Blake Rocha Review – What’s His Net Worth?

Welcome to my Blake Rocha review. In 2023, his net worth is estimated at over $17M. He is also recognized by his alias ‘MrFourToEight’. 

He established himself as a formidable figure in the real estate domain, particularly in the niche of Airbnb arbitrage. Mr. Four To Eight is also the founder of BNB Profits. It’s a course designed to teach beginners how to make money with that same business model.


It involves leasing properties at one price and renting them out on Airbnb at a premium. 

With a combination of 12 units that include arbitrage, micro-Airbnb, and luxury Airbnb, Blake’s monthly revenue is an impressive $80,000.

It’s essential to highlight his automation strategy, leveraging a team of cleaners and virtual assistants, thereby streamlining operations and maximizing profits.
Building strong rapport with lenders has empowered Blake to continue acquiring properties, further enhancing his portfolio’s value and revenue.

Who is Blake Rocha?

Blake Rocha

Blake Rocha is an entrepreneur who has navigated through several ventures to accumulate his wealth.

From trading stocks in the early morning hours to becoming a major player in the Airbnb short-term rental market, Rocha’s journey epitomizes the rags-to-riches narrative.

His nickname came because of his early involvement in stock market trading. He was actively trading from the pre-market hours at 4 a.m. until the after-hours closing bell at 8 p.m., hence the name “Mr. 4 a.m to 8 p.m”, which eventually was shortened to “MrFourToEight”.

Blake graduated with a degree in international business from California Lutheran University. When Covid hit, he had to stay at home, just like many of us did. That gave him a lot of free time to dabble in various methods for making money online.

He tried many different things before he finally cracked the code. He founded two major online subscription communities focused on stock and cryptocurrency trading and investing.

One of these platforms generated eight figures, while the other brought in multiple seven figures. These ventures significantly boosted his financial standing and online presence.

What is Blake Rocha’s Net Worth?


Blake Rocha has a net worth of over $17M. That’s calculated from his combined streams of income, including his property portfolio, multiple companies owned, his flagship program that teaches aspiring investors how to succeed, affiliate marketing, brand deals, sponsorships, and other digital monetization strategies that probably contribute generously to his income.

While a property portfolio of these heights is impressive, it’s essential to note that this doesn’t represent pure equity. However, with a consistent monthly profit from his rentals, it’s evident that a significant portion of his wealth is liquid and not just tied up in assets.

Is Blake Rocha a Scam Artist?

Blake Rocha is not a scam artist. He is a legit internet marketer with a solid portfolio and a very hard-working mindset. Before becoming a millionaire, he tried many different ways to make money online, such as e-commerce, affiliate marketing, crypto investing, etc. 

With a collective following of over 1.5 million on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, Rocha’s influencer status can’t be ignored.

His YouTube channel has a few thousand subscribers, but this will likely change very quickly, as he just recently began uploading videos.

While there are always risks associated with any business, Rocha’s resilience and adaptability make his story worth following and his strategies worth considering. He is definitely NOT a scam artist.

What Can You Learn From Blake Rocha?

Blake’s diversified approach to real estate (from micro to luxury Airbnb units) suggests a balanced risk strategy. This diversification can act as a safeguard against potential downturns in any single segment. 

His system of automating his short-term rental businesses shows an understanding of the importance of scalability in the real estate business.

Good relationships with lenders have been instrumental for Rocha. Access to capital is often one of the most significant barriers in real estate, and strong lender relationships can provide a competitive advantage. 

Launching BNB Profits indicates not only an entrepreneurial spirit, but also a desire to share knowledge. This venture might also act as a stabilizing income source independent of real estate market fluctuations.

These are all things that you can learn from this serial entrepreneur. There’s no denying that Rocha has built a formidable business empire at a young age, but you should remember that his net worth is self-reported.

As with all self-reported financial figures, it’s essential to approach them with a degree of caution.

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