Rasmus Mikkelsen Review (Publishing Life)

Rasmus Mikkelsen is serious about his publishing business. He puts a lot of attention to detail and effort into his keyword research.

Apparently, he goes over the entire Amazon Kindle Store and looks through every single category just to make sure that he does not miss anything.

His focus is on super high demand keywords but also not the same ones that everyone else is targeting. There are a bunch of other high demand keywords and books that people are searching for, but not many publishers are focused on. 

That’s how you avoid competition and find winners in your publishing business. As the co founder of Audiobook Income Academy, he should know EXACTLY what it takes to succeed as an Amazon Kindle Publisher.

In his own words, keyword research is very time consuming and he spends around a week doing it for every published book he has. That’s a lot of time, and not everyone is willing to do it.

How Does Rasmus Mikkelsen Make His Book Titles?

Rasmus Mikkelsen review

When Rasmus Mikkelsen makes his titles, he puts keywords in there so that people know what it’s about.

He uses the titles as an opportunity to sell to people and let them know what they are getting when making a purchase.

It’s all about giving them a REASON to buy. He’ll spend hours formulating the best title for each book that gets published by him. 

The wrong approach would be to simply stuff a whole bunch of keywords and hope that your SEO is good.

How Does Rasmus Mikkelsen Create His Book Covers?

Rasmus Mikkelsen outsources his book cover design by going to platforms like Fiverr and finding high quality designers that can do the work.

Instead of buying the first $5 gig that you find, Rasmus suggests doing your research and looking for people that have a proven track record and KNOW what they are doing.

When you pay for a book cover and do NOT go with the cheapest option, you can be more demanding and go into specifics. you can tell them what stock images you want to use and what colors to add, and you can give them examples of other covers in your niche that you really like.

Rasmus compares your book cover with a sales pitch. It’s what will determine if someone will buy your offer or not. It’s the first impression that everyone will have. If you want to make any sales, it has to be good.

How Does Rasmus Mikkelsen Do His Book Outline?

The outline includes important planning of how you want the book to be structured. It’s what you give to your writer so they know what the book should be about.

Rasmus does all his research and looks at the table of contents of other best selling books in his niche to know what the audience wants, and he looks at reviews from customers.

This helps with clarifying what the customers like and don’t like. The end goal should be to really create the best book with the most value in it. He does all the research for the writers so they can just focus on creating a high quality piece of content. Quality check is important.

You should always proofread the book when it’s ready, edit if you find mistakes, and give it back to the writer if you find that there is missing information, or that something could have been done better.

How Does Rasmus Mikkelsen Write his Book Descriptions?

Rasmus took a course on description writing and spent about two weeks learning how to do it effectively. Now, he writes them all himself. Sometimes, he would outsource it to a professional.

Descriptions serve as a sales pitch to entice people into buying your stuff. If you can get them curious enough to make a purchase, then you’ve done a great job at creating your description.

Is Rasmus Mikkelsen a Scam Artist?


No, he is not. There is a lot of controversy around the Mikkelsen Twins, but they definitely know what it takes to sell books on Amazon and I’m sure that they can teach others how to do that too. However, they are known to have been banned from the platform for using black hat tactics.

The business model that the pair promotes is legit, but the course is very expensive and the margins can be very low. In other words, I think that there are better, cost effective alternatives for making money online 

Beginner’s Alternative:
 Compare This Business Model With Book Publishing

What I Like About Rasmus Mikkelsen

1. He’s Experienced. Bith Christian and Rasmus Mikkelsen know what it takes to make money online on Amazon with book publishing. 

2. The Business Model is Legit. 
There are many highly successful entrepreneurs that do what they teach.

What I Don’t Like About Rasmus Mikkelsen

1. It’s Too Expensive. Both the business model and the course created by Rasmus and Christian Mikkelsen are very expensive, especially for beginners.

2. It’s Not The Best Alternative For Beginners. The business is very expensive and highly competitive. If you can’t afford to spend and risk losing thousands of dollars, you will end up disappointed. Furthermore, it comes with tons of outsourcing, which only adds up to the costs.

That’s why I think that there are better ways to start making money online. Using the simple four step system that you will see on the next page, I’m able to earn up to $1K per SINGLE sale of products I don’t even own myself, on top of monthly passive income.

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