SFI Affiliate Marketing Center Review

Welcome to my SFI Affiliate Marketing Center review. Can you really trust this platform, or is it another scam to avoid?

Here’s what you need to know. This company has been around for 24 years and counting.

It’s safe to assume that it’s not going anywhere. However, that does not necessarily mean that you can benefit from the services and offers provided inside.

That’s why you should know exactly what you’re getting into without any hype or exaggerated claims of income. Ready?

Let’s get started…

SFI Affiliate Marketing Center Review Summary

Product Name: SFI (Strong Future International)

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing With an MLM Aspect

Product Owner: Carson Services

Product Price: Free To Get Started

Overall Score: 50/100

Recommended: Not For Everyone!

Summary: SFI Affiliate Marketing Center provides an opportunity for affiliates that are interested in promoting all the services and offers that come along with SFI.

This includes online eCommerce stores, games, auctions, and freelance services. The MLM side of things allows you to increase your network as you recruit more people and get them to do the same.

You make money by getting your referrals to sell, buy, or participate in the auctions. In my opinion, most people that do get involved with this particular program will NOT make a lot of money.

SFI Affiliate Center has been around for a long time and they keep on improving their services. If you’re interested in promoting this program to others and growing your own downline, you may be able to do something here.

However, I do NOT recommend this to beginners with no prior experience in making money online and no audience to promote stuff to.

If that’s you, see my alternative below and find out how to create a passive income generating business online as a complete beginner.

What is SFI Affiliate Marketing Center?

sfi home page

SFI claims to be the number one affiliate marketing program. They have an MLM aspect that’s focused on inviting more people and growing your downline.

You can also refer members to the Zing network, which is a list of websites that work with SFI, or by becoming a vendor and listing your own products on the Zing network.

It can be a bit confusing, and it took me a while to understand how it all comes together, but you will understand everything by the time you’re finished here.

You can sign up for free and test things out yourself, however, if you want to unlock everything inside, you will have to pay some money. 

What is The Zing Network?


The first thing you need to know is, that as an SFI affiliate, you have access to all the opportunities of the big Zing Network. The Zing Network encompasses multiple e-commerce sites, original online games, live 24/7 online auctions, services, and more!

The Zing Network is a collection of platforms where you can list your own physical products to sell, participate in auctions, play online games, and win prizes.

Essentially, all of these things serve as gateways you can use to introduce SFI to your prospects and promote the program in different ways. 

And because Zing offers SFI affiliates such a diverse portfolio, you can focus on just the products or services that interest you.

For example, if you have an audience of people interested in making money online, you can promote one of the gateway pages that reveal exactly how and why people are making money online as SFI Affiliates.

What is Triple Clicks?

Triple Clicks is a website that’s part of the Zing Network and directly connected with SFI. Affiliates can use marketing tactics to promote all the different offers inside, or they can buy and list stuff to sell and earn extra cash. There are many incentives and promotions that are running on Triple Clicks.

Their idea is to get you to become an active participant and start earning rewards or spending cash inside. This can be a good thing if you’re considering becoming an active promoter of this platform.

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What is Astro Auctions?

astro auction

Astro Auctions is a platform within the Zing Network, which is part of SFI’s marketing efforts to introduce new people to the ecosystem.

Inside Astro Auctions, you can place bids on different things and win prizes even if you lose your bids. You can, of course, use your own personal gateway id to promote the platform and earn commissions within the SFI Affiliate Center.

What is Eager Zebra?

eager zebra by tripleclicks

Eager Zebra is a place where you can play different games and win prizes that you can convert into SFI reward points.

The platform is designed in a way that encourages people to spend money and win more prizes. There are hours’ worth of game time inside Eager Zebra, which is part of the Triple Click network. In other words, it can be yet another angle to promote SFI.

What is Ecommergy?


Ecommergy is a platform within the Zing Network. It offers information about eCommerce and entrepreneurship in the form of articles, videos, forums, and more.

To gain access, you will need to opt-in for a subscription that’s billed monthly. The prices start from $1.97 for a one day pass, up to $12.97 for 30 days. 

What is Locavantia?

Localvantia helps you find exclusive benefits, savings, and great rewards (including free Bitcoin) from your favorite local restaurants, service providers, and other participating merchants in your area. 

What is Flexxity?


This is where you can outsource different tasks and put your skills to work. It’s a freelance platform inside the Zing Network, where you can find work or hire people to do something for you, like write an article for your blog, get traffic to a landing page, and more.

It’s kind of like Fiverr or Upwork. Unlike these freelance platforms, Flexxity offers flexibility in the jobs you can get hired to do. For example, you can get hired to walk someone’s do in your area.

What is Pricebenders?

Pricebenders (PB) auctions use a “reverse auction” model to give Affiliates a chance to win free TCredits, S-Builder Co-op units, CSAs, and a 30-day pass to the Flexxity platform and the growing ECommergy business-success library. You can see how every offer within the Zing Network is connected.

What Are Rewardicals?

This is where you can exchange your Rewardical tokens for CSAs, PSAs, TCredits, Bitcoin, Silver Bullion, cash, and more.

You can also use the Rewardical search engine to check out the hundreds of local and online participating merchants where you can earn Rewardical Tokens for your purchases.

