Shurpas Review

Welcome to my Shurpas review. Can you really build a $500/day online business with Shopify’s brand new autopilot process, or is this just another scam to avoid?

Here’s what you need to know. According to their sales video, the founders of Shurpa’s, know exactly what’s wrong with all the other eCommerce courses out there.

Apparently, they’ve done the exact opposite of what everyone teaches and created a training program that can help you build a profitable online store without having to buy thousands of dollars worth of products in bulk upfront, without spending any money on paid ads, and without selling low quality goods from China.

It all sounds awesome, but I’ve been exposed to many overpromising programs before. That’s why I decided to dig deeper and find out if the founders of this program can actually deliver on their promises or not.

Here’s what I found…

Shurpa’s Review Summary

Product Name: Uplevel POD & Nextlevel POD

Product Owners: Ryan Matthews & Hayden Ditto

Product Price: $2,000 – $5,000+

Product Type: Print On Demand, eCommerce Training

Overall Score: 60/100

Recommended: Not For Everyone!

Summary: Ryan and Hayden have cracked the winning formula to creating a profitable eCommerce brand by selling low competition products that people need.

You will learn how to create a brand by selling print on demand products that people can only find within your online store.

Instead of having to spend thousands of dollars on Facebook ads to get more traffic (web user) to your store, the co founders of Shurpa’s will reveal a method you can implement to target low hanging keywords that people are looking for, but not a lot of competitors are after them.

In other words, you could reach your target audience without having to break the bank on paid ads.

In all fairness, though, if you want to scale and grow fast, you would probably end up spending some money on online advertisements.

If you have anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 or more to invest in this training program, and you don’t mind dealing with customer service, issuing refunds when necessary, dealing with customer complaints on occasion, ensuring fast delivery and response time, then Shurpa’s training program may be for you.

However, if you’re a beginner with no experience in making money online and starting a digital business, there are other, cost effective, and cheaper alternatives that don’t require you to deal with any of the traditional headaches that come along with owning and selling your own products. 

What is Shurpa’s?

shurpas ecommerce

It’s a training program designed to teach people how to make money online with the POD (Print On Demand) business model. According to the founders of Shurpa’s, your business needs to have 3 key elements to succeed and they are as follows:

1. Products People Actually Want
. The first thing you need to do is find a niche market that suits your own brand. When you find people looking for specific things, you’re one step closer to identifying exactly what they are.

2. No Competition
. In my opinion, It’s next to impossible to find in demand products with ZERO competition. Even if you can’t find items that fit the criteria perfectly, you can definitely find low hanging fruits that have a few competitors.

3. Brandable. People like to spend money on brands they trust and perceive as high quality and high in value. That’s why you have to brand your products and do whatever you can to increase your brand value over time. This will increase your profits and revenue. 

Ryan Matthews and Hayden Ditto chose the Print On Demand business model because it allows them to save on time and money by not buying a ton of product in bulk, hoping that it sells.

This business model allows the printing and branding of items like t-shirts, sweaters, bags, mugs, or books, in small quantities. In other words, you pay the printing company only when an order goes through via your online store.

Is Shurpa’s a Scam?

shurpas review legit or not

No, Shurpa’s is not a scam. The founders of this program know how to sell online, and by the looks of it, have legit experience with POD and eCommerce.

That’s why I believe that, if you can afford to invest in their training, you will benefit from it. However, even though they say you don’t need to spend any money on paid ads for exposure, I have a feeling that you will end up doing just that.

In general, organic traffic generation methods are slower and take more effort. That’s why many eCommerce store owners prefer to speed things up by investing in paid ads. Ryan and Hayden have developed their own proprietary JST free traffic method. 

When you start making over $8K a month online, they will show you a way to scale and start earning $10K per month or more.

It all sounds very promising, however, I have my own doubts that, despite the owners’ claims of fast income with free traffic methods, it will probably take you at least a couple of months to start seeing any decent results, unless you decide to fast forward and invest in paid ads.

