All In One Profits Review

Welcome to my All In One Profits review. Can you really start or grow your online business with AIOP and their marketing tools, or is this another scam to avoid?

Here’s what you need to know. According to the official website, all you need is branding, lead generation, and process automation.

As true as that may be, I’ve been exposed to many systems that overpromise and underdeliver. 

That’s why I decided to create this review. To help you get a better understanding of what exactly you’re getting inside. One of the ways people can earn money through this system is by recruiting others.

I would like to point out that I’m not affiliated with All In One Profits in any way so don’t expect a thousand low quality bonuses as an ethical bribe for joining through my links because you won’t find any.

By the time you’re done here, you will know exactly what you’re getting into. 

Ready? Let’s get started…

All In One Profits Review Summary

Product Name: All In One Profits (AIOP)

Product Owners: Johan Van Geffen & Isabela Capsuna

Product Type: Online Marketing System

Product Price: $11.50/Month – $59/Month

Overall Score: 45/100

Recommended: Not For Everyone!

Summary: This is a marketing and educational platform that can show you how to generate leads and onboard others into the system.

Even though All In One Profits claim that they aren’t an MLM or a pyramid scheme, I do think that the compensation plan looks a lot like a multi level marketing structure.

The emphasis of this program is on becoming a paid member and recruiting others into the system.

You will be rewarded for every uneven referral you get (1, 3,5,7, etc). The other members that you onboard will be transferred to your sponsor.

As for the marketing tools, you get web hosting, autoresponder, squeeze page builder, downline builder, link tracker, banner ads, text copy, and a rotator.

As part of your membership, you will also get access to an e-library filled with various educational materials about making money online.

Unless you’re really good at building rapport with your prospects and forming relationships, you will likely struggle to create a consistent flow of income.

The way I see it, you only option to earn money within the system is by getting more people to sign up and by running paid ads online.

If you prefer to avoid spending money on ads, you should see this cost effective alternative below and see how you can create a profitable online business while following your passion, hobbies, and general interests.

What is All In One Profits?

All In One Profits is presented as the ultimate solution for building and growing an online business.

Apparently, it has everything you need to drive traffic (web users) and convert it into leads and sales. All the tools and marketing resources provided inside are supposed to help you with making money online.

The company was created way back in 2012. The fact that it’s lasted so long is a good thing in my opinion and it probably means that they won’t be going anywhere.

In other words, people that get involved with it, don’t have to worry about All In One Profits closing their doors and leaving everyone that’s invested time, money, and resources to fend on their own.

One thing I found odd is that the owners of this program are not mentioned anywhere on the website.

Usually, when someone wants to remain unknown for a product or service, it means that there is something shady going on in the background. That’s how it goes with most similar platforms. 

Is All In One Profits a Scam?

all in one profits review legit or not

AIOP is not a scam. After doing some research, I managed to find out that the owners are Johan Van Geffen & Isabela Capsuna. I found out that Capsuna was accused of getting involved in some recruitment scams back in the day.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that All In One Profits is a scam. The fact that it’s withstood the test of time makes me think that this system has value that can help internet marketers and beginner online entrepreneurs with starting an online business.

Most scams don’t last that long.

However, I also think that some of the methods taught inside are somewhat outdated and they may not be as effective as they were once. 

That’s why, I can’t recommend this program to people looking to start, grow and scale an online business.

How Does All In One Profits Work?

The platform allows you to use their page builder to create or leverage pre made squeeze pages and landing pages.

You will also get access to web hosting and an autoresponder that will send out automatic emails to people that opt-in to your list. The way you get traffic is by leveraging their traffic exchange network.

The problem with this method is that you won’t always get a targeted audience to see your offers and your conversions rates could suffer. In other words, most of the time, ad exchanges are not a viable way to generate leads and sales.

There’s another issue that could potentially reduce your conversions and it has to do with their autoresponder.

Odds are that most of your marketing messages will end up in the spam box where no one will read or trust them.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that this will happen indefinitely. I’m only stating the fact that Google and Yahoo have become much more aware of the spam issues that happen all over the internet.

That is why they are much more likely to trust well known autoresponders that have a set of security measures that detect when people that use them are trying to send unsolicited or spam emails.

Even though All In One Profits claim that they have a deliverability rate of 99% there’s no actual proof of that. These two things are somewhat worrisome in my opinion.

