iPro Academy Review – Is Fred Lam a Scam?

Welcome to my iPro Academy review. Is this a global E-Learning academy that can actually help you or is Fred Lam a scam? 

Here’s what you need to know. This is a platform that consists of multiple courses about the different ways of making money online, and each one has its own affiliate structure in place.

This means that it can be very easy to come across very biased and one-sided reviews of iPro Academy, that don’t provide any real value.

Let me assure you that I’m not affiliated with this platform in any way or form whatsoever, so I won’t be offering you a thousand low-quality eBooks for joining through my affiliate link (because there isn’t one).

In other words, I’m not going to sell anything to you. Instead, you will see exactly what’s inside iPro Academy, without all the fluff and exaggerations, so that you can make the buy or no buy decision, fully aware of what this platform has to offer.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Fred Lam’s iPro Academy Review Summary

Product Name: iPro Academy

Product Owner: Fred Lam

Product Type: Make Money Online Training Platform

Product Price: $197/Month Or $1970/Year

Overall Score: 45/100

Recommended: No!

Summary: iPro Academy is a platform that’s filled with training courses on all the various different ways that you can make money online created by Fred Lam.

He is a well-known internet marketer, so if you’re a beginner then you can probably benefit from this program.

However, a lot of the courses inside look outdated. It can be easy to neglect some of them as there are so MANY different courses inside.

Staying in touch with all the changes in the online world is essential when you’re selling high-ticket information products about making money online.

The training modules are mainly focused on eCommerce, driving traffic (web visitors) from social media, and things of that nature.

There are also recurring monthly costs that you will be spending on ads, which can add up to hundreds per month, or more.

If you’re up for that investment, and you’re fully aware that this is something that may or may NOT work for you, then you may benefit from iPro Acadamy.

However, I do think that there are other, more cost-effective opportunities for creating an online business as a beginner while doing the things you enjoy.

What is iPro Academy?

The iPro Academy is all about creating, and scaling your online business using business models that are currently working.

There’s a wide range of training courses inside this platform, where they cover different aspects and show you a bunch of ways to make money online.

If you’re a beginner that’s just starting out, then you will probably learn a lot of useful things about the endless opportunities of the digital world.

Although it can be easy to get lost and confused with so many choices, it is important to pick a business model and stick with it, no matter how great the next opportunity looks like.

Otherwise, you will end up jumping from one thing to another without moving forward.

The goal behind iPro Academy is for Fred Lam to provide a platform where people can get educated about everything that works right now, and continuously stay on top of all the constant changes that are happening online.

The training courses inside cover a wide range of topics such as dropshipping, eCommerce, Google display ads, lead generation, using a chatbot and profiting from Facebook messenger marketing, and more.

It all totals up to 17 different courses and the longest can go for weeks, which means that there is an abundance of information inside every single one of them. 

The downside is that you would have to pay for each one individually, and they are all high-ticket courses, meaning that they are very expensive.

The platform is very similar to Lurn by Anik Singal.

However, if you decide to become a premium member, you can get all of them for free. The membership is billed yearly or monthly, and it’s considerably lower than what you would have to pay to get them one at a time.

You should also know that there’s no refund guarantee, which means that you don’t get to ask for your money back, once you’ve paid iPro Academy. 

Having said that, I do believe that this is probably not the best solution for a lot of you, especially if you’re just getting started, and investing that much for something that may or may not work, is probably NOT ideal at all. 

If you want to learn how to create a successful online business and not spend that much money upfront then you should take action on this alternative below.

Is Fred Lam a Scam?

Fred Lam

If you’re wondering, if Fred Lam is a scam, then I can show you why he is NOT, and why many people can learn from him, and his training courses.

He is a digital course creator, that has helped thousands of people with starting their own online businesses in different industries, so it’s definitely safe to say that Fred Lam is legit, and not a scam. 

Having said that, I also do not think that iPro Academy and everything that’s inside can suit absolutely everyone.

Most of the things that you will learn inside will require that you invest a fair chunk of money in order to kickstart everything. The lowest that you can start with is $100, and that’s with Fred Lam’s ads agency courses.

There are some free mini-courses that you can enroll to, but they don’t add that much value, and you can find similar info for free online, which means that they exist only to get people hooked up, and pay more easily. 

