Sell What You Know Review

There’s a big trend these days in knowledge commerce, which is all about turning what you know into something you can sell.

People everywhere are finding out that their personal expertise and experiences can actually be worth a lot to others.

In this Sell What You Know review, we’re diving into how this program aims to help folks do just that.

“Sell What You Know” offers to guide individuals on how to package their knowledge and skills into coaching programs that others are willing to pay for.

It’s an interesting idea, especially in a world where learning and personal growth are more valued than ever.

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One thing to keep in mind about the program is that it’s not a magic solution. Starting and running a successful coaching program involves a lot of hard work.

You need to be good at not just what you know, but also at marketing, selling, and managing your business online.

Some folks have mentioned that the program can be quite expensive, which might be tough if you’re just starting out and not sure if you can make that money back.

Plus, the world of online coaching is really competitive.

Even with a great idea, standing out and attracting paying clients can be challenging.

So, while the program offers guidance, success isn’t guaranteed and depends a lot on your own effort and the market’s response to what you’re offering.

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What is Sell What You Know?

The main goal of this program is to empower people like you and me to package our knowledge into coaching programs that others can benefit from.

It’s all about teaching you the steps to identify what you know that’s valuable, how to market it effectively, and ultimately, how to sell it.

The idea is not just to make a profit, but to share your skills and experiences in a way that helps others grow and succeed in their own lives or careers.

Who Created Sell What You Know?

“Sell What You Know” was started by Alex Smale, who himself has an inspiring story.

He went from working a regular job to becoming a successful knowledge entrepreneur.

His journey shows that with the right approach and dedication, it’s possible to transform personal expertise into a thriving business.

This experience inspired him to create “Sell What You Know.”

What’s Inside Sell What You Know?

sell what you know review legit or not

Sell What You Know” is built around five main pillars designed to take you through the entire process of creating and selling your coaching program.

First, it helps you figure out what your offer is and who it’s for. This means defining what you’re going to teach and identifying the people who would most benefit from it.

Next, it focuses on building rapport. This is all about connecting with your audience in a way that makes them trust you and see the value in what you’re offering.

The third pillar dives into marketing know-how. It teaches you how to get the word out there, attract potential clients, and make sure the right people know about your program.

Then, there’s the sales machine. This part of the program covers how to turn interested people into paying clients. It’s about selling your program in a way that feels natural and not pushy.

The last pillar is fulfillment and client success.

This is where you learn how to deliver your program effectively and ensure your clients are getting the results they hoped for.

As for the learning approach, “Sell What You Know” uses a video course format, which allows you to learn at your own pace. But you’re not going through it alone.

There’s a private Facebook group where you can connect with other learners, ask questions, and share experiences.

Plus, there are live weekly calls for extra support and guidance, where you can get direct feedback and advice.

This blend of self-paced learning and community support aims to give you a comprehensive understanding of how to build and grow your coaching business.

How Much Does Sell What You Know Cost?

Sell What You Know” doesn’t put its pricing out in the open. Instead, to find out how much it costs, you usually have to go through a process, like booking a strategy session.

This session isn’t just about telling you the price; it’s also where they figure out if the program is a good fit for you and vice versa.

It’s a more personalized approach, but it means you can’t quickly compare costs without investing some time.

When you stack this up against other online business models and coaching programs, the differences become pretty clear.

Many programs list their prices upfront, so you can easily see what you’re getting into. These can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on what’s included.

The value proposition varies too – some offer more direct coaching and hands-on help, while others might be more about self-guided learning with lots of resources.

The main thing with “Sell What You Know” seems to be the high-touch, personalized sales process. This could be a plus if you’re looking for something tailored specifically to your needs.

However, if you’re comparing options or on a tight budget, not having easy access to pricing information might be a bit frustrating.

Some users have reported spending over £9000 for this online course.

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Sell What You Know Pros

sell what you know Reviews pros vs cons

“Sell What You Know” has some clear strengths. The messaging is straightforward, making it easy to understand what the program is about and what it offers.

If you dive into coaching, there’s a high potential for good profit margins since you’re selling knowledge and expertise, which doesn’t have the same costs as physical products.

Plus, the program gives comprehensive guidance on all aspects of running a coaching business, from identifying your niche to marketing to clients and delivering your services.

Sell What You Know Cons

However, there are significant challenges too. Becoming a successful coach on the internet isn’t simple.

There are a lot of skills you need to master, like writing compelling copy that converts readers into clients, using ads to find your audience, and handling all the technical aspects of running an online business.

Each of these areas can be complex on its own, and when you’re trying to juggle them all, it can be quite overwhelming, especially if you’re new to online business.

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What Users Say About Sell What You Know?

I’ve seen a variety of feedback from people who’ve gone through the program. Some share success stories, talking about how the guidance and strategies provided really helped them kickstart or grow their coaching business.

They mention feeling empowered and appreciative of the knowledge they’ve gained, which has enabled them to reach new heights in their entrepreneurial journey.

However, there’s also critical feedback. Some folks have raised concerns about the costs involved, noting that the investment is quite high and wondering if it matches the value they received.

There’s also mention of expectations not always aligning with reality. A few people expected quicker, or more significant results based on the promises made and felt let down when things didn’t pan out as hoped.

Customer support issues have come up as well. Some users felt that after the initial sign-up, the level of support and guidance wasn’t as comprehensive or responsive as they’d expected, leaving them feeling a bit stranded in navigating the complexities of setting up their coaching business.

In response to this feedback, the team behind the program seems to be making efforts to address these concerns.

They’re actively engaging with feedback on platforms like Trustpilot, offering to resolve issues and improve the overall customer experience.

It shows an intention to listen and adapt, which is crucial for any service-oriented business.

However, it’s clear there’s a balance to be struck between managing expectations and delivering on promises, as well as ensuring that participants feel supported throughout their journey.

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“Sell What You Know” certainly offers a promising route for those looking to break into the knowledge commerce space.

It provides comprehensive guidance on turning your expertise into a profitable coaching business, which is an appealing prospect for many.

However, it’s crucial for anyone considering this program to think carefully about a few things.

Assess your readiness and commitment to not only learn but also implement complex strategies that involve marketing, sales, and tech skills.

The program requires a significant investment of both time and money, so evaluating your financial capability to invest in such a program is essential.

Before jumping in, it’s wise to do your homework. Look into what “Sell What You Know” offers and compare it with other educational models or coaching programs.

There are many paths to success in the knowledge commerce space, and finding the one that aligns best with your goals, learning style, and budget will be key to your success.

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