Printify Review

Print On Demand. Work from the comforts of your own home and make money online exploring your creativity.

Printify is a Print on Demand (POD) platform that lets its users make their own designs and implement them on various items such as T-shirts, mugs, phone covers etc. and then selling them online.

Printify gives you the option to connect with a lot of merchants to suit all of your specific needs. The platform has an automated system which does the source and fulfillment job for you, thus saving you a lot of time and effort. It’s also FREE to use.

Printify, Product Overview

Name: Printify


Price: FREE

Overall Rank: 83 out of 100

The Good & The Bad


    • Completely FREE, no starting cost, setting up your store is extremely easy and fast.
    • Lots of video tutorials and manuals on Printify to help those of you who are just starting out in this niche.
    • You do not need any inventory or storage space
  • Shipping and Handling is done for you, That way you can focus entirely on marketing your products
    • Low Profit Margin
    • Delayed payments. When a customer buys your products, it can take up to a month to see that cash into your wallet. Its done this way so that they allow time for return and cashbacks.
  • T-shirt fulfillment can vary from 5 to 9 working days


Who is Printify and POD in general for?

This an e-commerce platform, definitely worth checking out if you are looking to start an online business with limited funds.

If you are more of the creative type, then designing your own goods could be something that you may find pleasurable and enjoyable.

While Printify may be free to use, keep in mind that in order to boost start your business you would probably need to spend some cash for advertisement to get the word out for you brand new store.

If that does not appeal to you, check out our Affiliate Marketing Review to learn how to generate free organic traffic without paying for any ads.

Tools & Training

You can find a lot of video tutorials and manuals on getting started, generating traffic and making money on their website.

There is a Help Centre section on Printify, which is focused entirely on helping you to get started. Designer’s tips, setup, and integration, troubleshooting, etc.

Printify Prices

As I already mentioned this above, Printify is completely FREE to use, but there is an option to go on a premium subscription for 29$.

When you go premium you have access to a lot of discounts, about 20%. After subscribing, you will see $29.00 added to your balance under My Account.

Pick the samples you want to order and $29.00 will be credited directly in your order window.


Printify – Is it Worth it?

While there are quite a few POD platforms out there, most of them require you to make an initial payment in order to use their service.

With Printify you can take advantage of all the tools and pieces of training that are provided there and its all completely FREE.

The platform itself is very beginner friendly, allowing you to actually make some money first and then decide if you want to go on a premium membership and get up to 20% discount on all products, making it that much easier to make money online with print on demand.

If this sounds like a good way of making money online or something that you might enjoy doing, then experience the platform Printify, first hand absolutely for FREE now.

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