Usually, with POD, the profit margins are low because you have to pay a lot of money to the printing companies that will merge your designs with your chosen products. That’s why you have to think about volume when it comes to selling your stuff.

If you prefer to avoid spending thousands of dollars to get started, you should see this alternative below.

What’s Inside Shurpa’s?

shurpas sales video

Ryan & Hayden’s website has a couple of training programs in place. Currently, they offer Uplevel POD, which is a beginner’s course on getting started with Print On Demand using proven strategies and methods. These guys focus on following what other people do.

According to them, you can replicate what other successful Shopify store owners do and implement it in your own eCommerce store. This could definitely work, but you shouldn’t blindly follow what others do.

If you don’t add your own unique touch, then all you’re doing is copying someone else’s hard work and effort, which has a lower chance of breeding any success.

To help you find products that are already selling well, the founders will introduce you to a tool called Commerce Inspector.

It’s also used to uncover what Shopify themes successful eCommerce stores are using.

The second program within the Shurpa’s platform is called Nextlevel POD. It’s focused on scaling your eCommerce Print On Demand online business after you’ve narrowed down on the basics and you’re making some money.

Each training has its own price tag, but none of them are disclosed anywhere.

Shurpa’s Organic Traffic Generation Methods Explained

According to the sales video, to generate free visitors and potential buyers to your store, you will use a tactic known as influencer marketing on steroids.

Apparently, these guys have a script that allows you to convince influencers to buy your stuff and then promote it to their audience for free.

Call me a skeptic here, but how can you convince these influencers that it’s a good idea for them to lose money?

Even with the best script in the world, you would still have to chase down many, many people with huge followings on Instagram, and most often than not, get rejected.

Unless you’re willing to grind a lot and you have a ton of patience, you will probably end up spending money on Facebook ads, like everyone else in this business. 

How Much Does Shurpa’s Cost?

In my experience, when you’re asked to book a phone call to find out how much it costs or to ”learn more about the business opportunity”, that’s usually because there’s a sales team waiting on the other line. Their job is to hype you up and convince you to invest thousands of dollars.

Course owners don’t hire salespeople if their programs are less than $2,000. It could be up to $5,000. The only way of finding out for sure is by scheduling that appointment.

What I Like About Shurpa’s

shurpas review pros vs cons

1.It’s Unique. Compared to other Print On Demand training programs like Joe Robert’s POD Accelerator, Shurpa’s Uplevel POD is focused more on organic, free traffic generation methods.

2. The Owners Seem Legit.
Unlike many other gurus that use the fake it until you make it approach, it seems that Ryan and Hayden already made it.

3. The Business Model Has a Real Potential
. Even if you don’t invest in this particular training program, the POD business model is definitely a legit way of making money online, especially if you’re the creative type looking for ways to monetize that creativeness.

What I Don’t Like About Shurpa’s

1. It’s Expensive. You would end up spending thousands of dollars to get access to the training program and even more when you decide to scale your online business.

2. Their Free Traffic Generation Strategy
. To me, it seems that you will be wasting a ton of time trying to convince influencers to promote your stuff for free, with little to no results. These people make money by getting paid for promotions.

3. Not The Best Business Model.
There are better ways to start an online business, especially if you’re a beginner with no previous experience.

Is There a Better Alternative?

Print On Deman is made for creative people, that want to slap their work on various items, products, and goods.

If you’re passionate about that sort of thing, then this business model was made for you. However, if you’re a beginner looking to get started, then you may want to explore other alternatives.

You can avoid spending thousands of dollars on a training program, and you don’t even have to create your own products and services if you don’t want to.

What you can do instead is leverage other people’s products as an affiliate and earn a percentage of the products each time you connect someone with a product or service they need.

The barrier for entry is way lower compared to other business models like dropshipping, FBA, or POD.

The great thing about this business model is that you can still use organic traffic methods without having to convince people to promote your stuff for free and without reading from a script. If that sounds interesting, see this below.

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