The reason why I don’t recommend Fred Liam’s iPro Acadamy, is because it mostly covers stuff for beginners, and yes they can help, but the high price tag is in no way justified.

A lot of the information can already be found for free online.

If you’re serious about creating an online business, then going through some of these courses can be the starting point, but it’s definitely not going to be enough in terms of investments.

In other words, in most cases, it will take months for your online business to start bringing in some decent profits, and returns, no matter what path you choose,

That’s just the way it goes, and if you decided to get involved with iPro Academy, then you should expect to operate at a loss of hundreds a month or more, for some period of time before you get the chance to become profitable.

That’s not something that any sales page or sales video will tell you because it’s not good for conversion rates. Since I don’t really care about that, I can let you in on these things so that you can actually make an educated decision

What’s Inside iPro Academy?

As I mentioned, iPro Academy offers a wide range of different courses related to creating an online business that generates revenue on a consistent basis.

Each course is different and unique in its own way so there can be room for people with different interests.

Some people like the idea of having their own digital store, and selling stuff to people, while others already have an established online business and are looking to scale, and improve. 

There’s also the option of doing Print on Demand which is basically, designing your own t-shirts, mugs, and all kinds of other stuff, where you can get to personally design the outlook of your inventory, and you don’t even have to keep it anywhere.

It’s all done digitally, and Fred Lam can show you how to do that in one of his courses that I will be discussing in more detail further along with this review. Let’s do a full breakdown of all the courses that are inside iPro Academy now.

Google Playbook Display

ipro academy review google display ads

Google Playbook Display was created by Fred Lam and it’s the first course that’s inside iPro Academy.

On its own, it costs a single payment of $297 and it includes 9 educational videos.

In a nutshell, this is a Google Display Ads training, where Fred Lam goes through how you can get access to 95% of internet users, which means that if done right, this can be the ONLY source of traffic that you will ever need to build or scale your online business. Google Playbook Display covers a 3 step process that is as follows:

Step #1 – Bridging The Offer

This is the first thing that you need to do, and according to their sales page, most people get this wrong, which is why they fail with Google Display Ads.

The emphasis here is on the landing page that your traffic sees as soon as they land on your website.

If you adjust your landing page using the methods taught in step one, you can potentially get a ton of conversions. According to iPro Academy, they’ve spent millions of dollars in Google Display Ads, with a profitable turnaround.

Step #2 – Your Ad That Gets Cheap Clicks

This the second step that you need to undertake, and it involves setting up your ads in the most cost-efficient way so that you can minimize the money that you spend on Google Display Ads, and maximize your profits.

Here you will learn all about responsive ads and how to take advantage of them.

This not only simplifies the process that it takes to create your ad campaigns, but it’s also a more effective way of running them.

By letting Google automatically adjust the size of your image, all you have to do is provide the copy, the image, and you’re good to go.

In order to take full advantage of this step, you would have to implement something that Fred Lam likes to call the “Open Loop” which is what will get your audience’s attention, and its also what will drive them towards your landing page.

Step #3 – Lazer Targeting Audience

Sometimes, getting traffic alone is not enough, especially if it’s not targeted. It’s essential that the people you target for your Google Display Ads have a general interest in what you have to offer.

That’s the only way that you can get them to click on your ads, land on your sales page, and potentially convert into sales for you. Google Display Network has a lot of ways to segment your traffic and ensure that you target the right audience in order to get as many sales as you can.

Leads Hunter

ipro academy review leadshunter

Leads Hunter is a 7-week coaching program that is supposed to turn anyone that goes through it into a certified lead generation specialist.

Basically, it’s all about teaching you how to generate leads from various different sources. You can then choose to use these leads for your own sales, or you can give them out to businesses that might need them in exchange for cash.

Leads Hunter comes with the expensive price tag of $2,495 or 3 Monthly Payments of $997 each month.

The main goal of this coaching program is for members to get everything they need to become a certified LeadsHunter and generate up to $50 without sending out a single email.

Every online business needs to generate leads, in order to be profitable no matter the industry or niche market. There are many digital marketers that create lead generation training programs and courses. A couple of them are Lead Conversion Squared and Traffic Nemesis

There are many businesses out there that pay a good price for experts in lead generation that can provide leads for their businesses on a regular basis.

If you learn how to tap into that market, you can potentially earn a solid amount of income online from the comforts of your own home.

