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Welcome to Your Easy Way Out review. This is a program created by two successful internet marketers, Mike From Maine and Brett Rutecky.

According to the video sales letter (VSL), you can make an easy $10K each month without a website, email list, or any experience whatsoever. And all it takes is 20 minutes per day.

Can you really trust these guys, or is it all a big scam that you should avoid? Here’s what you need to know. This is a high ticket program promoted as an easy solution for people that are looking to make money online.

The founders really are successful with their online businesses, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be too if you decide to trust them with your hard earned money, and here’s why.

There are many wildly profitable online Gurus out there that make their money by selling dreams, instead of REAL solutions to their client’s problems. 

By the time you’re done here, you will know exactly what you’re getting into without any hype or exaggerated claims of income.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Your Easy Way Out Review Summary

Product Name: Your Easy Way Out 

Product Owner: Mike Thomas & Brett Rutecky

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Program

Product Price: $997

Overall Score: 65/100

Summary: Your Easy Way Out will teach you how to use other people’s videos to promote affiliate products and earn commissions.

You will learn high quality information that many successful affiliate marketers are using to make money.

One of them is the importance of providing bonuses to your audience. This is a method that can definitely work and has real potential to help you earn big commissions.

However, I also think that the price tag for this program is too much for beginners and makes the whole thing much riskier than it should be.

Furthermore, the program looks like it’s made for affiliates that want to get into the make money online niche.

I also don’t think that it’s worth paying that much for affiliate marketing training, especially when I know that there are better, cost effective alternatives out there.

What is Your Easy Way Out?

Your Easy Way Out is a training program that will show you how to promote other people’s products and services unconventionally.

Instead of building a website, creating an email list, or gathering an audience, you can do affiliate marketing and earn commissions by leveraging Youtube and other people’s videos.

If you were to run ads, for example, there is no guarantee that you will make more than you spend and the risk is very big. Especially for beginners and those that don’t know what they’re doing.

How Does Your Easy Way Out Work?

The program works in a few simple steps. The first one is to go ahead and find a video that you will be using. You can do that by going to Muncheye.

There are links with free videos posted daily that will pay you commissions that range from 50% to 100%.

The next step is to pick an offer, go to the landing page, and look for the JV (Joint Venture) page. That’s where you will find your demo video created by the owner of the product.

Then, you can download it by using one of the many websites that can convert any Youtube video into a downloadable piece of content.

To avoid getting your video flagged as duplicate content and taken down, you will have to find a way to make it unique. That’s where you can tap into what Mike calls a super secret underground software that only a select few know about.

Very cringeworthy but highly effective copy, especially for beginners. Once you have your unique video ready, the next step is to create a bunch of bonuses for anyone that buys through your affiliate link.

This will increase your conversion and sales rate exponentially. That’s a proven tactic that many affiliates are using. Sometimes, people might buy the product just so that they can get their hands on one of the bonuses you’re offering.

Is Your Easy Way Out a Scam?

Your Easy Way Out review legit or not

No, it’s not. Your Easy Way Out is a legit program that can actually help people get started with affiliate marketing.

In fact, it’s almost guaranteed that you will make SOME money when you purchase the program because the founders will send out an email to their list with YOUR affiliate link in it. 

You may not earn enough to cover the program’s costs, but it will give you a confidence boost and show you that YOU too can earn money online.

However, I think that you will not be able to start earning as much as you’re promised in the sales video. Especially if you spend only 20 minutes per day doing it. 

I also think that WITHOUT a website, you are limiting your potential and the money you could earn.

That’s why, in my opinion, there are better alternatives for serious affiliate marketers that want to earn a full time income from home.

Who Is Mike From Maine?

Mike Thomas

Mike From Maine is the co founder of Your Easy Way Out. He is an experienced internet marketer with an active Youtube channel, where you can see him reviewing different products in the make money online niche. Currently, he has almost 18K subscribers.

He has an email list where you can see him actively responding to every message he gets. Originally, Mike is from Bangor, Maine but lives in Turkey. 

What’s Inside Your Easy Way Out?

Inside Your Easy Way Out, you will get access to a series of video lessons that show you exactly how to implement each and every step that’s needed to start making money online by uploading free youtube videos that you don’t even own.

There’s also a live questions and answers webinar, where you can get all your questions answered by Mike and Brett.

Then, you will get access to a private Facebook group where all the members of this program network with each other. The access is unlimited. 

Furthermore, you will receive 15 bonuses that you can give away for free when people buy stuff from your links This can give you an unfair advantage over other competitors.

You can also use their custom made page builder to create your own landing pages, funnels, squeeze pages, etc. There are no restrictions on the number of pages you can create.

To help you create unique videos from other people’s work, you will need some kind of software. That’s why you’re getting access to one.

Finally, you will get a traffic boost from Mike and Brett. They will both send one email to their lists with your affiliate link in it. 

This can give you good traffic and sales spike, but it may not be enough to cover the program’s costs.

How Much Does Your Easy Way Out Cost?

It’s $997. There are no upsells or extra costs associated with Your Easy Way Out  That’s a one time fee that unlocks full access to the entire program.

However, it seems that there are no refunds available with this product, which means that you should get it only if you’re willing to risk losing your investment.

What I Like About Your Easy Way Out

your easy way out review pros vs cons

1. The Owners Seem Like People That Actually Want to Help Their Customers. This is a very important thing that you should always look out for when buying products in the make money online niche. There are many scammers and internet marketers that sell low quality offers, just so they can make more money for themselves.

2. The Methods Taught Inside Can Work.
As long as you’re willing to put in the work, and follow the blueprint that’s laid out for you, there’s a REAL chance to start making money online.

3. The Business Model is One of The Least Expensive Ways to Get Started. Affiliate marketing does NOT require huge investments and people can succeed with it as long as they have the drive for success.

What I Don’t Like About Your Easy Way Out

1. Too Hyped Up. In my opinion, the landing page makes the entire method look too easy. I highly doubt that anyone can achieve success FAST as a newbie by only spending 20 minutes per day. That’s exactly what you’re being sold on. The reality is that this marketing tactic works very well for many beginners that don’t know just how scammy some internet marketers can be.

2. Not The Best Alternative.
I also think that there are better ways to start an online business with affiliate marketing, without having to invest up to $1K just to get started.

Is There a Better Alternative?

Having your own website, an email list, and a big audience are some of the things that you NEED to have a very successful online business.

Even though Your Easy Way Out does not teach you these things, the owners of the program have multiple websites and an email list. 

I’m not saying that it’s impossible to achieve success without these things, but I KNOW that it will hinder your success to some extent at least.

That’s why, on the next page, you will see the four step blueprint that I’m using to generate high ticket affiliate commissions of up to $1K per single sale of a product or service I don’t even own, on top of monthly recurring commission payments.

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  1. Great review. Thank you for your honesty.
    I don’t know Mike – Seems like a great guy.

    On the other hand, Brett is a class A DOUCHEBAG. If you have a question for support he will
    belittle you and make you feel stupid. But I hang around on his list because he sometimes has
    super software that he creates.

    I am not saying don’t buy, but do a google search on Brett.


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