Is Gaming Jobs Online a Scam Or Legit? [Don’t Waste Your Time]

If you already play games online, why not get paid for that? It sounds great, I know. I’ve played my fair share of games in the past, so if someone told me that I can make money online just by doing what I love, I’d be ecstatic.

In order to find out the answer to the question, is Gaming Jobs Online a scam or legit, ask yourself does the whole idea behind this system sounds a bit sketchy to you? Pay a fixed sum of money to get the opportunity to test games and make money online.

I mean, why would YOU have to pay for that kind of access? Even if it’s a small fee, there is absolutely no sense in that if you think about it. Here’s what Gaming Jobs Online supposedly does for you.

They find and locate companies that need users to test out their games and connect you with them. First of all, if this program works directly with gaming companies, then they MUST be getting paid by them for providing them with testers, right?

If that’s the case, then why in the world would they need to take money from you? Greed… no, it’s not that. If it was free to join with no upfront costs, that would obviously attract more people.

With more testers for Gaming Jobs Online to present to the companies they work with, that’s more money for them, isn’t it? Within the next minutes, you will find out exactly what this service is hiding from you and why it’s not worth the time and money.

Gaming Jobs Online Review Summary

Product Name: Gaming Jobs Online

Created By: Glen Anderson

Price: $1 for 7 day trial, then $27/month

Overall Score: 15/100

Recommended: No

Summary: Gaming Jobs Online is a shady program that claims to help you make money by testing video games online. Nothing wrong with that, the price itself is not that huge and even though it makes no sense to me, that can be fine for some people. The thing that makes me believe this service is USELESS is the simple fact that it does NOT deliver any game testing jobs to you, ever. 

What Is Gaming Jobs Online

So, what is Gaming Jobs Online all about? In a nutshell, it’s a program that promises you easy money by simply playing your favorite games.

Over there you are greeted with a lot of hoax and false information such as the fact that you will be connected with gaming companies that are looking for testers. The truth is that once you’re inside the member’s area, you will get access to a bunch of ONLINE SURVEYS (which you can get for free online) that will bring you very little money in your pocket and they have nothing to do with the gaming industry.

It’s all just a big lie. The 7-day trial is nonexistent. After I tried to take advantage of it, I was asked to input my credit card details and pay $27 for a month’s worth of access to the program. So, the sales page is a lie, the $1 trial is missing and there are absolutely no gaming tests in there.

Gaming Jobs Online is a Straight Up Scam - Don't Fall for It

Is Gaming Jobs Online a Scam or Legit

I don’t use the term scam to label products and services that help you make money online, even if I personally don’t like them, as long as they provide some value, to me they will be legit.

So, when I tell you that Gaming Jobs Online is a scam, this means that there is no value whatsoever for anyone that decides to become a paying member of this program. You will be filled with misleading claims and false statements from the sales page.

This will get you all hyped up, and if you make the mistake to believe them and end up paying, I’m 100% sure that you will be disappointed. Fun fact, Gaming Jobs Online is a product sold on the ClickBank marketplace. It’s the largest vendor/affiliate gathering hub. The day of this review’s making was the day that Gaming Jobs Online was taken down from ClickBank and is no longer a service that you can join.

For me, that’s a great thing because now, no one can be scammed by these people. I will, however, keep this article up, in the event of them deciding to try and popularize this product again. People should know what they can get themselves into upfront before it’s too late. 

Can You Make Money Playing Games Online & Testing Them?

Just because, this product is a complete waste of your time, that does not mean that they all are. Yes, you can make money playing games online and people are generating revenue as game testers. However, it may not be in the way you’re thinking.

Most of the time, you don’t just start playing the game and work your way towards the end, like you do when you’re gaming on your own free time.

Remember, this is not game playing, it’s game testing and there’s a big difference. You can end up spending hours just walking up and down in a certain area of the game, in search of glitches and bugs. Keep in mind that it may not turn out to be as fun as you initially thought.

Not only that but most of these game testing jobs require you to attend a live event or a conference, where you will conduct supervised game tests. It’s very rare to find places that allow you to be a game tester from home. Just like a regular job, they will want you to have certain qualifications too and gaming experience.

However, the internet is a magical place, where people have an immense amount of opportunities to make money in a way that suits them. That’s why you can even make money by playing games and streaming them on websites such as Twitch or Youtube.

You don’t have to be a pro to do that either. You do, however, need to be an entertainer, as people who will watch are naturally going to want to have fun. If you can’t entertain them, there will be others who will.

Naturally, if you’re a shy person and don’t want to show your face on camera or let people hear your voice it may be difficult for you to get into the game streaming industry.

That’s not the only way to make money online leveraging games.

What Are The Other Ways to Make Money Online Within The Gaming Industry?

Have you ever heard of Affiliate Marketing? By promoting things such as gaming tech and boosting services to level up people’s characters in different games (mainly MMO’s) or by simply sharing your gaming experience with tips and tricks from your favorite games you can create a full-time income on the internet doing what you love. Affiliate Marketing is the easiest way to start and I highly recommend it to anyone that’s interested in making money online.

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