Work From Anywhere Accelerator Review – Is Christian Martin a Scam?

Welcome to my Work From Anywhere Accelerator review. Are Christian Martin and his program a scam or can you really learn how to become a successful internet marketer with his help?

According to the sales page, Christian Martin will teach you how to create your own digital marketing agency, acquire clients, run online ads for them, and get paid generously for doing that. 

The truth is that there are many online courses claiming to teach you different ways of making money online, and most of them are either low quality or straight-up scam.

Is Work From Anywhere Accelerator one of the many fraudulent ones or an actual program that can help you?

Well, it can help, but it’s definitely not for everyone because you will be expected to do a set number of things on a day to day basis, that may not appeal to you. 

By the time you through this review, you will know exactly what to expect inside this training program, how much you can realistically make with it, and more.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Work From Anywhere Accelerator Review Summary

Product Name: Work From Anywhere Accelerator

Product Type: Digital Marketing Agency Training Program

Product Owner: Christian Martin

Product Price: $997 or 3 Payments of $439

Overall Score: 45/100

Recommended: No!

Summary: Work From Anywhere Accelerator is a digital training program that will guide you step by step on how to start your own digital marketing agency and work from the comforts of your own home.

The training is legit and can show you how to get started and grow your online business. It even has a number of success stories from members of this program.  

Not everyone gets to become profitable with Work From Anywhere Accelerator, and there’s a lot of people who were not satisfied with the training provided because it did not live up to their expectations.

That’s why you should know beforehand that you will be cold calling potential clients, which is part of the daily business routine.

This means that you have to constantly be chasing after clients at least at the beginning of your online business. No one will know who you are, if you’re credible, and whether or not you can actually deliver results.

Until you prove yourself, expect to be a bit more difficult to attract new clients. If you’re not comfortable with adapting the “go-getter” approach, and you get easily discouraged, then maybe this type of business model is not the best solution for you.

Getting rejected is something that everyone in this type of industry faces, and it’s not always pleasant.

Having said that, you should also consider the big investment that you will be making with Work From Anywhere Accelerator and all the additional expenses that will add up to hundreds of dollars each month.

If this program is not for you, then you can consider this cost-effective alternative instead.

What is Work From Anywhere Accelerator?

Work From Anywhere Accelerator is a 6 module course with 100+ video training series that outline exactly how to get your first high paying client in as much as 60 days of starting out.

Inside, you will see the strategies and techniques that Christian Martin has used on his own business throughout the years, and copy his exact funnels by taking advantage of his 50+ clones and coaching program.

In order to sign up, and join you will have to go through Christian Martin’s webinar that is 1.5 hours long. Over there he will reveal parts of his training to see what you will be getting yourself into.

You will also learn more about Christian Martin himself, and a one-time newcomers special offer.

The training course is divided into six weeks of learning materials, that are well organized, and start you off from scratch.

Is Work From Anywhere Accelerator a Scam?

work from anywhere accelerator review legit or not

Work From Anywhere Accelerator is not a scam. This program will teach you how to make money online using a legit business model that works.

However, there are a few things that you need to realize before you dive into this program in order to ensure that you know everything that’s needed to make an educated decision.

You will be cold calling people all the time in order to secure a new client, and getting to that first one, may come only after you’ve been rejected a fair number of times.

Let me tell you from my own personal experience that cold calling people and companies can sometimes be very intimidating.

I have been yelled at, cursed at, and even threatened. This may or may not happen to you but it’s entirely possible, as this is just part of the business model that Work From Anywhere Accelerator is teaching.

Furthermore, don’t get misled by the refund guarantee, because there are actually some requirements that you need to adhere to before you can qualify for one, like going through the ENTIRE training, and they can track these things.

The last thing that’s not mentioned in their sales page is all the additional money that you will have to spend on external resources, which is going to equal hundreds every month just to maintain a position where you will have a chance to make money.

If you don’t have enough money to invest in this business model, then you might as well look for something else, because you will have to put in a decent amount of cash upfront, and potentially operate at a loss for the first few months (at least).

If you don’t want to invest that much into something that may or may not work, then I have some awesome news for you.

You can still learn how to create a successful online business using an entirely different business model that many people just neglect. It’s so simple that most just ignore it, and move on.

Is Christian Martin a Scam?

