Hy Cite – The Royal Prestige Review

Welcome to my Royal Prestige review.

This is a cookware product line presented by Hy Cite, a multi-level marketing company that can provide people with various types of kitchen products. 

If you’re interested in finding out if you can make money online, by promoting what this company has to offer, in exchange for commission payments, and how the MLM structure of this business works, then you should stick to this review.

By the time you’re done here, you will know everything about Roayl Prestige, and how you can become a distributor of Hy Cite and sell their product line.

Let me reveal to you what you can REALISTICALLY expect to be earning from this particular opportunity.

I’ve done the research so you don’t have to.

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Royal Prestige Review Summary

Product Name: Royal Prestige 

Product Owner: Hy Cite

Product Type: MLM Company

Overall Score: 25/100

Recommended: No!

Summary: Royal Prestige is a cookware product line with expensive price tags. Some packages can cost as much as $5,000.

The higher prices should indicate that the products are of high quality, but that’s not the case here.

Many people that have purchased things from Royal Prestige claim to have received defected kitchen pots that don’t work and things of that nature.

Because of that, I don’t think that this MLM opportunity can be suited for people looking to make an honest living online or offline. 

Royal Prestige has a bad reputation online, and some people have even filed lawsuits against this company and accused the representatives of being scammers.

Instead of trying to push low-quality kitchen products to people, you can learn how to make a sustainable online income, and help others at the same time.

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What is Royal Prestige?

Royal Prestige is a product line part of three other similar ones, Nutriease, and Kitchen Charm.

All of them are owned by Hy Cite which is a multi-level marketing company based in Madison.

The company was created by Peter O. Johnson way back in 1959. Their business is spread out through 92 places all over the US and in some other countries.

Royal Prestige has a good amount of variety when it comes to their kitchen products. You can see items such as pots, pans, utensils, kitchen knives, etc.

There are more than 45,000 distributors of Roayl Prestige worldwide, and in 2019, they reported their gross income to be $306 million.

Is Royal Prestige Worth it?

There seem to be a lot of complaints about the quality of the Royal Prestige products lately. The company has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website, which is the highest rating that they can get.

The complaints about the poor quality of the products made from real clients are something that needs to be acknowledged because most of them are way more expensive than what you would usually pay for similar things.

royal prestige reviews on bbb

Apparently, most distributors of Royal Prestige, don’t care about their customer’s satisfaction, as long as they can convince them to buy the products they’re promoting.

Given the high price tag, I can see how some people can become greedy and try to do whatever it takes to land that sale, including mislead and lie to potential clients.

I don’t think that it’s worth promoting that kind of product, and this does not seem like a sustainable business opportunity.

How To Join Royal Prestige as a Distributor?

royal prestige review product line

If you want to become a distributor of Royal Prestige and its product line, then you can apply on their official website.

In order to be eligible for becoming a member, you would need to be invited by someone that is already a distributor of Royal Prestige AKA your sponsor.

If you don’t have a sponsor, then you will get the closest distributor to you, according to your geolocation, as your new sponsor.

After that, you can become an active member of this MLM company. 

They will encourage you to promote these products on  different events, private parties, weddings, etc

How Do You Make Money With Royal Prestige?

Once you’re an active member, the best way to promote the Royal Prestige products is by taking advantage of all the bonuses that you can offer to your potential clients.

You will be encouraged by the company to conduct sales tactics that will entice people into trying out this brand. Expect to be offering free gifts, vacations, and other things.

Basically, you will be offering “free gifts” in exchange for participation in your presentation of Royal Prestige.

If you are not comfortable with high-pressure sales tactics, then you probably won’t have any luck with selling anything, and unless you know what you’re really doing, odds are that you will lose more money than you will make.

In other words, if you’re not good at convincing others to buy your products, you won’t be able to profit.

Is Royal Prestige a Scam?

No, Royal Prestige is NOT a scam, but they’re not the best opportunity for making money either.