The business model is real, and it can be profitable, but it does come with its own disadvantages. Here’s everything that you will get with this coaching program.

Dropship Leads Academy

This is a system that Fred Lam and his team used to help BMW generate leads for as low as $6.29 per lead.

This is a training system that combines the dropshipping business model with lead generation and basically takes the best things out of each one.

Apart from learning all the tips and tricks in order to generate leads in the cheapest way possible, you will also get familiar with a client hunting strategy that will help you successfully get new clients that are willing to pay you for leads.

There’s also the Local Facebook Ads Domination part of the course, and an onboarding checklist. This system was designed with the intent to generate money for you and all the clients that you accumulate throughout your online business.

It’s important to understand that this particular business model may require that you are persistent and active in searching for clients that may want to hire you or buy leads from you.

7 Weeks of Live Coaching Calls

This is where you get to have access to live weekly calls for 7 consecutive weeks, where you can get to interact with Fred Lam and his team.

They will take time out of their schedules to help you out with your current online business and help navigate you in the next steps that you should take.

Having someone to personally guide or mentor you throughout the process is something important especially if they are where you want to be someday. It can be beneficial for both parties involved.

Right now, they have a certification program in place, that can let you become part of the iPro Academy team. It looks like they need more people to help them close over 100 automotive dealerships.

This means that if you go through the 7 weeks of live coaching, and pass their examination process, you can potentially get some of their clients leads. You can then use these leads as you see fit.

7 Figure Leads Hunter Price Deck

It looks like Fred Lam and the team behind iPro Academy accredit their massive success with being able to sign over 70 dealerships across North America to the sales deck that they’ve created.

With Leads Hunter, you can get a copy of their sales deck that can supposedly help you close deals much faster and easier. As a beginner that has no experience with closing sales, you can benefit from this training course.

Prestige LeadsHunter Directory

This will let you leave your name to the LeadsHunter directory, which means that you can get instant credibility with your new clients, which can potentially expedite the process of generating clients, especially in the beginning when no one really knows who you are, and whether or not you can actually deliver on your results.

Until you build up a solid portfolio, you can definitely take advantage of the LeadsHunter directory in order to secure more clients, and gain their trust.

You will get a personal profile within the iPro Academy directory, which means that you get full endorsement by their company.

On top of that, you will get some bonuses to further spice up the offer, and make it more appealing.

Bonus one is the promise that they will advertise to your directory using their own money, which can increase the chances of you landing more clients.

You will also get a list of over 250 businesses that are always looking for leads and will buy from you in large quantities.

Access to a Private Group

This will give you access to a private group. The group is filled with people that all form a community of members of Leads Hunter.

This can give you a chance to network with like-minded individuals, and learn from those that are already where you want to be.

Leads Tunnel Commissions

Here’s the thing. The people behind Leads Hunter have a software called Leads Tunnel that all of your clients will have to be using.

This is a paid service that starts at $27/month and can go up to $97/Month. That’s just how all of this works.

The good thing is that you can earn commission payments as an affiliate of Leads Tunnel, with each of your clients. In other words, every time that your clients pay for LeadsTunnel, you will get a percentage of the profits.

Done For You Facebook Lead Ads Campaign

This training course will show you how to create your FIRST Facebook lead ads campaign for your client, in order to get these leads rolling in.

Fred Lam is aware of how intimidating all of this can be, especially when you know that every mistake can cost you money.

During the 7-week coaching calls, Fred will personally take care, and set up your ENTIRE campaigns for your first client. That applies ONLY if you manage to get a new client within the 7-week time frame.

Fred Lam’s Zero Up Review

ipro academy review zero up

Fred Lam’s Zero Up review is an eCommerce training course designed to help beginners with growing and scaling their eCommerce business.

There are over 45 hours of video material inside, and it basically covers everything that you need to know about that particular business model from top to bottom.

Fred Lam’s Zero Up is a 5 step system used by him, and this part of the review will show you everything that you should expect inside.

Before that, you should know that this training course comes with a price tag of $1497 (one-time payment) or 3 monthly payments of $597.

The Zero Up course is all about getting started with building up your online store, and driving traffic (web visitors) so that you can get sales, and conversions.

If you’re interested in establishing your own eCommerce brand and want to learn how to get started with it, then you will probably find this course by Fred Lam useful to some extent.