Since Work From Anywhere Accelerator is a high ticket coaching program, it’s entirely normal to question the credibility of the owner, and wonder is Christian Martin a scam?

Here’s a background story of how he got started. After 3 years of running his own real estate business.

He decided to change directions and dive into the online consulting business.

This has allowed him to make a lot of money online, and live the lifestyle that he desires.

He can now work from anywhere in the world, as long as there is a stable internet connection.

His course Work From Anywhere Accelerator is going to show you the exact steps that he made in order to achieve the level of freedom that he has now.

There’s a fair number of success stories in his online coaching program, but this business model is definitely not for everyone and it involves a hefty upfront investment and an attached risk of losing your money that comes along with that investment.

What’s Inside Work From Anywhere Accelerator?

work from anywhere accelerator review inside

Inside Work From Anywhere Accelerator, you will get access to the 6-week training program that Christian Martin has created.

It will go through everything that you need to get started and grow your online business. Here’s a breakdown of everything inside.

Week #1 – Million Dollar Mindset

The first week’s training includes 14 lessons. The first few lessons are about the course expectations, understanding the mindset that you need to have in order to grow your online business, goal settings, building up your daily habits, and more.

Everything inside week one is focused on getting yourself ready for the commitment that you’ve just made, and the mindset that you need to have in order to have success with it.

Week #2 – The Best Niches To Pick

In the second week, you will be introduced to your special offer, and learn how to choose the best niche possible that has the most profit potential.

It’s important to identify the market that you want to be involved with early on so that you can ensure that you will build a solid foundation.

In this 12 lesson module, you will learn how to spot, and analyze your competition, extracting ideas from them, and implementing them into your own business.

You will also get to learn the biggest mistakes that people make in this industry and how to avoid them.

Week #3 – The Funnel Formula 

This week’s training module includes approximately 29 lessons. Here you will get an introduction to sales funnels, what they are, how they work, etc.

You will also learn about email marketing, and how to set up your follow up messages, create email campaigns, and how to successfully get more leads.

You will get access to a bunch of funnel templates in various different niches like car dealership, hair removal, acupuncture, real estate investments, and more. You can also create your own funnels using the built funnel building system inside ClickFunnels.

This is one of the mandatory things that you will have to use in order to be successful with Work From Anywhere Accelerator. This is not a cheap service, and you can end up spending up to $297 a month for this thing. 

Week #4 – Winning Facebook & IG Ads

In this week’s training module, you will get 26 lessons about running Facebook and Instagram ads in the most cost-efficient, and profitable way possible.

You will learn how to set up your campaign, get familiar with Facebook advertising, and all the technical stuff that’s needed like implementing a pixel, creating and maintaining your Facebook page, and everything else about running paid ads online.

Alongside all of that, you will also get 2 over the shoulder video case studies where Christian Martin shows you how he uses all of these things that he is teaching to bring in more clients, and more money into his own business.

Week #5 – The “Trusted Adviser” Script

This is a 10 lessons training that shows you an intro to enrolling clients, how to set up your own mini funnel, adapting the script that you will be using to cold call people, and practicing before you make the initial contact.

It will also guide you through troubleshooting, your proposal, onboarding new clients, getting paid, and you can give feedback on the entire module that can help with future updates to this program.

Week #6 – Getting Clients

This is the final training week module and it consists of 23 lessons. It covers getting clients, how to establish a signature move, what to do after you’ve secured your FIRST client and more.

Basically, you will learn a fair number of different ways to attract new clients, and how to find them. This can speed up the research process by a lot, which can save you time that you can use in practicing your pitch or something.

You will also get a lifetime membership to Work From Anywhere Accelerator’s private Facebook group.

It’s where all members of this training hang out, exchange ideas, and network with each other.

Over there, you can ask questions, get support, feedback, and anything else that you might need.

Right now, they have over 100 pre-made funnels in a lot of different niches or industries, and new ones are being added on a weekly basis.

This means that no matter what niche you choose, there’s a high chance that they will cover you with a pre-made sales funnel that you can use instantly.

Work From Anywhere Accelerator Price, Upsells & Refunds

work from anywhere accelerator review cost

Work From Anywhere Accelerator comes with a price tag of $997 or 3 separate installments of $439 each.

That’s not the only thing that you will have to pay for in order to have a chance of being profitable with this business model. Here’s a breakdown of all the additional expenses that you will be expected to make.

