Billy Willson’s 6 Figure Agency (Course Review) – Scam or Legit?

Billy Wilson has a course called 6 Figure Agency. It’s all about helping you start a Facebook ads agency. Currently, there are 3 featured versions of this course.

They all have different price tags and come with various features you can leverage to build an SMMA (Social Media Marketing Agency) business online.

This review will go over all of them and show you exactly what you’re getting into with this high ticket program.

Ready? Let’s get started…

6 Figure Agency Review Summary

Product Name: 6 Figure Agency

Product Owner: Billy Willson

Product Type: SMMA Course

Product Price: $997 – $5,000

Overall Score: 65/100

Recommended: Not For Everyone!

Summary: The 6 Figure Agency is Billy Willson’s flagship program. It will teach you how to start your own marketing agency, how to run paid Facebook ads for clients, and how to bring them more leads and sales.

The business model is legit, but it can oftentimes feel like you have multiple bosses. Sometimes, clients can have unrealistic expectations and give you trouble when you don’t perform to their standards, even if you increase their revenue.

The model requires a lot of outsourcing, especially when you start to scale, which means that you need to have great management skills.

Also, you will have to do a lot of cold outreach and will probably get rejected a lot. Be careful not to take more work than you can handle, as this can lead to disappointed clients and bad reviews.

In my opinion, there are better ways for beginners to start making money online and avoid spending thousands of dollars upfront for something that may not even work.

What is 6 Figure Agency?

6 Figure Agency is Billy Willson’s coaching program and elite mastermind. It will show you how to get started with setting up a social media marketing agency from scratch and scale it to the moon.

According to Billy, most internet Gurus out there are robbing their students and clients. Once he realized that you can make more money without spending tens of thousands of dollars on education, his entire perspective changed.

It’s one of the main reasons for creating the 6 Figure Agency. The program is not cheap, but it does teach a proven blueprint and offers immense support for every student.

As long as you’re serious about your online business and you’re fully aware that success does NOT happen overnight, you will benefit from this program. Here’s the thing, though.

The business model that you will learn here is NOT for everyone. It takes a certain type of person to be able to make something in this industry. 

How Does 6 Figure Agency Work?

The 6 Figure Agency works in a few simple steps. You set up an LLC, register your new business, acquire clients, run paid ads for them, and get paid. 

The process is incredibly simple, but the steps required to make it work are NOT. The first thing you need to realize is that you will need a decent starting budget.

At the very least, you’re looking at an investment of $1,000. That’s on top of the course price. You won’t be spending your own money on running ads for clients, but if you want to acquire them faster, you will want to run a few ads promoting your services. 

At first, you will likely struggle with onboarding your first few clients. That’s because you don’t have any experience or a portfolio to show how you’ve helped other struggling business owners. 

Most people would trust you with their money ONLY if they can see that you’re the real deal. Without any real practical experience, there is no way to prove that.

In other words, be ready to grind a ton and get rejected a lot. If you don’t like doing cold outreach and contacting people out of the blue, this program and the SMMA business model are probably not for you.

In my opinion, this is an incredibly demanding model. It can even feel like you have multiple bosses at the same time. That’s why, beginners with NO experience in starting any type of business, online or offline, will likely struggle a lot with achieving success. 

I know that there are much cheaper alternatives and way less stressful ways to start a profitable online business.

Beginner’s Alternative: Compare This With The SMMA Business Model

Is 6 Figure Agency a Scam?

6 Figure Agency review legit or not

The 6 Figure Agency by Billy Willson is NOT a scam. It’s one of the most comprehending SMMA courses out there.

If you already know that starting your own social media marketing agency is the right business model for you, then you should definitely look at all your alternatives when it comes to getting education and mentorship.

There is no shortage of similar courses and programs. Agency Navigator is one of them.

Billy Willson looks like a legit and very successful internet market with tons of experience and many success stories. He onboarded one of his best students as a coach and mentor in his program to prove a point. 

