Mint Builder Review

Welcome to my Mint Builder review. Can you really make money online with this MLM, or is it another scam to avoid? Here’s what you need to know.

This is a platform that can potentially reward you for selling precious metals and by getting people to sign up for one of the paid memberships as your referral. 

That’s why I want to point out that I’m not affiliated with Mint Builder in any way or form, so don’t expect a thousand low quality bonuses as an ethical bribe for joining through my links because you won’t find any.

By the time you’re done here, you will know exactly what you’re getting into, without any hype or exaggerated claims of income.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Mint Builder Review Summary

Product Name: Mint Builder

Product Type: MLM 

Product Owner: Matt Barkes

Product Price: $39/Month – $497/Month 

Overall Score: 30/100

Recommended: Not Really!

Summary: As a paid member of Mint Builder you can leverage the platform to sell precious metals to interested individuals and earn a percentage of each sale in the form of commissions.

You can also build a team of active promoters and earn whenever someone upgrades to a paid membership and when people in your team get others to do the same.

In my opinion, that’s where the majority of the cash is being made for most people that get involved with Mint Builder.

That’s why this opportunity is suitable only for those that are good at building a team of people and teaching others how to make more sales.

If you’re interested in making money online and starting an online business, I believe that there are easier ways to get started.

What is Mint Builder?

Mint Builder is a multi level marketing company that sells mint coins. It used to be called ISN (International Silver Network). 

The product line featured inside consists of coins mostly. Most MLM’s out there that sell different products, goods, and packages are more expensive compared to what you will pay elsewhere.

However, with Mint Builder there is a strong emphasis on the fact that everything sold inside has competitive prices. According to their FAQ section, most precious metal dealers sell at retail prices.

If you buy at a wholesale rate, then your costs should drop considerably. That’s what Mint Builder does. It compares prices from all over the world and sells these metals at wholesale prices.

Is Mint Builder a Scam?

mint builder review legit or not

Mint Builder is not a scam. However, it looks a lot like ISN, which was flagged as a pyramid scheme and eventually shut down. This platform may eventually close its doors because of the way it operates.

It can be difficult to sustain this business model simply because the compensation plan is focused more on rewarding its members for growing their downline by recruiting others into the system. 

According to the FTC, MLM companies that get most of their revenue from onboarding paid members are pyramid schemes. There’s is no way of knowing whether Mint Builder is like that or not. 

In my opinion, most people that earn any kind of solid income from this platform are active promoters that have a decent team of recruiters that all work together with one goal in mind.

Getting more people to sign up. That’s why I think that eventually, this company will shut down as well.

If you’re not interested in promoting this program, then you won’t be able to earn as much as others that do just that.

If that doesn’t sound like something you’re interested in, find out how to leverage your passions hobbies, and interests to make money online with this cost effective alternative below.

Mint Builder Compensation Plan

Here’s a breakdown of the compensation plan and the earnings potential for all active Mint Builder members.

1% in Retail Commissions
– For every retail sale that you make inside the platform, you will earn 1% in commissions. For example, if you sell a silver coin for $100, you will get $1.

10% in Recruitment Commissions. Each member that you refer will bring in 10% of their monthly membership price as revenue for you. 

Residual Commissions.
Each referred member is placed under you (level 1). When someone under you onboards another paid member, they become your level 2.

This can go down until the 5th level, allowing you to earn commissions from up to 5 levels in total. You get 50% in residual commissions from retail and recruitment.

As you can see from this compensation structure, if you decide to only sell coins via the marketplace, your earnings potential is very limited.

It makes sense to think that most members will want to take advantage of all commission opportunities that are provided inside.

How Much Does Mint Builder Cost?

Mint Builder has multiple membership options and they are as follows:

Basic Membership ($39/Month).

Silver Piece ($47/Month).

Platinum Gram ($85/Month).

Around The World ($97/Month).

Gold Gram Bundle ($117/Month).

Bullion & Numismatic Bundle ($127/Month).

The Select Few Bundle ($177/Month).

Global Elite Bundle ($497/Month).

What I Like About Mint Builder

mint builder review pros vs cons

1. Real Earnings Potential. If you decide to promote the platform and take advantage of the MLM aspect of things, then you have a real chance of making some money.

What I Don’t Like About Mint Builder

1. It’s Focused on Recruiting People. The retail commission for each sale is 1% which is close to nothing compared to the other earning options. In other words, most people that get involved with Mint Builder will probably try to build a solid downline and increase their revenue.

2. You Pay to Play.
The only way to unlock any type of earnings from this platform is by becoming a paid member yourself. You will also have to spend money each month on products or services just to keep your membership active.

3. MLM’s Are Difficult to Break Into
. Since this business model requires a lot of convincing, sales, and marketing, which you have to know and be able to teach others as well, not a lot of people end up profitable. That’s my personal opinion and some might say that this applies to most other business ventures online. While that may be true, it’s even more consistent when it comes to MLM.

Is There a Better Alternative?

Personally, I think that multi level marketing is one of the most expensive ways to start an online business. It’s also a lot harder compared to other ways, like affiliate marketing.

That’s because you don’t have to recruit others by promising them a lot of things and you can become an affiliate for virtually anything you like.

In other words, you can create an online business around something you’re genuinely passionate about.

Think about your hobbies and interest for a second and you can easily come up with different products and services around them.

Using the above mentioned model and the 4 step blueprint that you will see on the next page, I’m able to generate multiple $1K commissions from ONE product.

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