The Ecom King Net Worth (Review)

The Ecom King has a net worth of around two million dollars. His real name is Kamil Sattar, and he owes most of his success to a strategy he’s not afraid to share online.

He helps influencers to monetize their audience. It doesn’t matter if they are well recognized on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube.

If you have an audience, The Ecom King can help you sell your products to them. How? By learning dropshipping and eCommerce. 

Most of the time, Influencers promote products as affiliates or do sponsorships. That’s a good way to make money online, but Kamil thinks that they’re missing out on a big opportunity to earn even more.

Instead of getting a small piece of the pie, they can start selling their own products and keep 100% of the profit. At some point down the road, they can even sell their brand to the highest bidder for a massive cash influx.

Who is The Ecom King?

The Ecom King

Kamil Sattar, AKA The Ecom King, is a dropshipping expert, course creator, and Youtuber from the UK. He has a huge online presence with 57K followers on Instagram and 388K subscribers on Youtube.

His website states that he makes over 3M per year from multiple streams of income. It wasn’t always like that. Born in 1999, Kamil’s family originated from Pakistan and moved to the UK seeking a better life. Growing up, he did not have a lot of money.

After dropping out of college, he worked in Primark and JD Sports, earning minimum wage. Kamil worked there for 8 months before quitting and going out into the real world to pursue his own thing. 

His entrepreneurial journey began in 2015. Since he loved expensive clothing brands but couldn’t afford to buy them, he chose that to be his niche market.

He created an Instagram page and a Weebly website focused on selling big-brand apparel to people. He knew exactly where to buy them for cheaper than what he sold them for.

After a few months, things started going really well for Kamil. He accumulated enough money to start his first Shopify dropshipping business.

What is The Ecom King’s Net Worth?

The Ecom King’s Net Worth is about 2M. That’s calculated from his combined streams of income including his eCommerce stores, high-ticket mentoring, Youtube, paid promotions, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, arbitrage, course sales, and brand advancement. 

This is a rough estimate based on what he’s shared online.

Is The Ecom King a Scam?

No, he is not a scam artist. The Ecom King is Kamil Sattar’s brand. He’s managed to gather a ton of attention through his free content on Youtube, free course, and by sharing many high-quality tips about eCommerce and dropshipping.

He knows exactly how this business model works, what it takes to succeed, and how to teach others the way of the eCommerce expert.

Unlike many Gurus that teach people how to make money, Kamil is still an active seller which means that he is not just pretending to know what’s going on in the industry. He actually knows. 

However, this is one of the more expensive ways to start an online business. Ideally, you need to have a few thousand dollars laying around. You should also be willing to risk losing them.

Not the mention the steep competition. Nowadays, everyone has their own Shopify store. To stay on top, you need to constantly research new winning products, test things out, and run ads online.

The bigger the competition, the more expensive your ad campaigns will be.

That’s why I think that there is a better, cost-effective way to start a profitable online business following your passion, hobbies, or interests.

The Four-Step System To a Full-Time Passive Income Online

What Can You Learn From The Ecom King?

Ecom King

According to The Ecom King, most people overcomplicate dropshipping. They spend countless hours watching Youtube videos, reading a ton of blogs, and trying to ramp it together to make it work.

In other words, they don’t stick to ONE thing that’s proven to work. Instead, they try all these different things and wonder why they don’t see any success. Kamil already has a proven strategy that HE follows and teaches to his students.

The key to success is moving fast. You need to move as fast as possible to keep that momentum going.

The most important step in this business model is product research. As long as you can get the product selection right, the likelihood of success is huge.

To get it right, you will have to do a lot of testing, especially if you’re a beginner, which means investing a lot of money in paid ads. 

The added competition makes things even more difficult. That’s why I think that there are better alternatives for beginners with no business experience. 

On the next page, you will see the four-step blueprint I’m using to bank up to $1K per SINGLE sale of a product I don’t even own, on top of monthly recurring revenue. No paid ad campaigns, product creation, worrying about customer service, refunds, and chargebacks.

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