Joshua T Osborne – Rent Digital Assets Review

Welcome to my Rent Digital Assets review. Can you really make money online with Joshua T Osborne by helping small businesses, or is this another scam to avoid? 

Here’s what you need to know. The so called rank and rent method is a legit way for creating a recurring stream of income using the internet. However, it’s definitely not for everyone.

That’s why It’s important to know exactly what the business model is all about and the content inside Rent Digital Assets.

You should also know that I’m not affiliated with this program in any way or form so don’t expect a thousand low quality bonuses as an ethical bribe for joining through my links.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Rent Digital Assets Review Summary

Product Name: Rent Digital Assets (BAM)

Product Owner: Joshua T Osborne

Product Type: Make Money Online With Lead Generation Course

Product Price: $5,000

Overall Score: 60/100

Recommended: Not For Everyone!

Summary: This program will teach you how to create websites, rank them on Google’s local search results, rent them to local businesses, and profit from that.

The method is simple to comprehend but not that easy to implement. That’s why you need to know exactly what you’re doing, and courses like Rent Digital Assets by Joshua T Osborne can definitely help you with that.

According to Reddit threads, this program costs about $5,000, which can be a big investment for some. See a cost effective alternative below that utilizes one of the EASIEST business models out there.

What is Rent Digital Assets?

Rent Digital Assets is a training program that will show you how to do local Search Engine Optimization, build websites, collect leads, and then sell them to business owners.

This business model allows you to avoid asking for money upfront and trying to convince local business owners that you can make them more money.

Instead, you can deliver results first and get paid later. This can bring in more long term opportunities, and if you can stack up a dozen websites and rent them out, you can be making some decent money online. 

Is Rent Digital Assets a Scam?

Rent Digital Assets review legit or not

I don’t think that Rent Digital Assets is a scam. It’s created by someone that has a lot of experience in the industry and someone that can show people how to get started the right way.

That’s the opposite of a scam. However, there are other courses and programs out there that teach the rank and rent business model, such as Job Killing

If this model sounds like something you can devote your time and energy to, wave your options and choose carefully because most of these programs are high ticket.

You can still create niche specific websites and rank them high on Google, without having to spend thousands of dollars to get started. You can do that with the simple 4 step system on the next page.

Who is Joshua T Osborne?

He is the founder of Rent Ditial Assets. Before creating this program, Joshua T Osborne served 2 years in jail.

That’s where he found a mentor that change his outlook on life. Soon after that, he launched his own moving company that later became one of the biggest moving companies in Colorado. 

He saw success but was constantly involved with his company, which didn’t leave much free time to do other things.

That’s when Joshua T Osborne decided to dabble into the digital real estate space. Over time, he managed to gather a lot of these websites and rent them out to various business owners. 

What’s Inside Rent Digital Assets?

Here’s a breakdown of the things that you will learn inside Rent Digital Assets. They all cover different aspects of the business model, which is why you should pay close attention to learn exactly what you’re getting into.

That way, you can make an educated decision and figure out if this is something worth investing in or not.

Apart from complete access to the private Facebook group filled with like minded members of this program, here’s everything else that you will be learning.


As with most other courses and programs out there, you will learn all about the proper mindset that will help you thrive and succeed.

As with everything else that’s new, it will probably be somewhat difficult at first. If you don’t have a strong reason for doing this, then you can quickly end up giving up.

Creating a Lead Generation Website

Here, you will learn how to create simple, high quality, good looking lead generation websites that you can, later on, rent out to local businesses.

You don’t need any special skills or coding to build these websites and you will only learn basic design methods that will help your websites look more professional.

Search Engine Optimization

You will need to set up your website in a way that can get ranked on Google’s search results page for different search terms.

That’s how you will generate leads. Instead of paying for them, you will help users find what they are looking for.

The process does require some learning and you need to do everything right. However, it can be well worth it long term.

Google Maps Pack

This is an important part of local SEO. That’s how you will be able to rank for certain keywords in different GEO locations.

By using Google Maps Pack, you can show Google that your website is the most relevant to what the user is searching for. That way, you will get ranked high, and you will start to generate more leads.

Paid Ads Training

Alongside SEO and free traffic generation, you will also learn how to run paid ad campaigns to generate more high quality leads.

This can speed up the process and help you acquire a ton of leads in a short span of time. However, it can also be expensive and risky, especially if you haven’t done it before.

Sales Strategies & Client Retention

Since you are selling your services and skills, you need to learn how to present them in the most accurate and informative way possible.

That way, you can clearly portray exactly what you can do for local businesses and retain clients for longer periods of time.

How Much Does Rent Digital Assets Cost?

Rent Digital Assets costs about $5,000 for complete access. That’s according to this Reddit thread. The usual price tag for similar courses and programs out there is in the range of 4 figures. 

What I Like About Rent Digital Assets

Rent Digital Assets review pros vs cons

1. It Teaches a Legit Business Model. The rank and rent method is a real way to earn a lot of money online and help local business owners at the same time.

2. There’s a Community.
The Facebook group can help you stay motivated, push through the hurdles by connecting with people in your similar position, and get advice from others that have already been there. 

3. Joshua T Osborne Knows His Stuff.
It’s safe to say that you can get a lot from this guy.

What I Don’t Like About Rent Digital Assets

1. It’s Expensive. That’s my own personal opinion, but I think that beginners should not have to pay that much to get started with making money online.

2. Not The Best Business Model For Beginners.
I think that there are other ways to earn money from the internet and leverage SEO to attract free, high quality leads, more suited for beginners.

Is There a Better Alternative?

I think that if you don’t mind spending 4 figures on a high ticket program that can show you a legit way of creating a passive income business online, then Joshua T Osborne’s Rank Digital Assets program can definitely help you.

However, I also think that you don’t have to spend that much money to learn SEO, website creation, design, and monetization. 

My favorite business model that I think it’s best suited for beginners is called affiliate marketing. Combine that with SEO and you have a clear path for earning big commissions.

Using this business model and the 4 step blueprint that you can see on the next page, I was able to earn $1K in commissions from a SINGLE sale multiple times over without spending money on paid ads or traffic generation.

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