Instant Email Biz Review – Is This a Scam?

Welcome to my Instant Email Biz review. Is this a scam or can you really bank $125 daily by sending emails from home?

Here’s what you need to know about this program.

It’s listed on the ClickBetter marketplace, which is a website where product owners list their products and collaborate with affiliates to promote their products and share on the profits. 

The important thing is that ANYONE can list their products and services over there, and ClickBetter does not care about product quality or if they will actually help people.

All they want is to get their listing fees and get as many vendors to promote their services inside ClickBetter as they can.

In other words, most programs, systems, and training materials about making money online inside that marketplace are of very low quality.

Is Instant Email Biz one of them? 

It sure looks like it and by the time you go through this review, you will know everything that you need to in order to make an educated decision if this is the right thing for you or not.

I’ve done the research so you don’t have to.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Instant Email Biz Review Summary

Product Name: Instant Email Biz

Product Type: Email Sending System

Product Owner: Bobby

Product Price: $27 + Upsells

Recommended: No!

Overall Score: 5/100

Summary: Instant Email Biz is an email sending system created by someone named Bobby, and that’s about as much as you will get as to who the person behind this system is.

If you were misled by their sales page, thinking that this is free, well it’s not. The reason that they want you to believe that is because they can get you to give out your email, and then shower you with promotional messages.

Basically, everything inside this website is a straight-up lie, including all the crazy income claims.

We don’t know anything more about the supposed owner because he is a hired actor from Fiverr to play the owner of Instant Email Biz.

“Bobby” will try to lure you into his system by lying (again) that once you join, you will get a list of 500 email subscribers for free so that you can start promoting things to them, and earn money from that. 

The subscribers thing is actually one of the upsells, and you will be charged $200 for it.

It’s important to mention that many of these email subscribers are going to be coming from abandoned emails so the likelihood of you getting your money’s worth is non-existent.

For these, and a few other reasons that I will be going through today, I can’t recommend Instant Email Biz to anyone.

If you want to learn a REAL way of making money online, without investing anything upfront, you should see this below.

What is Instant Email Biz?

Instant Email Biz is presented as an email sending system that can generate hundreds of dollars a day on autopilot.

Previously known as Copy My Email System, they are likely to change that name again, when they manage to scam enough people out of their hard-earned money in order to avoid any unnecessary problems.

Scams like Instant Email Biz exist all over the internet, that’s why you should approach every opportunity that sounds too good to be true with caution.

In all honesty, there are far more low quality, and fraudulent websites, and programs out there, then legit ones that can actually help people.

Throughout the entire user experience on their official website, people are led to believe that this system is absolutely free of charge.

It’s repeated over, and over again, but once you get involved, and dig further into this, you will realize that it actually costs money to get “access” to this system, and there’s a good number of additional charges that you need to think about too.

When I saw how misleading their sales page was, I had to find out what else is not what it looks like. It turns out that EVERYTHING is a complete hoax.

Is Instant Email Biz a Scam?

instant email biz review legit or not

If you’re wondering is Instant Email Biz a scam, I’m not going to sugarcoat it. This system is a big scam, and you should not trust anything that you see inside that website. Let me prove that to you by exposing everything that’s wrong with this system,

Let’s start with the fact the person claiming to be Bobby, the owner of Instant Email Biz is actually a hired spokesperson from Fiverr.

It’s not uncommon to see products and services listed on ClickBetter, where the product owners use fake testimonials. A couple of examples would be Affiliate Millionaire Club and Secret Millionaire Bot.

There’s a huge market for these kinds of fake reviews out there, but luckily it’s not impossible to spot them early on in order to avoid wasting any more time or money with scam products and services. 

Even if there is some value inside this system, it will not bring anywhere near the promised results, and it clearly leads people on into trying to get them to buy a dream more than anything else. 

