WiredBucks Review

Welcome to my WiredBucks review. Can you really make $200 as soon as today with this website? Not really and here’s why. 

Has anyone ever told you not to trust everything that you see online? Being skeptical here is a good thing, and if you haven’t registered for WiredBucks yet, then you’re very lucky.

By the time you go through this review, you will know exactly why there is no way that anyone can make money with this scam website, and why it’s incredibly dangerous to give them out your personal info, like name, email, etc.

You don’t have to believe me straight away, because I’ve got solid proof that can back up every single one of my claims about WiredBucks.

Let’s take a closer look at what exactly is this website all about, and how to avoid any potentially negative consequences that can come along with getting involved with them in the first place.

Ready? Let’s get started…

WiredBucks Review Summary

Product Name: WiredBucks

Product Type: Get Paid To Complete Tasks Online

Product Owner: Unknown

Product Price: Free

Overall Score: 1/100

Summary: WiredBucks looks like a platform where people can get paid by completing basic tasks on the internet and invite others to join this network.

They even go as far as to promise you $25 just for signing up. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, it is and the real reason why they try to lure you in so hard is because all they want is your email.

Even if they don’t get anything else from you, it’s worth it for them. That’s because WiredBucks is a big data harvesting scam that’s selling personal details all over the internet, and people are paying good money for it.

There are similar websites all over the internet and you can easily spot them by their wild sign up bonuses that usually vary between $25 and $50.

Don’t waste your time and risk exposing your privacy online by falling into these data harvesting traps. What you can do instead, is learn a LEGIT way of making money online.

What is WiredBucks?

WiredBucks is a website that’s designed to lure people into giving out their emails in exchange for false monetary promises. The signup bonus that you get promised in exchange for joining WiredBucks is nothing but a fake promise.

This is a deceptive program, and the bad thing is that everything looks very legit until people get to a point where they can cash out their earnings. That’s when everyone realizes that this is all fake.

There are complaints about WiredBucks not paying out their members all over the internet. See a couple of them, here. This is how it all works in a nutshell.

Once you join, you will be able to see your $25 signup bonus inside the member’s area, but there is a minimum amount of money that you need to withdraw.

In other words, they will make you work for your money by completing tasks that can involve watching ads, completing surveys that will try to get as much personal info from you as they possibly can, or by inviting others into the “number one influencer network” as they call themselves. 

Once you’ve completed a certain number of tasks, and have gathered up the minimum withdrawal amount, the next logical step would be to cash out, right?

As soon as you try and to that, you will get a system message that you’ve breached their rules or some other form of shenanigans.

This is what every single person that’s ever tried to cash out their money from WiredBucks has received in return for their hard work.

The worst thing is that by the time you actually do realize that this is all a big scam, you may have invited a fair number of people to try things out themselves, which is why these types of data harvesting scams are so popular.

If you want a fair number of good examples of similar scam websites, claiming to give you from $25 to $50 as a signup bonus, but steal your personal info instead, you should see this Reward Dollars Review.

Is WiredBucks a Scam?

wiredbucksreview legit or not

Not only is WiredBucks a scam, but it’s also a very clever built scam, that’s part of a big network filled with clone websites to this one, and they all serve the same purpose. They want to take your personal data and sell it to 3rd party advertisers, and interested organizations.  

These types of scams prey on people’s most inner desires. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to make a lot of money fast and easy without getting their hands dirty, right?

That’s exactly what you’re being promised here, and if you decide to fall for this, then you should expect to start getting some spam email containing promotional things from places you’ve never heard of before. 

That’s not the only way that WiredBucks can scam you. For those that don’t catch on quickly, and end up investing their time into this website, they could stumble upon a survey or two asking for their phone number.

Can you guess what happens when someone gives out their private number? At the very least, they will start getting promotional messages, and get CHARGED for that, until they contact their provider, and sort things out. 

Let me show you some of the things that prove WiredBucks is a scam. If you go to the testimonials part of the website, you can see a bunch of pictures with “happy users of this platform”, right?

The images that are being used, are actually stock photo images that people can use online freely, as they see fit. In other words, these testimonials are fake.

Something else that you might find interesting is the fact that according to WireBuck’s website their address is completely different than the one they’ve used when creating that particular website.

This may not mean anything in particular, but since this whole thing is a big hoax, it’s definitely safe to question everything related to this website.

