Reviewing The Zab Twins Net Worth

In 2023,The Zab Twins have a net worth of around $5M. Brian and Arek Zabierek are successful e-commerce business owners who transitioned to selling their course, The FBA Start-Up

In their own words, they’ve made over $1M in sales on Amazon using the FBA business model. Their course probably costs $5K or more, and they have hundreds of clients enrolled already.

A rough estimate of the amount they’ve made from selling their course would be about $2.5 – $3M.

Who Are The Zab Twins?

The Zab Twins

The Zab Twins are Amazon sellers and coaches who specialize in helping others achieve financial success using Amazon FBA. In their own words, this business model can be more lucrative than real estate if done correctly.

With a massive loyal customer base, selling on the world’s biggest retail platform is easier than ever. People already trust Amazon. Many of them are regularly spending money over there, buying everyday products and goods.

You can store all your products in their warehouse. That’s what Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) is all about.

There is a fee, and you have to buy in bulk, which means that investing less than $5K to get started is likely a waste of your time and hard-earned money.

What is The Zab Twins’ Net Worth?

The Zab Twins’ net worth is estimated at over $5M. That’s calculated from their combined streams of income, including YouTube ad revenue, Amazon stores, sales from their coaching program, brand deals, brand advancement, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and other monetization strategies.

They do not share their net worth publicly, which means that people can only speculate about their net worth.

Are The Zab Twins Scamming You?

No. The Zab Twins are legit internet marketers, product owners, and Amazon store owners.

They know what it takes to make money online, they have a large community of over 11K members on Facebook, and they’ve helped hundreds of people to get started selling on Amazon.

However, that does not mean that everyone who enrolls in their expensive program will achieve success. Most people won’t. That’s how it goes with most legitimate business models.

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What Can You Learn From The Zab Twins?

The Zab Twins, Arek, and Brian Zabierek offer a comprehensive coaching program focused on the Amazon FBA business model. 

Participants can learn various aspects of running an Amazon FBA business, including understanding the model, selecting and launching products, developing sales and marketing strategies, sourcing products, and managing logistics.

Their YouTube channel can teach viewers a lot of valuable insights about making money online. As you can imagine, they talk about earning from their favorite business model.

They talk a lot about the positives of starting an Amazon store and all the things that can go right, but they do not talk about all the risks associated with this model.

It’s one of the MOST expensive ways to start making money online, the competition is HUGE, and you can’t earn any passive income until you outsource your entire work to a team of people.

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