Is Blake Nubar a Scam? Find Out Everything Now!

Is Blake Nubar a scam or a legit internet marketer who can actually help people? You are going to find out everything about him and his Partner Program in this unbiased review.

Here’s what you need to know. Blake has been doing internet marketing for a very long time. He is well-known in the online world.

Some people love him. Others, not so much. When you are done here, you will know exactly what you’re getting into, without any hype or exaggerated income claims.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Blake Nubar Review Summary

Name: Blake Nubar

Product Name: Social Media Lead Machine Partner Program

Product Type: Sales Funnels Training Program

Product Price: $997 or Two Payments of $597

Overall Score: 50/100

Recommended: Not For Beginners!

Summary: Blake Nubar is a well-known internet marketer, that has helped a lot of people in starting or growing their own online businesses.

He has many achievements throughout the years of his career such as being the top affiliate of a multi-million dollar company, where he made over a million dollars in approximately 43 days. 

His Social Media Lead Machine Partner Program is going to give you everything that you need to start generating sales, but it will cost you a ton of money. Most people that get involved with this, or any other business venture, end up failing. That’s just statistics.

Even though Blake Nubar claims that you can do his training without having to pay for exposure, it’s going to be way more difficult that way.

This means that you should expect to spend almost a thousand bucks for a training program, plus a few hundred a month for PAID ads and access to an external platform that costs up to $297/month.

I think that there is a better, cost-effective alternative for beginners on a budget.

Who is Blake Nubar?

Blake Nubar is a ClickFunnels 2 comma club winner, which means that he has over one million dollars with one funnel.

Back in 2016, before diving into the digital world of making money, he was $30K in debt, doing data entry for a living, earning $8/hour. 

In order to keep on track with all his bills and payments, at one point he had to sell most of his stuff on eBay.

According to Blake Nubar, he is a self-proclaimed expert in what’s NOT working.

He claims that the only true ticket to freedom in the modern world is having an online business.

Blake excels in sales funnel building, so if you already have an online business and want to grow or scale, then maybe you should learn more about funnels, and one of the ways to do that, is by taking up the Partner Program offer.

In case you don’t know, a sales funnel is the process of converting web visitors into clients, by taking them through a series of well-crafted web pages, hence the name “funnels”.

This is what’s working right now, and even if you don’t go with Blake Nubar’s Social Media Lead Machine Partner Program, you would be doing yourself a favor by learning exactly how a sales funnel works.

What is Social Media Lead Machine Partner Program?

In his Partner Program, Blake Nubar will show you how the entire funnel of Social Media Lead Machine works, and it looks something like this.

is blake nubar a scam funnel

Then, he will go in-depth at explain to you all the different online business models, such as dropshipping, affiliate marketing, etc.

According to Blake Nubar, most of these business models are extremely competitive, which is why it can be very difficult to break into this competitive field and become successful.

Apparently, with Social Media Lead Machine Partner Program, you can tap into something that’s still relatively new to the market, which means that the competition is not that fierce, making it much easier to become profitable with this new business model.

The program has been around for many years now. I would argue that the content inside is NOT original or never unseen before. In fact, many programs teach similar things.

Blake calls it “A $2.4 Billion blue ocean on Facebook“, and it’s about using your own Facebook profile, and turning it into a landing page that leads people into his sales funnel.

The epiphany came to Blake, as he was scrolling down his Facebook feed, he came across a profile that grabbed his attention for one reason or another.

That’s when he clicked on this person’s profile and went through the guy’s entire Facebook so that he can learn more about him.

That’s when Blake Nubar thought to himself, “How Many People Are Doing The Exact Same Thing To Me?” which is where the idea behind all of this originated.

By doing something as simple as converting your Facebook into a landing page, designed to get people to take a specific action, it can lead to massive success.

Is Blake Nubar a Scam?

is blake nubar a scam legit or not

Blake Nubar is not a scam and here’s why. He has proven himself over the years as a successful entrepreneur that has helped a lot of people to achieve financial success online.

He is focused entirely on ONE thing, and that’s because he has been doing this one thing for a long time. It’s definitely safe to say that Blake Nubar can be considered an expert in sales funnels.

One of the reasons that make me believe that he truly does know what he’s talking about, is because he has made more ClickFunnels sales, than the owner Russell Brunson himself, and that’s saying something.

He has also worked with investment Sharks from the famous TV show Shark Tank. He has spent over a year with his team of experts in an attempt to find the best sales funnels that convert the most people into loyal customers in absolutely any niche market that you can think of.

Does that mean that his Social Media Lead Machine Partner Program is the right thing for you? You’re about to find out…

What’s Inside Blake Nubar’s Partner Program?

blake nubar scam inside

According to Blake Nubar, his Partner Program consists of 3 easy to follow steps that can you need to do in order to start earning. Here’s a breakdown of the 3 step process and everything else that you will be getting inside.

Step #1 – Choose a Niche

This is the first thing that you need to do, and it’s important to understand the process of identifying a profitable niche. A niche is a topic or segmented market, like health, sports, cooking, etc.

The more targeted your niche is, the bigger are your chances of becoming successful and the reason for that is simple. Let’s take sports for example.

