Passive Income Breakthrough Review

In today’s Passive Income Breakthrough Review, you will find out if you can really break away from the chains of modern slavery AKA having a job with this program. In short, Passive Income Breakthrough is an online training that will show you how to effectively build and create your own digital course and sell it.

It can be within any niche or topic of your choice. You will learn a bunch of other useful things such as how to get Affiliates to promote your product, which in turn will result in passive income generation for you. Stick until the end of this review as I will reveal one hidden secret that the product owner of Passive Income Breakthrough doesn’t want people to know.

Passive Income Breakthrough Review Summary

Product Name: Passive Income Breakthrough

Product Creator: Rob Wiser

Product Type: Online Product Creation Training

Price: One Time Fee of $397 + Upsells

Recommended: Not unless you’re willing to buy into the upsells which adds up to $650+

Overall Score: 65/100

Summary: This is a program that shows you exactly how to create an online training course and earn money from start to finish. It’s great for beginners and people who are just getting started because the training inside covers all the basic stuff that every successful foundation needs and slowly progresses into the advanced stuff.

By the end of this training, you will know how to create your very own product in an industry of your choice, how to build landing pages that convert, generate leads, let other people do the marketing for you, and all that good stuff.

There’s one thing that doesn’t add up though and that’s the promises on the sales page of this product that you can supercharge your earnings and put them on autopilot. The overall mood is set up in a way that it makes making money online with this program look so easy, when in reality that’s just not true.

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What Is Passive Income Breakthrough About?

Passive Income Breakthrough is all about creating online training that specializes in a certain topic. The whole idea behind this program is to get you off the “hamster wheel” of everyday working life and help you gain control.

It’s all about living the laptop lifestyle and forgetting all about spending endless hours in exchange for money. Instead of working for money, you should make them work for you. One of the ways to do that is by creating a passive income source, which is what Passive Income Breakthrough is all about.

Over there, you will learn how to create your own courses even if you’re not (yet) an expert in your chosen topic. The product owner shows you that plus a bunch of other useful things such as how to outsource like a pro and the tactics that you need to use to attract more affiliate marketers who will promote your products.

This program is designed to collaborate with ClickBank, one of the world’s most famous marketplaces where vendors/product makers and affiliates come and work together.

Is Passive Income Breakthrough a Scam?

This program comes with a lot of hype on its sales page, but no, it’s not a scam. It does bring value to people and show them a genuine way of making money online.

There’s nothing new here, I’ve seen many similar products such as ClickBank University. Nevertheless, the overall quality of Passive Income Breakthrough is good. However, a few things caught my attention such as the fact that there are no success stories available for the public to see and it doesn’t look like there is a community for all the members to collaborate with each other.

Usually with similar products, at the very least, you will see a private Facebook group that puts together with all the paying subscribers. This is good for credibility and social proof that the product or service does what it claims to.

Let’s Find Out More About The Product Creator

Rob Wyser is one of ClickBank’s platinum earners. This means that his product Passive Income Breakthrough got him into the top 1% earners of 2017.

passive income breakthrough

Before his online success, Rob Wyser was a screenwriter and author with some degree of success. In his 20’s he was already a professional writer and a guest to multiple television shows such as the famous MSNBC’s Countdown With Keith Olbermann.

Even though that was his childhood dream and he achieved it, the reality was different than the expectation. It turned out that this business wasn’t that profitable for him and he was always at the mercy of big Hollywood film studios and book publishers.

It wasn’t until he discovered how powerful the internet can be for making money and sold his first book online to thousands of people. That was the turning point, and he never looked back since. Shortly after, Rob Wyser created Passive Income Breakthrough with the idea to help people make money online. 

What’s Inside Passive Income Breakthrough

Inside this program, you will find a lot of variety. The training itself consists of 5 different modules and they are:

1. First Module
– This module will teach you all about the basics of creating your own digital product and selling it online. It will also explain to you the concept of passive income generation and how you can leverage that to your advantage. You will learn how to conduct market research and choosing the most profitable niches to tap into for maximum profit chances. You will then take the first steps to build up the foundation of your product.

2. Second Module – This part of the training is all about the different methods and techniques for creating your product. A lot of people have a hard time with this, that’s why Rob Wyler has provided additional training that teaches you how to hire freelancers that can do the work for you.

3. Third Module – This part is all about the marketing side of things. You will learn what converts a visitor to a buyer and all about the emotional triggers that successful online marketers implement into their campaigns. How to create high converting opt-in forms to collect people’s emails and landing pages which will pique your audience’s curiosity. If you’re not feeling up to the challenge with this, you can always outsource all the work and Rob Wyser will show you how to do that.

4. Fourth Module – This module is all about email marketing and how to nurture your leads and slowly but surely convert them into buyers with proficiently written copy and sales letters. On top of that, you will learn a bunch of tactics to generate even more money by offering additional services to your audience.

5. The fifth Module – In the last part of the training series, you will learn how to launch your product the RIGHT way. Not only that, but you will also find out how to create your affiliate program which will let other people promote your product for you in exchange for a percentage of the profits. It’s a win-win situation.

