My Traffic Jacker 2.0 Review

Welcome to My Traffic Jacker review. If you’re familiar with SEO and organic traffic generation than you know that this is a process that takes time.

Did you know that Google takes into consideration the domain’s age and how mature it is to determine where to rank it in the search engine? An even bigger ranking factor is that domains authority over a certain niche and that usually takes time because there is a good number of things that you must do to get there.

What if you could bypass all of that and get straight into business with high authority domains that are expired. You can get them on the down-low, and use all of the power that comes with them for your own benefit.

This can save you months of hard work because you will be getting domains with high authority and a lot of SEO juice. That’s what My Traffic Jacker can do for you.

Does this mean that you should jump right in and start buying expired domains to sell them for a higher price or use for your own benefit by leveraging all the traffic that it will bring?

Not really because there are a bunch of things that you should consider before getting involved with this program, and in this review, you will learn everything that you should know in order to make an educated decision.

Let me be completely transparent by letting you know that I’m not affiliated with My Traffic Jacker in any way or form. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at what this system can really do for you.

My Traffic Jacker Review Summary

Product Name: My Traffic Jacker

Product Owner: Joshua Zamora

Price: $33 + Upsells

Recommended: Not Really!

Overall Score:40/100

Summary: My Traffic Jacker is a software that can help you identify expired domains or ones that are just about to expire. This can let you safely acquire them as your own, but only if they’re worth it.

By that, I mean that you will be targeting domains that have links from the four big websites, Wikipedia, Youtube, BBC, or Quora. When you find the ones that are worth it, you can use all the traffic that these links will bring to your newly acquired website towards your own personal offers.

This can save you months of hard work but it’s also not recommended to do this because it can potentially lead people to a lot of trouble. I expose the full truth behind My Traffic Jacker in this review, and you can find all about the illegal stuff that you can get into in the “Cons” section.

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What is My Traffic Jacker?

My Traffic Jacker can show you how to legally hijack traffic AND authority from four of the biggest sites on the internet. You will learn how to legally buy expired domain names that have links to these big websites.

This means that you can tap into HUGE traffic sources just buy purchasing domains that people have forgotten to renew, and taking advantage of all the links and authority that they have. Let me give you a brief example.

Let’s say that there is a really popular Youtube video that gets millions of views and has a broken link in its description that leads to an expired website. You can leverage that by purchasing the expired domain for a very cheap price and take advantage of all that traffic from the Youtube video.

This can easily be done and domains cost about $10 each. In the new 2.0 version, they have expanded and rewritten the entire code of My Traffic Jacker giving you even more ways to tap into lots of traffic by being able to hijack domains from websites such as Youtube, BBC,  Wikipedia, and Quora.

You can hijack traffic from all of these huge websites. You just chose a website that you want to hijack traffic from, input the keywords of your choice and let My Traffic Jacker do all the work for you. Once the search is done, you will be presented with a list of expired domain names that have links to these websites.

Is My Traffic Jacker a Scam?

is it just a big scam my traffic jacker 2.0 review

My Traffic Jacker is not a scam, and you will be getting what you’ve paid for however, there are some upsells and hidden fees that I will be focusing more on further along with this review. With this software, you can take advantage of other people’s hard work and use it for your own benefit.

This method can save you up to a few months of work and get you fast traffic. Having said that I do believe that it’s not ethical to steal from other people’s hard work and in many cases, you can stumble upon folks who have forgotten to renew their domains for one reason or another and buy it before they ever get the chance to.

This is how a lot of these “traffic jackers” make a lot of money by flipping that domain to its original owner because most likely than not they will be desperate to get their domain and all the work they’ve done back. That’s exactly why they would also be willing to pay you much more than what you could potentially earn with that website in the first place.

I don’t know about you but that is not something that I would like to be involved in. Not to mention that it’s completely illegal to do that, and this practice is also known as domain squatting and can get a lot of people in trouble. There are other ways to make money online without having to steal from other people.

Having said that I do believe that this is more on the negative side of things but you could also just take advantage of broken links from viral Youtube videos or anywhere else that basically lead to nowhere and capitalize on that. This won’t really bring any harm to the owner because that link has been broken already and they don’t get anything out of it anyway. This can be a really lucrative way of generating income online.

Who Created My Traffic Jacker?

Joshua Zamora is the one behind My Traffic Jacker. He is a serial digital product creator with more than +20 products and a bunch of success stories along with that.

There is a mixture of opinions about Joshua Zamora and his products, some positive and others not that much, but one thing is certain. He is a real person, with a solid digital presence, he stands behind his products which give them that much more credibility.

What’s Inside My Traffic Jacker?

Inside My Traffic Jacker, you will get a bunch of things that will help you to easily identify all the potential domains that you can acquire. There are a number of tools and additional resources inside the dashboard and they are all in there to make it as easy as it can be for you to find domains and purchase them at the lowest prices. Here are some of the things that you will see inside My Traffic Jacker.