That’s why I think that this is just an online scam and nothing more. Even with the presented refund guarantee, getting to a point where you actually get your money back can be exhausting, and in some cases, you may even not get that refund in the first place. 

Here’s something else that’s interesting. It seems that there is a ClickBank logo on Instant Email Biz’s sales page, but after I tried to locate that product inside ClickBank, there were no results found.

instant email biz is not listed on clickbank

This may be because they’ve just recently been accepted to the marketplace, so they haven’t been listed yet. It could also mean that they have just placed that thing there to look more credible. 

They’ve certainly done so with their fake claims that they’ve been seen on CBS News, Fox, NBC, and ABC.

instant email biz fake relations

I’ve reviewed hundreds of products and seeing similar misleading claims just for the sake of getting people to trust them more is nothing uncommon. Stop wasting your time with scam products, and take action below.

How Does Instant Email Biz Work? 

Here’s a breakdown of how Instant Email Biz works. This system will give you the chance to send promotional messages to subscribers of this business opportunity.

Since you will be on that list too, expect to get a lot of spammy messages from Instant Email Biz and all the members who are using this program.

For every email that you send out that gets seen you will earn some small amounts of cash. You will earn $0.20 each time someone clicks on the affiliate links inside your email.

You don necessarily have to land that sale in order to earn money. The thing is that you don’t really get full access to the email lists that you’re sending out these emails to and Instant Email Biz takes care of all the tracking and things like that.

This means that they could easily manipulate your earnings, and pay you as much (or little) as they see fit, regardless of the results you’re bringing. Since everything else has been misleading and deceitful so far, I would say that it’s safe to assume that there is a possibility that this can occur here.

This kind of spammy email marketing rarely works, and even if it does, the effort is not worth it at the end. You should also know that there is a minimum withdrawal amount of $1,000.

Until you gather up a grand, you can’t cash out with the system, and since this kind of business model does not work, odds are that you will struggle a lot to get to a point where you can cash out your earnings.

Instant Email Biz Price, Upsells & Refunds

instant email biz review price

Instant Email Biz comes with a price tag of $27.

It’s important for you to understand that the software that you will get will be limited with the things that you can do inside until you upgrade to the full version, which is the first upsell that comes along with Instant Email Biz.

Upsell #1 – Instant Email Biz Unlimited ($97)

This will give you full access to the system, and only then you can get started with sending out promotional emails and earning profits from that.

Upsell #2 – Upgrade Your List ($199)

This upsell will give you access to a list of 5,000 emails that you can send out promotional stuff to. Considering everything that we know so far about Instant Email Biz, it’s definitely safe to assume that the quality of these emails may not be high. It’s entirely possible to end up paying a couple hundred and never getting your money’s worth.

Upsell #3 – Email Your List 2x a Day ($77)

This upsell will double the number of promotional emails that you can send, which in theory could potentially increase your chances of generating sales.

There is a 60-day money-back guarantee on all products inside ClickBetter, and it applies to Instant Email Biz too. In most cases, these refunds are in place so that they can provide a false sense of security that anyone can get their money back if they wanted to.

Unfortunately, there are many instances where you can be dealing with product owners that won’t give you back your money that easily and will try to get away with it using loopholes in their refund policies and such.

If you say that you want your money back because you haven’t made any yet, they could decline your request because it clearly states on Instant Email Biz’s refund policy that there are no guarantees that anyone can make money with this system.

What I Like About Instant Email Biz

instant email biz review pros vs cons

1. You Can Get a Refund. That’s the only positive thing that I can say about Instant Email Biz. In theory, you should be able to get a refund directly from ClickBetter, if the owners of this system refuse to pay out to you, and they will take care of it.

If you’ve already bought the product, and want your money back then I suggest that you turn to ClickBetter so that they can issue a refund for you as fast as possible. If you haven’t bought it yet, then you can still save yourself the frustration.

