Proctor Gallagher Institute Review

Welcome to my Proctor Gallagher Institute review. Can you really learn how to generate an abundance of wealth by changing the way you think, or is Bob Proctor a scam artist that you should avoid?

Many internet entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners turn to platforms like this one for guidance and help with achieving success.

Here’s the thing. The main programs inside the Institute are high ticket items. In other words, it’s incredibly expensive to unlock most of the training materials inside. That’s why you should know if it’s really worth investing in this before you take the leap. 

Instead of trying to convince you how great it is to change your paradigm and why that’s the only thing you have to do to become successful, I will breakdown everything that you should know about Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher’s platform so that you can make an educated decision, without any hype or exaggeration.

By the time you’re done here, you will know if this is the right solution for you or not.

Ready? Let’s get started… 

Proctor Gallagher Institute Review Summary

Product Name: Proctor Gallagher Institute

Product Owners: Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher

Product Type: Personal Development and Business Startup Training

Product Price: $5,000 – $29,995+

Overall Score: 45/100

Recommended: Not Really!

Summary: This is a platform that has a number of different products, courses, books, and training programs designed to help people master the mindset behind making money online or offline by changing their daily habits and shifting their way of thinking in a way that attracts wealth.

While it’s important to have a certain way of thinking to allow yourself the opportunity to grow as a person, without obtaining relevant skills that can actually help you to make money, no amount of positive affirmations can help you.

The only way of gaining any REAL skills with Proctor Gallagher Institute is by paying a minimum of $10,000 for one of the programs inside.

It offers people to get into the personal development niche and learn how to create a business that revolves around helping others in generating wealth and prosperity. Or at least the mindset side of things. 

I think that there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives for people that are interested in acquiring the skills needed for achieving financial success online.

What is Proctor Gallagher’s Institute About?

Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher have joined forces to create the Proctor Gallagher Institute. It’s a platform all about mindset, the law of attraction, and wealth generation.

Broken down, there are four main categories within this platform. They all focus on different aspects of personal development, from breaking old habits and creating productive ones, to analyzing fundamentals that have created millionaires. Let’s take a look at each category inside and find out what they are all about in detail. 

Elite Programs

There’s a total of 7 Elite Programs that are available inside the Proctor Gallagher Institute. Most of them are very long and take weeks or months to complete, allowing you more than enough time to successfully consume and fully understand the content.

You can expect to learn about the concepts that drive successful people to achieve wealth and success within their business lives, the core principles behind the Universal Laws of attraction, and you can also learn how to become a personal development coach, just like Bob Proctor.

Coaching Courses

These coaching courses are created especially for beginners that don’t know where to start. In order to avoid overwhelming people, some of the training inside consists of simple, short videos that you can watch every morning to ensure a positive start to your day.

The Science of Getting Rich

Bob Proctor does a thorough analysis of Wallace D. Wattle’s book, where he breaks down the science behind getting rich.

At the end of the webinar that’s currently featured inside the Proctor Gallagher Institute, you will be pitched one of the Elite programs that cost thousands of dollars.

Books and Products

There’s a total of 4 books by Bob Proctor that are available for purchase. They double down on important traits that every successful person has, such as persistence, clear vision, dedication, and more. You will learn how to harness the power of your own belief and allow yourself to achieve success.

Is Your Mindset Enough?

proctor gallagher institute is your mindset enough

On the contrary of what you may believe, thinking like a successful person and having the right mindset is the FIRST step towards achieving financial freedom.

Yes, it’s important to believe in yourself and to have a positive outlook on things, otherwise, you may miss out on opportunities that can actually change your life for the better. However, mindset alone is NOT enough. 

Once you believe that you can do it, the next logical step is to become good at something that pays well. Take Bob Proctor as an example.

He is very good at persuading people into doing things. He can easily convince masses of people to buy his products and services because he has a high-income skill. 

If he wasn’t good at grabbing people’s attention and attracting interest in what he does, no one would even know who Bob Proctor is.

An important note here is that everyone faces doubts and uncertainty in their lives. The question is, how do you overcome these negative thoughts?