Since there’s nothing good that can come out of WiredBucks and all they do is lie about everything, including all the payment proofs, I can’t recommend this as a platform that can help people make money online. Stop wasting your time with these fake sites, and take action with something real below.

Who Created WiredBucks?

The people behind WiredBucks do not want to reveal themselves, which is understandable given the type of business that they operate.

You can’t find anything about who is behind this website anywhere online, and the owners have done a good job of not leaving any digital footprints.

The only info that I managed to gather is that the website WiredBucks was created in Phoenix, Arizona, but that’s about it.

All of these other data harvesting scam website out there are similar to each other in many ways.

Either they have no specified owners behind their platforms, or they use stock images, hired actors, and things like that, in order to seem more legitimate in the eyes of those that come across them.

What’s Inside WiredBucks?

Once you’re inside WiredBucks, you can see the money in your account, and all the different ways that you can earn more. Here’s a breakdown of how that looks like.


The TaskWall is the place where members of this platform can complete different tasks, like downloading and installing apps and giving out your personal info to even more shady looking places.

wiredbucks review inside

In order to become eligible for these tasks, you will have to give out your name, address, personal phone number, email, date of birth, and everything else that they can think of to many different places.

Each time that you give out your personal info, you’re exposing yourself to spam, or even fraudulent activity. I don’t even want to go into what can happen if anyone gave out their credit card details, but they should definitely contact their bank right away.

Inviting Others

By getting others to join this platform, you can supposedly earn $10 per invite. Inviting only 10 people can generate you $100, and since there’s a big juicy signup bonus, I’m sure that most people will sign up if they don’t manage to realize what this thing actually is on time.

It’s entirely possible to come across people promoting WiredBucks on social media, claiming that they’ve been paid. Don’t believe them, because chances are that they are like you, and don’t know that this is a scam yet.

How Can You Get Paid With WiredBucks?

You can’t and you don’t. As soon as you sign up for this thing, WiredBucks will ask for your preferred payment method, and if you do so happen to give them your PayPal, Bitcoin, or CashApp, they will sell that information as well, which means that you risk getting hacked.

As soon as you try to get your money from WiredBucks, you will be kicked out of the platform, with your account being banned, and some worthless message accompanying it saying something like “you’ve cheated so now you don’t get paid” which is not really true, and it’s what everyone else involved with WiredBucks get when they try to cash out.

What I Like About WiredBucks

wiredbucks review pros vs cons

1. There’s nothing that I like about this data harvesting scam.

What I Don’t Like About WiredBucks

1. Fake Earning Claims. They are preaching fast and easy money all over their website, and are promising you up to $10 for each person that you get to join this platform.

This means that every time you invite a new member, WiredBucks have to pay $10 for you and $25 for them. They’re basically offering free money to everyone, and if that doesn’t look suspicious I don’t know what does.

2. Fake Testimonials.
All the images that were used to represent their testimonials are just a bunch of stock photo images taken from the internet. There’s nothing legit here, and anyone that’s involved with WiredBucks will end up regretting it.

3. Fake Adress & Fake Email.
The address given out inside WiredBucks is fake, and anyone that tries to contact them by email will face a dead end.

4. No One Get’s Paid. If you end up going through the entire process that it takes to cash out, you will hit a brick wall at the end, no matter what.

Even if you invite a thousand people into this platform, you will still get a system message saying that you’re not eligible for a refund due to breach of privacy or something similar to that.

How Can You REALLY Make Money Online?

First of all, you need to realize that there are far more scams online than legit opportunities to make money online.

That’s why you should be skeptical about everything that you come across, especially if it sounds too good to be true. With WireBucks, everything does sound incredibly hyped up, and that’s because everything over there is a lie.

There’s basically TOW MAIN ways that you can earn money online. You can complete basic simple surveys and other types of tasks on LEGIT websites.

You can easily identify them because the payout with this kind of sites is extremely low. It’s usually a few cents per task, so if you see anything above that, then it’s possibly a scam, and you should do more research to find out. By doing simple tasks online, you can make some pocket money, but nothing serious. 

If you’re looking for a way to generate a full-time income, then you can absolutely do that as a beginner, but it’s going to take a lot more effort and time, compared to completing surveys online.

Basically, everyone that is preaching fast, and easy money online is probably not worth your time in the first place.

Luckily, not everything out there is a scam, and if you’re interested in creating a passive income stream online then you should see how these people are banking profits using a simple blueprint that so many neglect and lose out on that opportunity forever.

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