Cameron Dunlap Review – What’s His Net Worth?

Welcome to my Cameron Dunlap review. In 2023, his net worth is estimated at over $55M. He is a successful real estate investor, course owner, internet marketer, and business owner.

There seems to be a lot of negative press surrounding his training courses. The reviews that praise him are usually by affiliates or from “verified” customers on the sales pages.

Apparently, Cameron Dunlap has very aggressive marketing that many people dislike. According to this one customer comment on BBB, you have to pay money to talk to the team and ask questions.

You will also likely end up spending thousands of dollars on his programs and courses with no real guarantee for success. 

Who is Cameron Dunlap?

Cameron Dunlap is a serial course creator and a real estate investor. He has a lot of paid programs and training modules on making money with real estate investing. He started real estate investing in 1993. In 1995 he began teaching people this business model. 

When he founded Real Estate Wealth Network, Cameron continued to create and sell different courses and tools that can help aspiring real estate investors.

If you already have some degree of experience with this business model, you can look around his website and find the resource and program that’s focused on solving your particular problems.

If you don’t know anything about this business, then you will end up spending thousands of dollars to get all the information you need to start earning from real estate.

What is Cameron Dunlap’s Net Worth?

Cameron Dunlop net worth

Cameron Dunlap’s net worth is over $55M. That’s calculated from his combined streams of income including, real estate investing, Youtube ad revenue, affiliate marketing commissions, multiple courses and tools that he sells, and brand advancement. 

His net worth is not disclosed anywhere online. This is a rough estimate.

Is Cameron Dunlap a Scam?

Cameron Dunlap is not a scammer. Despite his business NOT being accredited by the BBB, he DOES sell real courses and training programs under his platform, Real Estate Wealth Network. 

Some users claim that his courses have helped them a lot. Others say the exact opposite. He’s been accused of not providing refunds when requested by his clients.

On the other hand, his website is filled with positive reviews and great feedback. If you’re willing to risk losing the money you spend on this guy, then you won’t end up disappointed. 

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