In my opinion, the easiest way to start believing in yourself is by finding purpose in your life and actually becoming good at something that can bring in money. If you have a clear goal of a high-income skill that you want to master, then go for it and don’t stop until you do.

That’s when positive thinking and affirmations can truly become a game-changer. Thinking like a winner will allow you to keep pushing toward mastering that skill, even when you’re filled with self-doubt and fear.

Take affiliate marketing as an example. It’s an incredibly powerful online business model that can lead to financial, location, and time freedom if you take the time to actually become good at it.

Is Proctor Gallagher Institute a Scam?

Proctor Gallagher Institute legit or not

I don’t think that it’s a scam, but I also don’t think that it’s worth spending your hard-earned money on programs that won’t teach you anything except believing in yourself, especially when there are thousands of Youtube videos that can help you with that for free. 

If you’re thinking that by paying thousands of dollars you will be able to get direct access to Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher, or any of the designated coaches, you’re wrong.

There have been numerous complaints on BBB about this specific problem, so don’t be surprised if you’re promised full-out support and end up fending for yourself as soon as you give out your credit card details.

The fact that this business has been around for a long time and is yet to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau is definitely worth mentioning.

The truth is that having the right mindset is the foundation of any successful venture. However, if you want to achieve financial freedom, you need to become good at something that is currently in demand.

Something that NOT everyone can do. That’s how you acquire skills that can turn into valuable assets. If you position yourself as a person or entity that is very hard to replace, you can create an abundance of wealth.

If you’re ready to learn VALUABLE skills that can help you earn a full-time income online, then you should see this below.

What’s Inside Proctor Gallagher Institute?

Let’s start by breaking down the Elite programs one by and one and taking a look at what you’re offered as a member.

Then, I will go through each one of the Coaching courses and reveal the content that you will get access to when you make a purchase.

Soon, you will know exactly what you’re getting into, and how much each program inside Proctor Gallagher Institute costs. 

Masterclass With Bob Proctor

This is a 6-month program, where Bob Proctor will go through each chapter of his international best-selling book, You Were Born Rich.

The classes are given to you every week throughout the 6 month period. Keep in mind that these are recordings of Bob Proctor, not live sessions.

Proctor Gallagher Consultant

This is the only program inside the Institue that allows you actually learn a valuable skill. By participating in the Consultant Certification course, you will learn how to start a business in the personal development space.

There are ongoing fees attached to the Proctor Gallagher Consultant program. The bare minimum that you will be required to spend to become a certified personal development coach is $10,000.

Bob Proctor Coaching

This is a 12-month coaching program, focused on teaching you how to master your mind, and use it to achieve your goals, increase your self-worth and achieve a life of wealth and abundance.

You will also learn how to hold yourself accountable whenever you set out to achieve something. The price of Bob Proctor’s 12-month coaching program is $6,995.

Lead The Field Coaching

This 120-day coaching with Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher will show you how to become more aware of your dominating thoughts and increase your level of awareness.

They will examine Earl Nightingale’s Lead The Field recordings and go over the most important points inside these series. This coaching program comes with a price tag of $5,000 or 6 payments of $859.

Principles of Prosperity

This course is all about Bob Proctor analyzing Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich. He will break down the 13 principles of prosperity and talk about what they mean, how to use them to your own advantage, and more. Currently, the price of this course is $1,995 or 4 payments of $555.

MSI Connect

If you are a business owner, then MSI Connect may intrigue you. It’s a community of people interested in personal growth, business, and entrepreneurship.

As a part of this community, you will be able to list your business inside the MSI marketplace and potentially get more leads and sales.

Furthermore, you will be able to interact with the members inside, share ideas with them, get feedback, etc. There’s a trial that allows you to try things out for $30, after that, it’s $249/month.

Proctor Gallagher Inner Circle

This is the most expensive program inside the Proctor Gallagher Institute. It comes with a whopping price tag of $29,995. It will give you access to people with an advanced level of self-awareness, successful entrepreneurs, and aspiring business owners.

It’s kind of like an upgraded version of the MSI Connect. The only way to find out how much the program costs, is by arranging a call with one of the coaches.

They will discuss the opportunity with you and help you find out if this is the right move for you or not. You should know that there have been complaints about sales coaches that try to sell the program using aggressive tactics.