I don’t really agree with the hefty price tag here, especially when you consider that this is most suited for beginners and those that have little to no experience with building, and maintaining a successful eCommerce business.

Especially when you consider the fact that we live in the digital age of information, and you can basically find everything online for free if you did the research.

Inside Fred Lam’s Zero Up review part of this blog article, you will get access to 7 modules with 75 videos and approximately 45:27:21 hours of watch time.

The modules are divided into sections, and each one covers a different part of the whole process. Module one is all about creating your online store, deciding on a niche, and things like that.

Then it goes into the more advanced stuff, where you will get to learn how to turbocharge your store, create sales funnels, manage your store, scale your online business, and more.

eCom Challenge

ipro academy review ecom challenge

The eCom Challenge was created by Fred Lam and Ryan Shin. This is a 21-day challenge where you will get to build an eCommerce store that’s ready to generate 6 figures.

This course costs a single payment of $297 and that’s the only payment option for this one.

Throughout the course of the eCom Challenge, which is supposed to be 21 days long, you will go through 3 different phases and by the time you’re done, you will have the knowledge, and the blueprint to build a highly successful eCommerce store. Here’s a breakdown of these phases below.

Phase #1 – Find Winning Products To Sell

Dropshipping is all about selling physical products that are not your own. You also have to find the right products in order to ensure that there is a profit potential there.

Phase #2 – Monetization and Store Launching

According to Fred Lam, most people that start out eCommerce with Shopify fail because using that alone is not enough to run a successful eCommerce store.

Nowadays everyone is using the same platform to build their eCommerce store, so you need to know all the nitty-gritty of the business model in order to have a chance of becoming profitable.

Phase #3 – Data-Driven, Winning, and Scaling Facebook Ads

Facebook is where most eCommerce owners go in order to get traffic to their stores. Due to the competitive nature of running Facebook ads, it’s important that you truly know what you are doing so that you don’t end up losing a lot of money.

Which is what you will be learning in the eCom Challenge, how to track your data, scale your ads, and more.

FB Leads Formula

ipro academy review fb leads formula

The FB Leads Formula is a training course created by Fred Lam, and it’s a step by step guide on generating qualified leads without using an opt-in page. It goes into email marketing, and list building.

According to the sales page of FB Leads Formula, you can follow a 3 step process that can build you an email list fast, and turn that into a passive income stream.

Email marketing is something that most online businesses implement, and it’s also a proven way of building a successful online income stream.

There is a learning curve to it, but investing your time in learning all about email marketing can help you in a lot of ways. This course comes with a single payment of $497 and as an added bonus you will get 30 days access to LeadsTunnel.

If you don’t know anything about email marketing, and lead generation using paid ads on Facebook, you will probably learn a thing or two from FB Lead’s Formula.

Coding For Profit

ipro academy review coding for profits

This course by Fred Lam is going to teach you how to optimize your Shopify store without having to hire expensive programmers, by showing how a few lines of code can turn your online store into a full-on profits machine.

This course comes with a price tag of $27 and it includes 10 training videos and lifetime access.

Coding For Profit can be useful to current Shopify store owners, as they can push the boundaries and limitations of traditional themes, by learning some basic coding skills.

According to Fred Lam, a simple change in the outlook of your Shopify store can result in more conversions and sales.

ChatBot Bootcamp

ipro academy review chatbot bootcamp

The ChatBot Bootcamp is a training course inside iPro Academy created by Travis Stephensonn, and it gives you a walkthrough on how to use Facebook Messenger with chatbots and profit from that.

This course is free to join, and it offers an alternative to email marketing, called chatbot marketing. It basically means promoting things to people and building a list of Facebook accounts with real users, instead of getting their emails.

There are more than 2.5 BILLION Facebook users, so the profit potential is definitely there. It’s also important to note that messenger messages get opened far more often than emails.

Think about it, how many unread messages do YOU have on Facebook, and are they more or less than your unread messages in your email inbox?

There are 9 training videos inside, and they cover the basics of chatbot messenger marketing. 

FB Playbook Advanced

ipro academy review fb playbook advanced

The FB Playbook Advanced is a course created by Fred Lam, and it’s best suited for advanced Facebook marketers, that want to scale their online business. To enroll in this course you would have to pay a one-time fee of $97.