This is where you can find multiple variations of different keywords that can help you find an expired domain in a specific niche. You can explore a good number of different keywords in various niches so you will always have something to go with when you’re looking for expired domains.


This is where you can search for your chosen keywords inside one of the FOUR available major websites which are Quora, BBC, Wikipedia, and Youtube. In other words, the search bar inside My Traffic Jacker will search for expired domains that have links from one of the websites above.


This tool can do a deep search to identify expired domains with powerful ==>backlinks from one of these sites mentioned above.

My Traffic Jacker Price Upsells & Refunds

My Traffic Jacker comes with a price tag of $33 but you will get a limited version of the product. If you want to unlock more features such as being able to search for websites that have links from other huge websites like Forbes, you will have to buy their upsells.

Upsell #1 – My Traffic Jacker Pro Plus. This is where you will be able to purchase credits from as low as $1. After the trial is over you will be charged $47/Month. You will need these credits in order to be able to search for expired domain names. In other words, this is a mandatory upsell that is billed monthly so that you can always have credits to look for expired domains.

Upsell #2 – My Traffic Jacker Academy. You will be getting over the shoulder type of training where you will see how people are successfully using this software to find expired domains with high backlink juice and capitalize on that. Basically, you will see how it’s all done behind the scenes. All of this comes with a single payment of $27.

Upsell #3 – My Traffic Jacker Trifecta. With this one, you will unlock three additional features that will boost your profit and automate a lot of the work that you will be doing. This upsell comes with a price tag of $67 (one-time payment). 

Upsell #4 – My Traffic Jacker SyndLab + SyndBuddy. With this upsell you will further boost the expired domain that you’ve already acquired by producing social signals and sharing signals. It comes with a single payment of $47.

Upsell #5 – My Traffic Jacker Elite. With this one, you will unlock two additional features inside the software. The first one is the Ocean feature which allows you to quickly identify all videos that are linking to a single domain with a click of a button.

This can quickly add up and you can potentially monetize from a lot of videos with a single domain only. On top of that, you will be getting the Domain Reminder feature which is going to alert you every time there is a “dead” domain that is just about to expire.

This can give you the chance to be first in line in acquiring that domain if it doesn’t get renewed before it expires. This upsells costs $47/Quarterly.

There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee on the initial offer which is My Traffic Jacker, so you should be careful with the upsells as you may not be able to get your money back if you ever wanted to return them.

What I Like About My Traffic Jacker

my traffic jacker 2.0 review pros and cons

1. You Can Save Time. By purchasing domains that are powerful but expired you can get instant traffic to your offers in whatever niche you’re involved in. This can accelerate the natural process that it takes to acquire organic traffic with Google and all the other search engines which is why many people can be intrigued by this opportunity.

2. There’s A Money Back Guarantee. The refund policy can be used within 30 days which is plenty of time for the user to experience the product first hand and decide if it’s for them or not. This is a good thing because it removes the fear of losing your money. As long as it’s within the given time frame, you will be able to get a refund.

What I Don’t Like About My Traffic Jacker

1. You’re Stealing From Other People. The downside to this kind of domain jacking is that you can have people who have not yet realized that they’re domain is expired, and when they try to renew it, it’s already taken.

This process can happen fast in a matter of days or even hours because there are people who intentionally acquire domain names only to sell them at a higher price. This practice is most commonly known as domain squatting.

The concept behind that is simple. Squatters buy expired domains before anyone gets the chance to renew them only to sell them at a higher cost. When that domain is for sale (not by the actual owner’s choice) it can be easy to manipulate the original owner of this domain into paying a lot of money for getting it back. This practice is not only wrong but it’s also illegal in the US and in some other places.

2. There’s a Lot of Upsells. Most if not all of the upsells are going to make it extremely easy for you to do everything and each one compliments the other in such a great way that you’re basically compelled into getting all of them. The thing is that you don’t really get to see these upsell until you’ve paid to get access to My Traffic Jacker in the first place.

My Recommendation

If you’re interested in buying expired domains that have links from the four major websites, Youtube, Wikipedia, BBC, Quora, and stealing the traffic from there, then you can turn that into a profitable business. This approach can save you months of SEO and organic traffic generation work because you will go straight to the traffic part.

At first glance, it seems like a really lucrative solution that can save a lot of time. This may be the case if you’re getting the use of broken links from expired domains that aren’t in use for some time now. It can, however, be really bad for some people because you can literally steal all their hard work in a matter of seconds. 

That’s not the approach for me and luckily the internet is filled with many opportunities, you just have to find the right one.

If you want to learn what it really takes to have a successful passive income online business then you should check out how these people are banking profits using a simple yet incredibly effective blueprint that so many neglect and lose out on money because of that.

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