James Neville-Taylor Review

James Neville-Taylor is a successful affiliate marketer with numerous awards and recognitions from platforms like Builderall and Legendary Marketer.

He is also the founder of Rapid Profit Machine, a program that’s all about helping beginner affiliate marketers start making money online. Today, he is amongst the very few highly successful internet marketers.

More importantly, he has managed to help thousands of people in achieving their goals and aspirations.

It’s thanks to James Neville-Taylor that so many people managed to earn their first commissions online. 

Just a few years earlier, he did not know anything about internet marketing and earning income from the internet. He was going through a rough time and things did not look good for him. 

Who is James Neville-Taylor?

James Neville Taylor

He is the top affiliate for multiple companies, mentor, guest speaker in over nine countries, and course creator.

His website, Tayloryourbestlife.com shares his story and offers an opportunity for serious people that want to change their lives. In 2017, James Neville-Taylor began his entrepreneurial journey. 

He dabbled in different business models and spend a lot of money on courses that teach people how to earn from the internet.

The only problem was that these courses were full of hype rather than actual high quality content that can help people.

At some point, he came across a program that offered affiliate partnerships. Soon after that, James made his first commission. That same month, he managed to accumulate over a thousand dollars.

He accredited the fast success rate to the community of like minded individuals that gave him a confidence boost and a desire to keep pushing until eventually, he understood how the game works. In under a year, he became one of Builderall’s top affiliates.

How Long Did it Take For James Neville-Taylor to Earn His First Affiliate Commission?

Six months. That’s what persistence and hard work can do for you. Through trial and error, James finally managed to earn his first affiliate commission. Within twelve months, he was already earning a full time income online.

Despite all the self doubt and fear of never being able to achieve a purposeful life, he kept pushing his boundaries, which led to massive success over the years. 

The First Time James Nevile Taylor Spoke on Stage

James Neville Taylor guest speaker

As you can imagine, he was very terrified to be speaking in front of a large audience for the first time. The fact that the pushed himself outside his comfort zone, despite the crippling anxiety and fear, shows how much of go getter this guy is.

In his own words, James was shaking after the event was over. It was very emotional but he hid it very well. Nevertheless, it was amazing, transformational, and smashed his comfort zone, which is exactly what you need to do to succeed in anything.

Pushing yourself each day is something that you have to do. Small things that scale you every day eventually lead to huge results. After 30 or 90 days of pushing yourself, see how far you’ve come and how much better you’ve gotten.

James Neville-Taylor’s First Big Reward as an Affiliate

On November 10th, 2020, James received a big package from Builderall congratulating him for earning over $200K in affiliate commissions with this program.

It contained a big plaque with his name and a quick note from the founder of the program. As you can see from the video below, James is very excited about earning this reward, as would anyone in his place.

Is James Neville-Taylor Legit?

I would say so, yes. His main focus is on helping others make money online by going through his RPM Funnel and joining the funnel builder that he is so fond of.

By the looks of it, James does promote only high quality products as an affiliate and his flagship program is directly correlated with one of them.

There are many upsells within that program, and the sales page can be a bit misleading. Other than that, I can’t say anything bad about his program.

If you’re not interested in getting into the make money online niche market, then you won’t be able to utilize everything that he has to offer.

What you can do instead, is find out how to use your passion, hobby, or general interests and turn them into a profitable online business. Click below.

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