Passive Income Breakthrough Insider Bonuses

Here are all the bonus materials that you will get alongside the training modules.

1. Rapid Fire Product Creation – Techniques that help you get your high-quality course up and ready, even if you don’t have any prior knowledge of the topic or niche that you’ve chosen. 

2. Product Persuasion – More techniques that outline exactly how to create high converting and successful landing pages that are highly optimized for conversions and sales. You will learn advanced marketing tactics that people use to encourage users to take action. 

3. Secrets to Outsourcing. Here, you will learn advanced methods of outsourcing all of your work to professionals who have a clear perception of how to handle a specific task. You will find out where to look for people that can take care of your affiliates for you, write sales letters, taking care of your email list, and properly structure your online course. 

4. ClickBank Insider – Learn all of Rob Wyser’s secret tactics to maximize your success with ClickBank and find high profile affiliates that will bring traffic (visitors) to your course.

5. Lifetime Updates – When you purchase this product, you will have instant access to lifetimes worth of updates. They are very important in this fast-moving and developing online world. This product was made a few years ago, and if it’s wasn’t updated regularly, then it would have become completely useless a long time ago. 

Passive Income Breakthrough Price, Upsells and Refunds

Passive Income Breakthrough comes with a price tag of $397 (one time) for full access to the program. You can also test drive it for about $7 and get access to a very limited version of this training. You will be presented with the option to get extra products AKA upsells for a fixed sum:

Upsell #1 – Extreme Income Multipliers
. This is an upsell that will basically define your success or failure with this program. Even though it’s an optional upgrade, without it, you will find it much harder to achieve success, and obviously, the product owner doesn’t want you to know that. This upsell is all about teaching you all the right ways for attracting affiliates to promote your offers. You can get this for $97.

Upsell #2 – How To Build a Million Dollar Email List. For $197 you can learn all about collecting quality emails from people who are interested in your services, nurturing and preparing them to buy your products. This additional training is brought to you by a good friend of Rob Wyser called Bobby Rio. He is a successful email marketing expert with years of experience in the field and a huge email list of his own.

These upsells are entirely optional, however, they increase your chances of success by a lot. This means that if you want to truly utilize this program at it’s fullest, you might end up having to buy these extra upgrades.

Now, about the refund policy.

passive income breakthrough refund

This is a product sold on the ClickBank marketplace, which means that you will automatically get a 60-day money-back guarantee covert by ClickBank. If for any reason you decide to get your money back, as long as it’s within that timeframe, there should be no issues.

Head’s up! This refund does not apply to the upsells, only for the main offer. In other words, if you decide to buy into any of the bonus stuff, there’s no going back. Be mindful of that.

What I Like About Passive Income Breakthrough

passive income breakthrough pros and cons

1. Legit Business Model Training. Creating and selling courses online if done right can be a really profitable and great way of making money online. There’s a lot of upside to this such as the zero need of holding inventory anywhere or paying for storage.

Since the product your selling is digital it will also arrive to the users instantly. In other words, there is absolutely no waiting time for the product to arrive to the customer. As soon as they pay, it’s theirs.

2. Detailed Training. The training inside Passive Income Breakthrough is in-depth and covers everything from A to Z without leaving anything behind. 

3. You can test drive the system for a small fee of $7. This gives you a chance to see what it’s like inside without having to invest a bunch of money first hand. 

What I Don’t Like About Passive Income Breakthrough

1. Too hyped up. There’s a lot of fancy talk about unlimited income, complete automation and making a lot of money as easy as it gets.

This can leave people with the wrong impression that they can easily achieve financial success online without any hard work whatsoever, and that’s not true. Most experienced internet marketers already know this and realize that a lof these product creators use this tactic to lure in unexpecting newbies that just don’t know better.

2. No Group/Community Access. Most similar products have a place where all the members of a certain program gather together to discuss things and communicate with like-minded people. The fact that this kind of community is non-existent in Passive Income Breakthrough does not look good at all. 

3. No Proof of Success. The lack of community leads to another problem that can occur and that is the fact that there is no REAL proof that this training has helped people in achieving financial success. Usually, most product creators gladly post testimonies of people inside their product/service who have had success.

This leads me to believe that something smells a bit fishy in there. Either the product creator has decided to completely leave out success stories from his campaign for some unknown to me reason, or there aren’t any success stories at all. Either way, that can come across as some shady stuff right there.

4. Prices Add Up. If you really want to take full advantage of this training program, you have to prepare yourself for the likely possibility that you will end up spending way more than the initial product’s price of $397.

The upsells which can be really helpful if not essential to your success alone add almost $300 on top and if you decide to outsource some of the things you have to do for building up your business that’s even more money down the line for something that may or may not work.

My Recommendation

My recommendation is to not waste so much money on something that may or may not work especially if you’re a beginner. Instead, you can check out a way cheaper alternative that has a lot of added benefits to it, including a huge community of like-minded people and tons of LEGIT success stories.

Check out how these people are banking profits using this simple yet incredibly effective blueprint that so many people neglect and lose out on money because of that.

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