It’s important to understand that this is a Facebook ads training course for advanced marketers that already have a winning ad campaign, and want to earn even more from it.

Sometimes it can be difficult to scale your online business, and if you’re struggling with that right now, then maybe the FB Playbook Advanced can help you.

Expect to learn things like scaling your data, advanced Facebook data analysis, retargeting methods, CBO scaling, list of lookalikes, and a few other different methods that can help you scale your ad campaigns and increase your ROI (return on investment).

Google Playbook Basics

ipro academy review google playbook basics

This is a step by step introduction guide on Google ads created by Fred Lam. The course comes with a price tag of $97 and it includes 10 training videos.

If you’re new to running paid ads on Google, then you will definitely learn something useful with the Google Playbook Basis.

In this course, Fred Lam goes about his consulting relationships with well-known internet marketers like Dan Lok and Grant Cardone. 

6 B.S. Framework

ipro academy review framework

The 6 Brilliantly Strategic Framework is a course created by Fred Lam and it’s all about generating high-quality traffic for any online business.

You will see 6 different frameworks or online business models that you can tap into in today’s digital world. This training course comes with a single payment of $47 and it consists of 7 modules and they are as follows.

– Creating an Online Business Using The Dropshipping Business Model

– How To Build a Six-Figure Business With Affiliate Marketing

– How To Create a Business With Review Websites

– How To Create a Business With Email Marketing

– How to Create a Business With Presell Articles

– How To Create a Business By Generating Leads

– How To Create a Business With Amazon


ipro academy review ecom studio

EcomStudio is a training course inside the iPro Academy created by Ryan Shin, and it’s all about creating video ads that sell without investing a ton of cash for expensive equipment.

This course comes with a price tag of $7 and it covers the secrets of video advertising on Facebook. It consists of 7 training videos, and as an added bonus you will get a funnel template.

You will get familiar with something that the people behind EcomStudio like to call “Thumbstopping Ads” which is a way to increase your clicks and lower your ad costs at the same time.

According to this training, there are 3 pillars to a high converting Facebook ad video and they are, The Hook, The Story, and The Offer. When you manage to successfully combine all of these things, you should expect to have a profitable video ad campaign in place.

Bing Ads Playbook

ipro academy review bing ads playbook

This is a training guide by Fred Lam and it’s all about mastering search engine marketing with Bing. With this particular course, you have two payment options.

The first one is with a single payment of $47, and the second one is with a single payment of $97 and you will get an 8-week coaching masterclass as an added bonus.

The idea behind this course is that while everyone is focused on Facebook and Google marketing, you can turn to the second largest search engine for your marketing efforts called Bing.

The ads are way less expensive, and the potential reach of people can be incredibly worthwhile. As with everything that involves spending money online, you will have to know what you are doing when it comes to running ads online.

That’s the only way that you can keep on top of your spendings, and ensure that you have a positive return on your investment, for a consistent period of time.

Influencer Masterclass

ipro academy review influencer masterclass

Influencer Masterclass is a course inside iPro Academy, created by Connor James. It’s all about promoting your brand using the “Internet celebrities” method.

It involves getting Instagram influencers to spread the word about your brand, which can definitely be a good thing for you.

Influencer Masterclass comes with a single payment of $497 or you can set up a payment plan with 3 consecutive installments of $197 each month. The entire course consists of 47 training videos and over 12 hours of watch time.

You will learn everything about the power of influencers and how you can use them to promote your brand and get more exposure, which will lead to more sales and conversions.

As a bonus, you will get 30-day free access to Tiny.ie which is a URL shortener. They are important in order to maximize your Instagram bio and get the most out of this training.

Even if you don’t go with this specific URL shortener, there are tons of other similar ones out there. Some can even be used absolutely free of charge. The second bonus that you will get is a weekly live coaching call with Connor James.

He can be your personal mentor, and you can get to interact with him every week, discuss your progress, get help if you’re stuck, and more.


ipro academy review ecompreneur

Ecompreneur is a digital course created by Fred Lam and it’s all about mastering the 3 core principles of building a profitable eCommerce business from scratch. It can be accessed inside the iPro Academy platform.

This training course comes with a price tag of $49 and it includes a 12-week coaching session with Fred Lam, 17 pre-training videos, and over 3 hours of total watch time.

