Thomas Kralow Review – What’s His Net Worth?

Welcome to my Thomas Kralow review. In 2023 his net worth is over $8M. He is a very successful Internet marketer, course creator, trader, investor, and Youtuber.

In his own words, his net worth could have been way more than that, but he likes spending his money on luxurious things. He also lost some money on bad real estate deals. 

His main source of income for a long time was active trading. Nowadays, he has shifted his focus towards selling education via courses and training programs that teach others how to trade.

Who is Thomas Kralow?

Thomas Kralow

When Thomas Kralow began his trading journey, he did not have much money to spare. Within seven years, he managed to accumulate over $9M in profit.

His flagship program, University Grade Trading University has a lot of students already. Throughout the years, he’s received a lot of feedback and it’s obvious that he cares about his student’s success.

These days, he mostly trades with crypto, but his main focus is on helping others succeed in the industry. 

What is Thomas Kralow’s Net Worth?

Thomas Kralow’s net worth is over $8M. That’s calculated from his combined streams of income, including his Youtube channel, multiple training programs, courses, real estate, cars, watches, multiple companies, stocks, and crypto investments.

He is very open about his net worth and doesn’t mind sharing this information on his channel.

Is Thomas Kralow a Scam?

Thomas Kralow is not a scam artist. He is a legit internet marketer, online millionaire, and a coach to many aspiring traders around the world.

Some people may label him as illegitimate because he barely spends any time trading, or because they’ve enrolled in his course and lost a lot of money trading.

His many years of experience prove that he knows what he is doing when it comes to investing and trading, but that does NOT guarantee that those who follow in his footsteps will also achieve financial freedom.

This business model can be very unpredictable, and a lot of variables will determine one’s success or failure. In my opinion, you should not invest money in this venture unless you’re willing to risk losing them.

I also think that there are much more sustainable, less risky, and cost-effective alternatives you can explore to create a wildly profitable online business.

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What Can You Learn From Thomas Kralow?

Thomas Kralow IG

Being the transparent and open guy that he is, Thomas Kralow can teach us a lot of valuable things about finances, investing, trading, and money in general. 

He’s seen his fair share of losses and does not claim to know everything. Everyone makes mistakes. The important thing is to get back up and keep pushing towards reaching your goals. 

He’s a great marketer who knows how to grab and keep people’s attention. He also knows how to make money online, which is one of the things you can learn from him.

However, I don’t think that his programs and courses are the best for beginners. In my opinion, trading is one of the riskiest ways to start a business. You can easily end up losing a lot of money before you learn how to actually make money.

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