ClickFunnels – $97/Month Or $297/Month 

Christian Martin is actively promoting ClickFunnels as his number one choice when it comes to building funnels, sales pages, and everything else.

He is also a member of the two comma club, which means that he’s made over $1 million by promoting ClickFunnels as an affiliate.

In other words, there’s a reason that he is pushing this particular software all the time to his students, and everywhere else online.

Website Hosting – $10+ on a Monthly Basis

This is pretty self-explanatory. If you want to have an online presence and your own business, AKA your own website online, then you will have to pay a small hosting fee and pay for your domain name as well.

Autoresponder – $20+ on a Monthly Basis

You will definitely need an autoresponder in order to collect leads, send them emails, do your marketing promotions, and more.

Different types of autoresponders will charge you different amounts. In some instances, you can start for free and pay after you reach a number of email subscribers.

As you grow your email list, your expenses will increase and could go up to hundreds of dollars every month.

Tracking Tools – $29/Month or More

You will definitely have to track all of your clicks, conversions, etc. This is the best way to ensure that you’re not overpaying for ads, track what works, and ensure that you spend the least amount of money on ads.

Paid Ads – $250/Month or More

The training covers mostly running paid ads on Facebook so that’s probably where all the students are running their own ads too.

Running ads on Facebook can be very expensive, and there are no guarantees that you will see any returns on your investment at first. You need to be prepared for the reality of operating at a loss for a considerable amount of time.

As for a refund, you can get one if you follow the guidelines that Work From Anywhere Accelerator has laid out for you.

It basically says that in order to qualify for a refund, you need to prove that you’ve gone through the entire training, have taken action on it, and you still haven’t made any money.

If you fail to provide evidence for these things, then you won’t be able to get a refund. As for all of the external resources, you will have to look at each one individually to determine if they have a refund policy in place or not.

What I Like About Work From Anywhere Accelerator

work from anywhere accelerator review pros vs cons

1. It’s a Legit Business Model. Having your own ads agency, and getting leads for other people, and companies is how many people make money online.

The business model is sustainable, and it works. It does however come with its own set of drawbacks that’s why you need to know what’s out there before you invest your time or money into it.

2. The Training Has Value. The training program inside Work From Anywhere Accelerator is valuable for sure and teaches people how to get into the field. If you’re a beginner, then you will definitely learn a lot of useful things over there.

What I Don’t Like About Work From Anywhere Accelerator

1. It’s Not For Everyone. The sales page does not specify that you will be dealing with cold calling people and trying to get them to become your clients mainly over the phone.

That’s why there are people who complain about this program that it does not live up to its expectations.

If you’re not into calling people, and companies out of the blue, offering your services and facing rejection on a daily basis, then this may not be for you.

2. It’s a High Ticket Course.
The training program is pricey, and the refund guarantee is not reliable at all.

That’s why you should be absolutely 100% sure that you want to get involved with Work From Anywhere Accelerator because if you end up backing out of this, chances are that you will not get your money back.

3. A Lot Of Extra Costs. There’s a lot of additional tools and software that you need to get attached to in order to successfully implement what’s being taught inside Work From Anywhere Accelerator.

All these extra costs are not necessarily mentioned in the sales page, which means that a lot of people don’t fully realize that they will have to spend way more than $1,000 to make this thing work form them.

In other words, this is a business opportunity for people who are willing to invest and risk losing a ton of money upfront. There are no guarantees in this business and anyone telling you otherwise is just full of it. 

Do I Recommend Work From Anywhere Accelerator?

Not really, and here’s why. Work From Anywhere Accelerator is an in-depth training program that can teach people how to make money online as an independent agency, provide clients with leads, exposure, and ensuring sales.

This is a hands-on guide that will take you by the hand and show you how to successfully turn this business model into a full-time income online.

Having said that, there’s a lot of money that you need to spend in order to have the chance of creating something out of this.

Since there are no guarantees out there, I can’t recommend this as a great opportunity especially for those just starting out online, simply because there are other more suitable, and cost-effective opportunities for beginners out there.

If you’re interested in creating a full-time passive income stream online without spending a ton of money upfront, then you should see how these people are banking profits using a simple yet incredibly effective blueprint that so many neglect and lose out on that opportunity forever.

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