If you decide to target people that are interested in basketball, football, and volleyball, it will be much harder to sell stuff to them, especially in the beginning. The chance of presenting the wrong opportunity to the wrong people is likely to occur.

If you were to focus on let’s say, football helmets, and that’s the ONLY thing that you are trying to sell or promote online, not everyone will buy from you.

However, you are looking for ONE type of audience, and you want certain kinds of people to see your Facebook profile, go through your funnel, etc.

This makes it way EASIER to target that specific niche market, which in turn will increase the likelihood of your online success.

This will also help you become an expert much faster, and people will start looking up to you for help, and advice in your respective niche.

Step #2 – Customize Your Funnel

Blake’s team will go through your business strategy with you, and ask you a series of questions to determine what’s the right funnel for YOU and your online business.

This is not a DFY (Done For You) sales funnel that you will be using alongside every other member of Blake Nubar’s Partner Program. Everyone gets a unique funnel designed and customized to bring a lot of sales.

The idea behind the funnel is that you don’t distract people when they find your offers or services.

If they come across a page, with only two options, either to complete an action or to leave, they can’t deviate too much from what you would like them to do.

You are presenting your traffic (web visitors) with an environment that’s free from distractions, and that’s definitely a good thing.

Step #3 – Drive Traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business, and if you can’t get it, then it doesn’t really matter how great of a product or service you have, because there is no one that will actually get the privilege to see it.

Having said that, Blake Nubar’s traffic generation methods are focused solely on Facebook, and the training inside his Partner Program covers both paid and free sources.

The training inside is divided into separate sections, it covers the above-mentioned steps in complete detail, goes over everything that you need to do in order to set up your profitable sales funnels campaigns, and replicate what’s already working, taken directly from Blake Nubar’s funnels.

This is a good thing because you will be tapping into something that’s proven to work for a lot of people, instead of trying to figure out everything by yourself. Apart from everything mentioned so far, you will get access to the following additional things.

– Funnel Launch Masterclass

– Automated Sales Funnel

– Done For You Digital Products

– 15 Profit Boosting Emails

– Facebook Ads Arbitrage

– VIP Access To Upgrades

– Private Partners Facebook Group Access

The private Facebook group that you will get access to can give you the opportunity to get help and guidance from Blake Nubar and his team, which can give you the upper edge, and speed up the entire process of becoming profitable with his Partner Program.

What I Like About Blake Nubar and His Partner Program

is blake nubar a scam pros vs cons

1. Blake Nubar is Legit. He is a REAL person with legit success, so he can definitely teach people a lot about funnels, and how to successfully implement them in your own online business.

2. Blake Nubar’s Youtube Channel Has Only One Video
. Let me clarify why this is a good thing in this case. There are too many Youtubers nowadays, that just talk about different ways to make money online, without implementing them at all.

It’s one thing to TEACH people things, it’s another to be considered an EXPERT in your respective niche.

Since Blake Nubar talks about making money online with funnels, and the fact that he clearly does not make any extra cash from his Youtube channel, means that he is most likely focused entirely on what he is teaching others to do.

3. Blake Nubar Has Achieved Massive Success.
According to him, he has generated over $10 million in sales as a ClickFunnels affiliate, which goes to say that he is more than capable of creating profitable sales funnels.

What I Don’t Like About Blake Nubar and His Partner Program

1. It’s A Bit Hypey. Blake Nubar goes as far as promising to help you build a million-dollar funnel, even if you are a complete beginner. He makes it look like, you’re basically guaranteed to be profitable when that’s just not the case.

2. It Comes With Extra Costs
. Not only are you encouraged to spend extra money on Facebook ads, because that’s the way to get results faster, but you are also encouraged to become a member of ClickFunnels, which costs either $97/month or $297/Month.

Since you will most likely be joining ClickFunnels under Blake Nubar’s affiliate link, this means that he will earn money from you, every time that you pay your monthly subscription fee.

He talks about his “evil motives” in his webinar training but doesn’t mention this at all. Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that Blake Nubar said on his webinar that he will take 10% of your profits for himself, in exchange for using his Partner Program.

3. It’s Not For Beginners. In my opinion, no one who’s just getting started in this industry should pay that much for something that might not even work out that well for them.

Especially when you consider the fact that you can find way cheaper alternatives, that provide ways of making money online, and turning it into a full-time business, without the big investment risk.

Furthermore, sales funnels are for the advanced, and those that already have a business set up in place, and are looking to move things forward.

Do I Recommend Blake Nubar’s Partner Program?

Not if you are a beginner, and here’s why. In this digital age that we live in, it has become easier than ever, to create an online business, with as little capital investment as possible.

If you are a beginner, then you probably aren’t sure which business model is the right thing for you, so investing $997 into a training program, that will push you to spend even more money after that, may cause beginners to lose a lot of money, and get nothing in return.

There is a 14-day money-back guarantee in place, that promises to get your money back, but in my experience, most of the time these refund policies are not reliable at all.

If you are interested in creating an online business but do not want to invest that much money, then you should see how these people are banking profits.

They use a simple yet incredibly effective blueprint that most people neglect and lose out on that opportunity forever.

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