Even if they send rate is good and most of your emails and in the appropriate place, if the people seeing them aren’t interested in your offers, there’s no amount of convincing that can get them to buy the stuff you’re promoting.

What’s Inside All In One Profits?

all in one profits

If you were to buy some of the features provided inside AIOP you will likely pay more than what your membership costs.

However, this may also indicate that the quality of these features is inferior to others such as GetResponse (autoresponder) and BlueHost (web hosting). 

Here’s a full breakdown of everything you’re getting inside All In One Profits.

Web Hosting

The hosting comes with 500MB of disc space, and 5GB bandwidth. It includes things like cPanel, Fantastico scripts and you can send as many emails as you want. Furthermore, there is no limit to the number of domains you can have.


It comes with a double opt-in feature that will filter everyone that doesn’t want to receive your messages and send promo emails to people that have shown some level of interest in hearing from you.

You get access to templates, and you can send out as many emails as you want. There is no limit. You can create sequences of follow up messages, and you can set up the autoresponder to send as many automated emails as you want.

Page Builder

You can create your own landing pages with the page builder provided inside, or you can use the ones that are already done for you.

In my opinion, it’s much better to create something unique. That way, you will know for sure that the traffic you’re getting has never seen it before. This can increase your conversion and lead generation rates by a lot.


You can leverage the tracker inside to see how many affiliate link clicks you get and where on your landing pages you get the most clicks.

This can help you optimize your pages and create a better user experience, which in turn, will lead to more conversions.

Downline Builder

This feature can allow you to promote multiple programs inside the platform. If you know your audience well, you can customize your downline builder in a way that it presents offers that your traffic will find valuable and useful. 

Text & Banner Ads

AIOP have their own network of people that you can leverage to send promo texts and banner ads.

You can promote whatever you like and other members of this platform will be able to see it, and possibly take action.


With the rotator, you can promote a bunch of URLs at the same time. it will show different offers to different portions of the traffic you send.

This is great for optimization and it can allow you to see which links convert the most.

Keep in mind that it will likely cost you more money to find out how the paid traffic that you send reacts to the different links.


You will get access to a lot of PLR products on topics about network marketing, MLM, self development, motivation, and more.

Usually, Private Label Rights products are outdated and most of them are of low quality, so don’t get your hopes up too much about the quality of information that you will get.

Especially, when it comes to learning and implementing strategies for conversions and closing sales in today’s times.

How Much Does All In One Profits Cost?

There are 3 membership options available right now inside All In One Profits and they are as follows:

1. Basic Pack ($11.50/Month).

2. Pro Service Pack ($21.76/Month).

3. VIP Service Pack ($59/Month).

Depending on which pack you buy, you can earn commissions. For example, if you get the VIP Service Pack, you will be entitled to getting commissions from all 3 membership levels. However, if you only get the Basic Pack, then you can earn from the 1 membership level only.

What I Like About All In One Profits

all in one profits review pros vs cons

1. It’s Cost Effective. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get access to everything provided inside.

2. It Has Everything You Need.
To run a successful online business you will truly need everything that you’re getting here. You won’t have to look elsewhere to get additional tools and features.

3. Good Compensation Plan.
You get 100% commissions on every uneven number of referrals.

What I Don’t Like About All In One Profits

1. It’s Somewhat Outdated. Most of the tools and features provided inside haven’t been updated in a long time. At least, that’s how I see it.

2. They Are Focused On Getting You to Become an Affiliate.
Inside the platform, you will see a lot of messages and marketing tactics that encourage you to promote it to others. It seems that they are pushing hard on getting their members to become affiliates.

3. No Money Back Guarantee.
You can’t get your money back if you decide that this is not for you. On top of that, there is no trial period that allows you to explore everything inside without committing first.

4. It’s Not The Best Way To Get Started as a Beginner.
To me, it seems that this is not the most beginner friendly platform, especially due to the lack of support and help. 

Is There a Better Alternative?

If you like the idea of getting access to a lot of features that can help you earn income online and you don’t mind becoming an active promoter of All In One Profits, then you may benefit from this platform. Especially, if you prefer to spend money on paid ads.

However, if you’re looking to create an online business around your passion, hobbies, or interests, and you prefer to avoid spending money on ads, there are better alternatives you can explore. 

For example, I am able to make consistent $1K commissions for ONE affiliate sale multiple times over and I’ve never spent any money on ads.

Using the affiliate marketing business model and the 4 step system that you can see on the next page, I am able to earn a full time income online.

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