The truth is that there are far too many things that are wrong with this company that it’s just not worth it.

When you take into consideration everything from the poor product quality, the numerous complaints, and the incredibly high price tags, you can come to the conclusion that you will probably NOT make any money with this company.

Maintaining an active membership inside similar MLM companies is never cheap, so you should take that into consideration when deciding if it’s worth it or not.

On top of that, many of the shiny promises that you will be throwing at your potential customers are just that.

Shiny promises and the ones that don’t become clients of Roayl Prestige will definitely NOT getting anything free as well.

These sales tactics can be very misleading, and a lot of people don’t like this kind of approach. 

What I Like About Royal Prestige

royal prestige review pros vs cons

1. No Experience Needed. This is an opportunity that requires no experience whatsoever, but it can definitely help.

Nevertheless, people can still apply to become distributors of Royal Presite without having to provide any solid proof of education, experience, or anything similar.

2. 50 Years of Warranty. All of the products come with a “lifetime” warranty against rust and other defects.

3. Wide Range of Products.
There’s a lot of different products to choose from when it comes to the Royal Prestige cookware products.

This can be a good thing because more people can get the chance to find what they’re looking for.

4. Split Payment Option
. Due to the high price tag on some of the products, your clients can choose to pay in more than one installment over a set period of time. That way, more people will be able to afford these kitchenware products.

5. Big Profit Potential.
Given the fact that these are high ticket items, selling just a couple of them a month can bring you the desired income that you want.

What I Don’t Like About Royal Prestige?

1. Low-Quality Products. Most products inside are of low quality and tend to appear with obvious defects even before they get delivered and unpackaged by the customer.

If you associate yourself as a promoter of similar garbage products, you can get a bad reputation pretty fast, without even having the chance to explain yourself.

2. Product Recalls.
In January 2013, The Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled over the “Thermal Cookware” products of Royal Prestige.

After more than 1,100 reports of customers receiving damaged goods, a lawsuit was filed against them.

Due to the questionable practice of many other similar MLM companies like Ariix, and Bocannaco, it’s now more difficult than ever to promote the Roayl Prestige product line.

3. No Refund Policy.
In the event that you decided to return your purchase and get your money back, well you should know that you cant do that with this particular MLM company.

They have a strictly no returns policy, so even if you do get damaged goods, there’s not much that you can do about it.

Technically, you do have a small gap of 3 days to return your purchase, but it usually takes a week or more to get it shipped to you.

By the time it arrives, the 3 days will have expired already, which is basically something that no one can really take advantage of.

4. Bad Customer Service. In the event that you end up having any problem with your products, you can’t really do anything about it, unless contacting customer service.

The thing is that they can hardly ever be reached, and even if you managed to get a hold of them, customer services will not take care of your problems and will do whatever they can to make you responsible for the faults of your purchased goods.

5. Becoming a Distributor Will Do You More Harm Than Good.
Even if you are good at selling, and promoting products, what happens after you manage to sell enough of these products to create a well-known reputation as a scammer?

Even if you’re not the one manufacturing these low-quality products, the fact that you’re selling them to people will automatically make them think you’re in on it too.

Then, even if you part ways with Roayl Prestige, it can be difficult to lose the bad rep created by them in the first place.

Do I Recommend Royal Prestige?

No, I don’t recommend Royal Prestige to anyone. Direct selling is hard enough as it is. Why make it even harder by trying to promote expensive, low-quality products? 

Not only that, but the distributors associated with this multi-level marketing company have a really bad name and are well known as trying to take advantage of vulnerable, and elderly people, to try and get them to buy expensive, low-quality kitchenware, at 2x, 3x, the original price tag. 

That’s definitely NOT something that I want to be involved with.

Luckily we live in a digital age with lots of opportunities to make money, and if you’re interested in learning a LEGIT way of making passive income online, then you should see how these people are banking profits.

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