like a project that hasn’t seen any progress for a while now.

However, the content inside is still fairly up to date and beginners can learn a lot of valuable stuff.

How Much Does Aspiring Entrepreneurs Cost?

The two paid courses are priced at 6 payments of $597 or a one time payment of $2,997 for The Digital Asset Investors and $997 (one time) for the Freedom Navigator Workshop.

Can You Get a Refund?

According to their refund policy, anyone that has a valid claim can get their money back as long the following requirements are met:

– You Complete All Course Modules.

– You Complete All Module Workbooks.

– You Give it an Honest Try.

– Have a Genuine and Valid Complaint.

You have 180 days to ask for a refund. The way I see it, the refund policy serves customers on a “per case” basis. In other words, there are no SOLID promises that you will actually get your money back.

Even if you do all of the above mentioned things, someone might still decide that you’re trying to game the system and decline the refund.

What I Like About Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Aspiring Entrepreneurs review pros vs cons

1. A Lot of Free Resources. They can serve as guides and lead magnets. That’s how Sophie and her team generate leads and turn people into a grateful audience that’s ready to pay. 

2. Sophie Howard is Experienced. And very wealthy as well.
She knows what it takes to sell stuff online, especially on Amazon. Her seller account and kindle publishing ventures are all wildly successful. 

What I Don’t Like About Aspiring Entrepreneurs

1. It Can Be Expensive For Beginners. Some people might want to avoid spending thousands of dollars on a training course, especially if they aren’t even sure if this is actually for them or not.

2. Not The Best Way To Get Started.
The business models inside Aspiring Entrepreneurs are legit and can definitely work. However, I think that there are better ways to get started as a beginner.

Is There a Better Alternative?

It’s always good to know as much as you can about any business venture you consider. By now, you should know that Sophie Howard is a legit and very successful internet person.

Her paid courses teach others how to sell on Amazon as a seller, or by leveraging the Kindle platform.

However, I still think that promoting other people’s products and services is a much better alternative for beginners.

The start up costs are WAY lower, the work involved is much lesser, and the potential income can be even greater.

Using a simple four step system that you can see on the next page, I’m able to earn up to $1K per SINGLE affiliate sale of a product or service I don’t own, on top of regular commission payments from other sources.

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