How Can You Make Money as an SFI Affiliate?

Six different ways allow you to make money as an SFI Affiliate. 

1. Accumulate Versa Points.
When you’ve gathered enough points, you can exchange them for cash.

2. Earn Commissions on TripleClick.

3. Refer others to SFI.

4. Executive Pool.

5. T- Credit Bonuses.

6. Grow Your MLM Downline.

SFI (Strong Future International) has built a huge ecosystem of different products and offers that allows you (the affiliate) to make money in many different ways. 

Get Versa Points

Versa Points are earned when you complete different tasks inside the SFI Affiliate Center. When you get 1,500 points, you can exchange them for cash. You need to do this within one month because your Versa Points (VP) reset each month.

TripleClicks Commissions

When you’re referrals buy, sell, or auction something on TripleClicks, you get rewarded. You get a small commission every time someone buys something over there, as long as they are in your downline.

You can also earn VPs when your referrals become active vendors on that platform and start selling or auctioning stuff. You can get 100 VP and 10% of your personally referred vendors’ sales.

SFI’s Affiliate Program & Compensation Plan

As an SFI Affiliate, you can earn up to 200 Rewardical Tokens (RTs) for your personally referred members. This applies for referrals that want to become affiliates of SFI, vendors on the Zing Network, or members that simply want to buy stuff.

The MLM (Multi Level Marketing) side of things comes into play when the affiliates in your downline recruit more affiliates, up to the twelfth level. You can earn up to 5% from the efforts of your referrals. This is called Generation Override Commissions.

Another way that you can make money online with SFI Affiliate is with Rewardical Matches:

  • Earn 1 RT for every 10 RTs earned by your PSAs (Personally Sponsored Affiliates).
  • Earn 1 RT for every 10 RTs earned by your PRMs (Personally Referred Members).
  • Earn 1 RT for every 10 RTs dished out by your PRVs (Personally Referred Vendors). 
  • Earn 1 RT for every 25 RTs earned by your CSAs (Co-Sponsored Affiliates).

You can also earn a bunch of bonuses each month based on your performance, such as up to 30 TCredits, 100 RTs, and more.

Executive Pool Rewards

Each month, the total CVs earned for all sales within the Zing Network is calculated and half of each sale goes into the pool, where affiliates can randomly get rewarded.

What’s Inside SFI Affiliate Center?

Inside SFI Affiliate Center, you get free training that consists of 16 chapters called the Launchpad, an SFI knowledge base, marketing tools, and resources that will help you build your downline and market this offer all over the internet.

There’s also a forum where you can connect with like minded people, live chat, and a help desk.

Is SFI Affiliate Marketing Center a Scam?

sfi affiliate center review legit or not

SFI Affiliate Marketing Center is NOT a scam. It’s a legit program that has been around for many years now. It’s owned by their parent company, Carson Services. They’ve been around for even longer.

SFI Affiliate Center is focused on getting you to refer more people and grow your downline. It’s NOT the only way to make money with this program, but it is the MOST rewarding one.

That’s why, if you’re not into the idea of promoting this platform to others, you will probably end up disappointed.

It’s also worth mentioning that the MLM features inside will reward you as you go up the ladder and form your own network of referrals that are actively recruiting others. 

Since this is a company that’s been around for many years, there are already a small number of people at the top that are making the MOST money.

In other words, your chances of becoming a top earner are very low. That’s just how this business model works. The earlier you get in, the higher your chances of achieving success get. 

That’s why I think that there are better, cost effective alternatives for beginners with no prior experience.

How Much Does SFI Affiliate Marketing Center Cost?

SFI Affiliate is free to join. There are no joining frees. However, you are encouraged throughout your entire active membership journey to invest in the different offers provided by the Zing Network. Apparently, the prices fluctuate and increase as your membership matures and gets older.

What I Like About SFI Affiliate Marketing Center

sfi affiliate center review pros vs cons

1. It’s Free to Join. You don’t need to invest or risk anything until you are absolutely sure that it’s for you.

2. Different Ways to Make Money Online. You have the option to choose how you earn. It all revolves around inviting more people though, so keep that in mind.

3. It’s Been Around for A Long Time. That’s important when it comes to similar programs. It indicates that you won’t wake up one day, only to see that the company has shut down and you’ve lost all your money. This is a huge problem with MLMs.

What I Don’t Like About SFI Affiliate Marketing Center

1. Low Success Rate. There are many members of SFI that haven’t made any money online with them. Here’s one of the most negative reviews of a current 5 year member.

critical reviews

2. It’s Not For Beginners. MLMs have a low success rate and look way more promising than they actually are. In my opinion, this is no different. If you’re a beginner and you don’t know what you’re doing, odds are that you will waste a lot of time and money.

3. Expenses Will Add Up.
Even though signing up is free, you will be highly encouraged to keep on spending and increase your investment in this program as you progress.

Is There a Better Alternative?

Instead of encouraging you to join SFI in the hopes of growing my own downline, I think that there is a better alternative to explore. It’s focused on showing you REAL ways of making money online, not just how to promote the program you’re associated with.

Using a simple four step system, I can earn up to $1K per SINGLE affiliate sale, without spending any money on paid ads, or traffic generation, on top of recurring monthly passive income.

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