As great as that may be, you need to look at both sides of the coin here. There are many successful students, but I’m sure that there are many more unsuccessfully ones, as it is with most coaching programs out there, regardless of the business model. 

Most people that do enroll in a course like this one, don’t even know what they’re getting into until it’s too late. It’s great to want a better life and chase financial freedom. 

However, it’s not a good thing to be blindsided by shiny promises and spend all your money on something that may not even work.

Unfortunately, this is an incredibly demanding business model and the ONLY way to truly find out if it is for you or not, is by experiencing the ins and outs firsthand. 

If you don’t have the budget to get started, you are encouraged to apply for PayPal credit. This is something that I advise against. In my opinion, you should never spend more money than what you’re willing to lose.

Since this is a high ticket investment, the risks are big. If you prefer to avoid spending thousands of dollars or taking on that much risk, you can explore other ways to start a profitable online business.

Who is Billy Willson?

Billy Willson

Billy Willson is the founder of the 6 Figure Agency. He claims to be the most honest marketer and unlike other big name Gurus, you won’t get access to recycled junk from 5 years ago.

His course and mentorship program is NOT cheap, but Billy justifies the price by promising that you will get huge value and learn a ton of useful things inside.

He always knew that traditional education is dead, which is why he dropped out of college in the first semester. Billy Willson realized that he could make a lot of money without spending a ton on education. 

At just 20 years old, he started his own marketing agency and managed to scale it to 6 figures in 12 months. Now, he is focused on teaching others how to do that.

What’s Inside 6 Figure Agency?

The 6 Figure Agency is broken down into 3 sections. Foundation, Getting Calendar Appointments and Scaling to $100K/Month.

The first section consists of 5 lessons that will help you get familiarized with starting an agency from scratch, the mindset you need to have to succeed, getting momentum, and landing your first clients.

The second part is all about getting more clients and where to find them. You will learn how to run paid ads with Facebook and a bunch of organic traffic generation methods.

The last section consists of 4 lessons and interviews with the CEO, a sales call review, and how Billy Willson scaled his agency to 7 figures.

How Much Does 6 Figure Agency Cost?

There are 3 price tags right now. The first one is $997 for the 6 Figure Agency. This is everything you need to know to start and scale your own SMMA agency. The second price tag is $5,000 for the Elite version of this program.

Over there, you will get coached by Jared Curry, one of the most successful students in this program. The last offer is the starter course which costs $5,000.

However, you can get all of these in a bundle for $997 by using the coupon code “Billy”. Not sure how long this will stay active, but there haven’t been any changes for a while now. In other words, it’s highly likely that things will not change any time soon.

What I Like About 6 Figure Agency

6 Figure Agency review pros vs cons

1. Billy Willson Cares. Or so it seems. There are many course owners that want to take your cash and forget about you. With this program, things look very different.

2. Many Success Stories.
While there’s no way to prove that they are real, there is no evidence pointing to the contrary.

3. There’s a Refund.
You can get your money back within 30 days.

What I Don’t Like About 6 Figure Agency

1. It’s Expensive. To get started, you will need to invest a lot of money into the course, and for additional resources and tools. If you want results faster, you will need to think about your ad spending too.

2. Not The Best Way For Beginners To Get Started.
I think that there are better ways for people with no business experience to create an online business and make money.

Is There a Better Alternative?

If you like the SMMA business model and you KNOW that it’s the right choice for you, then the 6 Figure Agency by Billy Willson can help you get to where you want to be. 

However, I still think that there are better alternatives for beginners. My favorite way is to promote products and services you do not own and get a percentage of each sale.

That way, you don’t have to worry about handling other people’s money, tight deadlines, arguing with your clients, and creating a product or service.

Your only job is to get traffic to a landing page and make commissions. Using the simple four step system that you will see on the next page, I’m able to earn up to $1K per SINGLE sale of a product I don’t even own, on top of monthly recurring passive income. 

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