Apparently, some ex MLM people are now actively involved in the sales force inside the Proctor Gallagher Inner Circle.

Six Minutes to Success

With this one, you will unlock a library of short video content with the intention of getting you to take action and tackle your goals.

These videos will arrive in your inbox every morning. There’s a $1 trial to see if you like the content, then it’s $29.97/Month.

Magic Your Mind

This is a six-week coaching program that will enable you to tap into the six mental faculties for achieving success in every aspect of your life.

According to the sales page, this coaching is great for beginners and experienced people alike. The price of Magic Your Mind is a one-time payment of $497.

Proctor Gallagher Streaming Club

With this membership, you will be able to attend live Stream events, and you will get access to weekly content where all frequently asked questions get answered. The cost of the Streaming Club is $97/month.

What I Like About Proctor Gallagher Institute

Proctor Gallagher Institute pgi

1. It’s Focused Towards Helping Business Owners and Aspiring Entrepreneurs. The content inside is all about showing people the way they should think and how to achieve anything in life as long as they put their minds to it.

2. You Can Learn a Real Skill With The Proctor Gallagher Consultant Program. Even though I don’t recommend that you spend 5 figures or more on training that can teach you how to start a business, the fact that people have the option of following in the footsteps of Bob Proctor is (probably) a good thing.

What I Don’t Like About Proctor Gallagher Institute

1. It’s Too Expensive. Most of the programs and courses inside are way too expensive than they should be. With all the free content that’s available on Youtube, I don’t think that it’s worth investing that much in a personal development platform such as this one.

2. A Lot of Complaints.
Every product owner knows that getting customer complaints is almost inevitable, however, when they all complain about the same things, such as not getting what they’ve been promised, it’s definitely worth mentioning.

3. The Content Inside is More Inspiration and Entertaining Than Educational
. Let’s face it, most people that buy things inside the Proctor Galagher Institute do it because they like Bob Proctor.

He entertains, and that’s usually not a bad thing. However, when there are claims that you can become a millionaire, just like Proctor, if you buy any of his programs and courses, that’s when things can get misleading.

4. No Refunds.
The Proctor Gallagher Institute has a ”no refunds” policy.

My Recommendation

If you already have a business that you’re working on, be it online or offline, with clearly defined goals and skills that you know you have to master, but you lack the motivation or self-discipline to see things through, then maybe you can benefit from some of the content inside the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for ways to make money online, then you should consider a platform that can equip you with the skills that are needed to generate income.

If you’re just wishing for it without taking any action, then you won’t get anywhere. I can GUARANTEE you that.

See how these people are banking profits using a simple, yet incredibly effective blueprint that most neglect and lose out on that opportunity forever.

7 thoughts on “Proctor Gallagher Institute Review”

  1. Great post and I learned so much. Thank you for doing this because now I’m able to make better decisions on what to purchase. I really like Bob Proctor and will miss him but not enough to pay thousands of dollars for it so thank you for enlightening me.

    • Please do not sign for any of the PGI programs. I lost USD40K when I became a PGI consultant. Thousands of people are left in debt. This is knows worldwide but people believe and trust this organization (like I did). Please read carefully the reviews on the website. I claimed a reimbursement but they never accepted my REAL and HONEST arguments. It took me 3 years to get over this horrible experience…I have debts now, but I will manage it. There are people worldwide who lost their apartments or family because of the PGI debts.

  2. Two years ago I purchased the one year Bob Proctor Coaching Program. The content was good, I did learn alot, but rapidly found out that most of what I was learning was available for FREE on the multitude of videos Bob publishes on Youtube.

    Yes there were daily coaching calls, but with so many people on the calls, there wasn’t any real value. I think in the year I particpated in the program, Bob was on a call 2 or 3 times.

    I wont say the program was bad, it wasn’t. It was good, but extremely overpriced for a video based learning program, where much of the content was otherwise available for FREE.

    Oh yea, one other thing. I never heard from my so called “coach” after I signed up for the program. He was good at selling me the program, but never checked in to see how I was doing.

    I was completely on my own. That kind of defeats the purpose of coaching doesn’t it?

