Amplified Profits Review

Welcome to my Amplified Profits review. Can you really make money online with this system in as little as two weeks, doing it part-time, or is this just another hyped-up scam that you should avoid?

Here’s what you need to know.

This is a product that allows you to earn based on the amount of money that you spend. In other words, if you want to get the chance to earn high ticket commissions, you will have to spend anywhere from $500 to $2,000 upfront.

That’s excluding the money that you will likely pay for online ads and traffic (web users) generation.

Does that mean that unless you’re willing to spend big bucks on Amplified Profits, this is a waste of time? Not necessarily, but it’s definitely going to limit your earnings potential. 

Let me point out that I’m not affiliated with this program in any way or form so don’t expect a thousand low-quality bonuses for joining through my links because there aren’t any.

By the time you’re done here, you will know exactly what you’re getting into without all the hype and exaggerations that you would usually see on a sales page.

Amplified Profits Review Summary

Product Name: Amplified Profits

Product Owner: Michael Mansell

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Program

Product Price: $25 – $2,000+

Overall Score: 45/100

Recommended: Not For Everyone!

Summary: Amplified profits is presented as a great way for beginners and people that have never made any money online to finally be able to leverage a system that takes care of most of the hard work for you.

Michael Mansell has created this program to funnel you through a system that he is affiliated with, called Easy1Up, which is what you will be promoting as well.

The compensation level is made in a way that you can earn money based on the level of your membership.

If you end up buying the $25 package, you can earn from the lowest level only.

If a member that you’ve referred ends up buying a higher level package, you will lose on that commission unless you’ve already bought that same level package or higher.

The more money you spend, the higher your earnings potential gets. There are 6 levels in total.

Each one comes with a set number of training videos and resources. However, if you want to get to the advanced stuff, you will need to buy the higher-level packages.

The main thing that you need to remember is that this is a business opportunity, which means that there are no guarantees that you will make any money online.

Unless you’re willing to invest and risk losing thousands of dollars, I think that there are better, cost-effective, and beginner-friendly alternatives that you can explore.

What is Amplified Profits?

Amplified Profits is a system that offers to give you resell rights to a program called Easy1Up, which is an e-learning platform that has 6 different levels of training courses that go over various aspects of digital marketing and making money online. 

As part of your membership, you will get access to software that allows you to create your sales funnels, build your list through email marketing, send automated messages to your prospects and see where all of your referrals are currently at in their buyer journey.

You get all of that in one place, along with the ability to run geo-targeted ads and to create social media content. This will cost you a monthly recurring fee of $87/Month.

The software is called Royaltie but Michael Mansell calls it The Marketing Engine. According to him, this is a true bargain because it allows you to do all of these things that would otherwise cost you hundreds of dollars every month.

I think that this really is a good deal for your buck, but it’s definitely not suited for everyone. You also have to consider the amount of money that you will spend on getting traffic to your affiliate promotions.

Even though Michael has something called The Traffic Rotator, which will send you leads on autopilot for free, I don’t think that this will be enough on its own to help you make decent cash.

Also, you only get access to that feature if you buy the Vertex Elite ($500) package or any of the more expensive ones. This is available as a bonus inside one of Mansell’s other products called the 1090 Method

Is Amplified Profits a Scam?

amplified profits review legit or not

No, it’s not a scam. With Amplified Profits, you can get high-quality training that can help you make money online by promoting this product.

If you learn how to apply the skills that you will learn, they can turn into valuable assets for you and your future traffic generation efforts, even if you do decide NOT to promote this product anymore. 

Having said that, there are a couple of issues that you should know about before you make your final decision. The advanced training, which you will have a hard time finding for free online, is available within the higher ticket packages. 

If you’re not willing to pay at least $250 for the Vertex package, I don’t think that there’s a point in spending your money if all that you’re after is knowledge.

My other concern is that it looks like the training is not updated regularly. One of the things that you can learn about inside the Elevation Elite package is marketing on Google Plus.

outdated training

This social network got shut down back in 2019, which makes me think that at least some part of the Easy1Up training is outdated.

If that is the case, then why would you pay thousands of dollars to learn about things that may not work that well anymore, and why would anyone want to promote this as an affiliate?

The online world is a dynamic place, and things move quickly. What used to work years ago may not be as effective anymore.

If I’m paying good money for a training program, I would expect to learn methods and techniques that are currently working. 

What’s Inside Amplified Profits?

The tools, software, and training that you get access to as a member of Amplified Profits can be broken down into 3 main product categories.

Traffic generation, training resources, and software tools. The first thing that every customer needs to figure out is which package they want to purchase.

Each one comes with its own unique perks, educational content, and earning opportunity. 

When you buy any given package, you’re automatically given resell rights and the ability to earn 100% for each sale that you make and any of lower-level products inside Easy1Up. The unique take on this product is that it allows you to earn from the efforts of your referrals. 