What I Don’t Like About Instant Email Biz

1. It’s a Clone Website. Instant Email Biz is a replica of Copy My Email or vise versa. Which one is the original is uncertain, but who knows how many other clone websites of this thing are there. That’s definitely not a good thing.

2. Your Personal Info Will Be Sold. Since the whole business model revolves around the idea of capitalizing on all the emails that Instant Email Biz gets and promoting products to them.

By default, this means that you will get some of these emails, and they will be spread out throughout all members of Instant Email Biz.

Since the legitimacy of this product is more than questionable, I am almost certain that these guys are constantly selling, and reselling all their email lists to 3rd party organizations all the time.

As soon as you give out your email, you will start getting offers from places that you’ve never subscribed to AKA the email spam method, which basically means that your personal info such as your name and email is a possession of someone that you’ve never contacted yourself.

3. Fake Claims That It’s Free To Join.
The false claims on Instant Email Biz about this program being free to join are outrageous. You’re being lied to throughout the entire sales video. How can anyone trust anything that’s inside this system?

This backs up my previous point about them selling your email. They want to get these details so hard that they go as far as to lie about the product being free.

4. Hyped Up Earning Claims.
I’m sure that no one that ever bought this scam system has ever become profitable with it. It goes without saying that all of the hyped-up earning claims are there just so that they can get you to make an impulsive decision and buy into this system without thinking too much about it. 

5. This Business Model Does Not Work. Let’s say that you get an email out of the blue from someone you don’t know or a representative of a company that you don’t know, and they instantly aks you to pay them, or try to get your attention in numerous ways.

Chances are that you will just ignore that email or it will go straight to your spam folder. Regardless, this type of email marketing spam method does not work well and the MAJORITY of your targeted audience will be unresponsive

Do I Recommend Instant Email Biz?

Not really and here’s why. Instant Email Biz is misleading from the get-go. The sales page starts you off by claiming that it’s all free and you don’t need to pay anything. The only reason for that is because they are far more interested in your email than you buying the system.

Not only are they going to use all the emails that they manage to accumulate and give them out to all the members of Instant Email Biz that are paying for it, but you will also experience a number of spam emails from unknown places on a regular basis.

Then they will go and sell their big email lists to interested 3rd parties, and trust me there are lots of people out there that are eager to get their hands on a juicy big email list, so the market for that kind of thing is definitely there.

The methods being taught inside Instant Email Biz involve annoying, and spammy ways that don’t work anymore, so even if you do buy this product and all the expensive upsells that come along with it, you won’t really go far in terms of becoming profitable online.

It’s more than obvious that the owner of this program does not care about its members and if they manage to make money online or not.

That’s why I can’t recommend Instant Email Biz. The good news is that you can still learn how to create a profitable online business and generate passive income as a complete beginner.

If that sounds interesting then you should see how these people are banking profits using a simple yet incredibly effective blueprint that so many neglect and lose out on that opportunity forever.

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  1. What you don’t mention is the fact that all of these sites can be linked directly to Anthony Morrison who is using these sites to build his empire. Anthony Morrison is said to not be a scam as his teaching software is legit but you sign on with him you immedately start getting scammed to buy more and more and once inside you also will get calls from other’s scamming money from you telling you how to set up an LLC and scamming out of taxes. Morrison who claims his Father has lost everything and Anthony was the savior coming up with Affiliate Marketing. All fine and well I suppose. But he will scam you out of your life savings by getting you to trust him and he doesn’t care who he takes money from; if your rich he’ll scam you buy charging ten’s of thousands of dollars; if your poor he’ll con you out of whatever savings and bank money you have. He’ll tell you if the program doesn’t work for you he’ll give you back your money, lying here, he say’s his program is easy and won’t cost anything more, but once your inside his program he changes that so if your on a budget SSDI or SSI (and you’ve told them this, mind you.) you won’t be able to afford to keep this program up. And he will shame you if you ask for youur money back, He and his company are heartless, ruthless, greedy creeps and they need to be shut down!


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