  3. Hi Alex,

    Great article, it seems critical but fair. I have been on the fence with this stuff for some time, and you have confirmed my suspicions, that it is generally overpriced. The way I see it is, it comes off as a hard sell, which whilst they do give a great deal away, is always a red-flag for me. I have asked myself on a number of occasions though, ‘am i simply being entertained here?’, which is another point that you make well within you article, as this can potentially be a pitfall for those looking to the PGI material. Getting drawn in and not making progress.

    Also good to read Mike’s take on his experiences. Mike also makes a great point that a lot of the learning material is free. I think by using the free materials from PGI you can build and develop your awareness and skills to a point. Something I have found value in doing with their free resources. But to what point that is remains to be seen, I guess, I am only limited by my imagination.

    Thanks for the info guys! 🙂

  4. Dear Alex,

    Thank you for this article! I hope it will help people who are thinking about signing up for one of the PGI programs. I wish it was available when I signed up to become a PGI consultant in 2019 and lost USD32K. You’re saying you’re not sure if it’s a scam. I can tell you it is. I stayed there for two years and saw many tragical things inside. Please below find a copy of an email I sent to PGI April, 9 2021 when I started to realize I was manipulated. My official complaint is on the website. I didn’t get reimbursed by PGI.

    “Dear PGI, Doug and Monica,

    Here I am after more than one year of hard work, of studying TIR and trying to get new clients.
    When I spoke to Monica before I signed up and I said I wanted to offer TIR in France she didn’t mention that the material was not available in French.
    I posted this question in the PGI group, Doug answered that it’s not important and that I’d find a way.

    I paid all the money you requested, I followed the rules, I studied and applied.
    I quit my job, today I’m in debt of USD10K for the fees I paid to PGI.
    I paid the USD20K from the only heritage I got after my dad passed away.
    I was motivated. I was enthusiast. I believed.
    I believed in what Bob says, because he is the expert in the field, isn’t he?

    I loved TIR and yes, it has changed my life. But studying TIR does not guarantee becoming a millionaire in a year, something you preach for on regular basis. And something what makes many people, believe and pay a very high ticket to become a PGI consultant.
    With time, I was becoming more and more aware of unfair practices within PGI.
    Bob’s authority is used to make people believe in becoming millionaires in one year and make them sign for very expensive programs with very little service.
    MSI Connect didn’t work, the PGI division is not working, and I heard very unpleasant things about Bob’s Masterclass, too.
    I spoke to other PGI consultants as well as people who signed up for the Masterclass. Many of them have the profound and sad feeling they were lied to.

    How is this possible?

    How is this possible that the only thing you offer for USD32,495K are videos and weekly sessions with Doug Dane?
    Doug doesn’t resonate with many PGI consultants and that’s ok, and it has nothing to do with his skills or competence.
    But again, how is this possible that there is only ONE person dealing with 1200 consultants?
    How is this possible that there is no personalized coaching or mentoring for USD32,495?
    How is this possible that out of 1200 consultants, only around 35 are actually active and successful?
    Can you really call it a successful business? Can you really call it an “elite program”?

    How is this possible that after one year of work, paying all the requested fees, attending the sales workshops and the conference in Los Angeles I get an automatic email saying “bye for now”? How can this be acceptable from a human point of view?

    Today, after an investment of USD32,495K I receive an email from you saying “bye for now” in which you ask me to pay USD275.
    Do I understand well that I have to pay you because I don’t have 5 clients yet?

    After everything I’ve done I don’t even have an official document saying that I was coached by PGI or that I am a TIR coach. Something that I can show to prospects and that would make me a legitimate coach.
    How is this possible?

    I didn’t know all this before I signed.
    I believed in Bob and PGI.
    I believed with all my heart in successful business that is honest and helpful to people.
    I believed in your statement: “Our vision is to significantly improve the quality of lives globally by elevating the quality of thoughts individually. We do this by educating and empowering our audience through products, services and events that expand awareness and harmonize people with the natural, immutable Laws of the Universe. We intend to play a significant role in creating a world in which true wealth—spiritual, material, intellectual—flows to, through and from every person in an ever-expanding, never-ending cycle of abundance.”

    This was one big lie.


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