The second sale of each person that joins due to your promotional efforts, gets assigned as your referral and as your sale.

This, in theory at least, allows you to earn passive income from your referrals. Let’s break down each membership level and everything that you get as a paying member.


This is the cheapest package, capped at a one-time fee of $25. It gives you access to basic information on network marketing, lead generation, creating your squeeze page, and more.

It’s followed by a simple affiliate marketing training that goes over things like the proper structure of reviews, setting up and launching an autoresponder, etc.

These are all basic, foundational things that you have to know to make money online.

They barely scratch the surface and don’t go into too much detail on the above-mentioned topics and you can probably find most of the information inside for free on Google and Youtube.

If you get this package, you’re allowed to resell it and keep the entire $25 investment from each person that you invite as a paying member.

Elevation Elite

This one comes with a price tag of $100. It unlocks access to different traffic generation strategies such as forum marketing, Youtube, Pinterest, researching your market, building a blog, and more.

You will also get familiar with solo ads, which is a method for getting traffic using other people’s email lists.

The main focus of this package is to show you the different ways of generating leads for your online business. If you buy this membership level, you can earn commissions from both Elevation and Elevation Elite purchases.


The cost of this package is $250. Here, you can learn some advanced methods for building relationships with industry experts in the affiliate marketing and network marketing space, how to look for product launches, and how to properly take advantage of them.

You will be granted access to the resell rights of Easy1Up’s Vertex package and all lower-level products.

Vertex Elite

This one costs $500. It comes with 2 full-blown training courses on building an online business, and a guide on Dropshipping.

It also has resources on free traffic generation methods along with over 50 paid and free traffic techniques that you can use straight away. All lower-level commissions get unlocked with this purchase.

Vertex Pro Connect

The price here is $1,000. You get some high-quality training material such as retargeting for Facebook ads, lead generation with Whatsapp, Tumblr, Reddit, SlideShare, LinkedIn, Instagram, and traffic exchanges.

You can learn a lot about email marketing, building authority with a blog, creating membership websites, and more. These are all very useful things to know, but you can easily get overwhelmed with the abundance of information.

Vertex Live

This is the most expensive package. It costs $2,000, unlocking resell rights on everything inside Easy1Up. It also comes with training on building sales funnels, product launches, and SEO basics, digital marketing, dropshipping, CPA, blogging secrets, and more.

The resources can be very useful but I don’t think that it’s worth spending that much money on them, unless you’re looking to sell them as your own.

Even then, it can be tricky to start landing high ticket sales, and you would need to set up a ton of things and test a lot of different sales pages, ads, etc.

Can You Get a Refund?

No. You can’t get a refund on any of your purchases. You may be misled by Amplified Profit’s refund policy because it says that you can get your money back within 3 days of your purchase.

It’s important to understand that you’re buying Easy1Up through Michael Mansell’s Amplified Profits, which comes with its own money-back guarantee, where they clearly state that all sales are final.

That’s why you have to be absolutely sure that you want to invest money in any of the packages, especially the higher ticket ones. There is no going back on your decision.

What I Like About Amplified Profits

amplified profits review pros vs cons

1. No Hidden Upsells. THere’s a lot of programs out there that have a bunch of hidden fees, upsells, and all kinds of additional sales. With Amplified Profits, you get to learn about the additional costs before you make the buy or not decision.

2. High-Quality Training
. You can learn a lot of valuable stuff that can equip you with the skills you need to make money online with affiliate marketing, network marketing, and even dropshipping.

What I Don’t Like About Amplified Profits

1. Some of The Content May be Outdated. Training that doesn’t get updated regularly may lose some of its quality over time. By the looks of it, Easy1Up hasn’t been updated for a while.

2. Expensive Training
. The good stuff starts with the $500 package and upward. Furthermore, if you want to earn high ticket commissions, you would have to spend a decent amount of money to get the resel rights.

3. Additional Cots
. You would also have to think about the ongoing monthly fees of $87/Month along with the additional costs that you will likely spend on paid traffic generation.

Is There a Better Alternative?

If you’re okay with promoting Amplified Profits and Easy1Up to others, you could benefit from this program.

There’s a REAL chance to make money online here, and if you’re willing to invest up to $2,000, you can also learn some useful things that can help you in the future.

However, if you prefer to avoid the hefty upfront fees that come with this opportunity, then you would either have to limit yourself with one of the lower level packages, which will also limit your earnings potential, or you could take a look at an alternative to Amplified Profits.

The beauty of the affiliate marketing business model is that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to earn a full-time income online. The start-up costs (usually) are incredibly low.

Most beginners and those with limited experience may not want to risk that much. If that is you, then you can take a look at this cost-effective alternative below and learn how to create an affiliate marketing business online without spending any money on paid ads or expensive training courses.

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