The 3 core pillars that are going to be discussed are automation, traffic, and data. By becoming truly knowledgeable and being able to master these 3 aspects, you will set yourself for a successful eCommerce business online.

It’s entirely possible to create a profitable eCommerce business by yourself, but having a coach and someone to guide you, can expedite the entire process. It does not guarantee that you will become successful, but it will increase the likelihood of it.

FB Playbook

ipro academy review fb playbook

The FB Playbook is a course created by Fred Lam, and it’s all about teaching you how to become great at Facebook advertising.

By the time you’re done with the training, you will know all the basics, and some advanced stuff as well, regarding the make-money online opportunities that you have with Facebook ads. FB Playbook comes with a price tag of $7 or $47 if you decide to take advantage of the masterclass.

There are 7 training videos inside with over 2 hours and 25 minutes of watch time. The masterclass includes 8 weeks of personal training from Fred Lam himself. 

Print Profits

ipro academy review print profits

Print Profits is a training course inside Fred Lam’s iPro Academy, and this quick review will go through what’s inside.

Before that, you should know that this training course costs $997 (one time) or 3 installments of $397 each month.

With Print Profits, you will learn how to create your own unique designs and get them printed on clothes, jewelry, and whatever else that you can think of, without having to ever come across these products yourself.

It’s all done online using your eCommerce store. There are 8 modules inside, and each one covers a certain aspect of the Print on Demand business model.

It starts you off with all the basics, and by the time you’re done, you will know everything that you need to in order to launch a successful eCommerce store using Print On Demand.

As a bonus, you will get Merch By Amazon Mastery, which is a step-by-step training on becoming successful with Amazon.

You will also get Etsy Mastery course as a bonus, and Funnel Stealer, which will help you create your own sales funnels. The final bonus that you can get with Print Profits is the Print Lab.

With this, you will receive a unique design for free each day along with its mockup and some images that you can use for your ad campaigns. There are approximately 78 training videos, with over 7 hours of total watch time.

AdTrics Academy

ipro academy review adtrics academy

AdTrics Academy is a training course that covers media buying. Inside, Fred Lam will go through 4 different modules with you, which is a total of 77 training videos, almost 8 full hours of watch time.

Alongside all of that, you will get an 8-week mentorship with Fred Lam, and access to a private Facebook group for members of AdTrics Academy only.

This is also the most expensive training course inside Fred Lam’s iPro Academy. It comes with a price tag of $2,495 or 3 monthly installments of $997.

The modules included are called The Foundation, the Paradigm Shift, the Traffic, and The Data. You will also get Leads Academy as a bonus alongside AdTrics Academy.

Print Profits Bootcamp

Print Profit Bootcamp is a training course inside iPro Academy created by Michael Shih. This is the FREE version of Print Profits, and it doesn’t cover nearly as much as it should.

There’s about 2 hours of watch time, 10 training videos, and they are all mainly focused on getting you hooked up to this training course.

Zero Up Lite

ipro academy review zero up lite

The same thing can be seen here with Fred Lam’s Zero Up Lite course, you will get 10 training videos that cover the basics of setting up and launching an eCommerce store. You will also get pitched on buying the full version of Zero Up.

The free courses can be helpful but if you want to take full advantage and get the most out of iPro Academy you would have to buy into the membership.

Do I Recommend iPro Academy?

Not really and here’s why. Fred Lam’s iPro Academy is all about creating a successful online business, and this review showed you that most of the training courses inside involve either eCommerce dropshipping guides, training videos, mentorship or traffic, and lead generation training.

Everything inside this platform can be beneficial and it’s great for beginners. If you’re just starting out in this industry, and want to learn more about having your own digital store, and becoming great at paid ad campaigns, then you can learn something from iPro Academy.

The problem is that in order to get everything set up, and ready to make money for you, you will have to invest at least $197 each month, and the possibility of operating at a loss in the first few months at least, is more than possible.

Most of the training involves being active in the online advertising space, which means that you have to spend even more money on paid ads.

Given the fact that most beginners won’t like the idea of investing that much money upfront for something that may or may not work, I do believe that there are better alternatives that are much cheaper, and can provide an even better platform for creating an online business as a beginner.

If that sounds interesting then you should see how these people are banking profits using a simple yet incredibly effective blueprint that so many neglect and lose out on that opportunity forever.

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