A Clickfunnels Review – Is it Worth it in 2019

A Review Like You've Never Seen Before + FREE Limited Training


Not getting enough visitors to your website? Or Maybe you are but you just cant seem to get them to convert into paying customers? Are you using funnels at all?
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Are you using funnels the RIGHT way and what exactly is ClickFunnels? Is it a landing page builder? Is it a sales funnel builder? IT’S SO MUCH MORE… Or They Only Want you to believe that?  Can it really make you money or it will just flush out yours?
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Hi fellas, Alex here with a clickfunnels review. I have personally tried and tested the platform and although it sure is what it claims to be let me tell you right now, It’s not for everyone.

Keep on reading for a full in depth review to get a better understanding of what the hype is all about.

What is ClickFunnels and Why is Everyone so Crazy About it?

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ClickFunnels was founded between 2013-2014 and is now a $360 Million Dollars Business, which means that the founder must be doing something right. Right?!

ClickFunnels is probably the first ever page builder that has been created, but it’s so much more now. It’s a tool that every internet marketer should hold in their hands.
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No matter what your business is, clickfunnels has got you covered. To understand what what clickfunnels really offers, you must first know what a sales funnel is.

If you already know what that is and WHY it’s so important for every successful online business to have one, then you can skip this bit below and go straight to the review.

What is A Sales Funnel?

Watch this quick video explaining the benefits of a sales funnel…

 Nowadays you cant just stick a product in someone’s face and expect them to buy it. No, those days are long gone.

Every business owner that wants to make some cash online has GOT TO HAVE A FUNNEL…

Without a well-structured funnel to guide your visitors, there isn’t a chance of converting them into paying customers.

It’s the core of every successful business online.

A sales funnel is a process of converting a visitor to your website into a buying customer, it’s a complex system and if done alone can take months of trial and error to get the hang of it.

That can potentially result in a lot of lost customers..

Luckily, you don’t need to go trough the struggle of figuring out what works and what doesn’t because ClickFunnels already knows that and they are willing to share it with you.

Everything is achieved so easily with them, just drag and drop and hop you go. Within a few clicks of a button you can have a highly convertible sales funnel ready to turn those visitors into sales.
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It really doesn’t matter if you are into the make money online niche or selling shampoo on the internet.

They literally have a funnel for EVERY KIND OF ONLINE BUSINESS.

ClickFunnels In Depth Review + FREE BONUS TRAINING AT THE END.

Name: ClickFunnels


Price:#1 – FREE Trial

Price:#2 – $97/Month

Price:#3 – $297/Month

Owner: Russell Brunson

Overall Score: 95/100

ClickFunnels: The Good vs The Bad

Pro: It’s one thing to see others using a software, it’s completely different when YOU are behind the ”wheel” and that’s what the ===> FREE trial <=== is all about.

You get complete access to ClickFunnels and all it’s features.

: A lot of pre build funnels made for capturing e-mail leads, making sales, up sells, down sells, event funnels such as webinars, membership funnels and more…

they were all tested over and over again to be sure that they are going to convert into sales. Easily outperforms the competition.

Pro: Step by step training on building your first funnel.

Pro: Customer service responds well and on time with any questions and queries.

Pro: It’s very easy to build funnels, absolutely no coding or tech skills are required. Drag and drop – simple as that.

Pro: Split A/B testing that enables you to see which variations of your pages convert best.

Pro: A cool feature that enables you to share your funnels with other people and you can even sell them on the clickfunnels marketplace to make extra $$.

I’ve seen people selling their funnels for hundreds of dollars over there.

Con: Remember how I said that clickfunnels is not for everyone?

 Despite all the hype that’s around the platform, If you are just getting started with internet marketing and have no basic understanding of the fundamentals, then maybe its too early for you to join ClickFunnels.

 Unless of course you are willing to spend even more $$ to get all of the up sells that teach you how to start making money online. 

a clickfunnels review
If you are just getting started with online marketing, have a limited budged and/or don’t want to spend any money for ads then I suggest you try something a bit cheaper and newbie friendly like Wealthy Affiliate, see article here.

Con: With the startup plan ($97/Month) you are a bit limited to what you can do and the full suite plan ($297/Month) can be a bit to steep for some people.

Who Can Benefit From ClickFunnels

The great thing about clickfunnels is that literally, any business can take advantage of the platform.

 It’s build to create an online presence in any niche. With pre-build sales funnels, all you really need to do is choose the ones that are best suited for your type of business.
a clickfunnels review

 Everything is already there and waiting for you to grab and take a hold of it.

As I’ve already mentioned, ClickFunnels is a $360 million dollar company and a lot of different businesses are taking advantage of it’s features.

ClickFunnels Best Tools & Training

1.The ClickFunnels Game. It’s a challenge that walks you through all that is needed to create your first funnel.

 When playing the game you are being offered a FREE t-shirt with the company’s logo.

 Keep in mind that although I was offered a free T-shirt, I actually got a sticker instead.

 This has happened to other people as well. JOIN CF HERE.

2.FunnelHacker Cookbook. This FREE book will teach you how to build funnels and all the steps that you need to take in order to start making money online.

It’s like a book filled with recipes but instead of cooking you are given the blueprint of how to properly build successful funnels. More info can be found below.

3.One of the best training’s at ClickFunnels is the One Funnel Away Challenge.

 It’s a 30 day challenge where you get mentorship from Russell Brunsoon (founder of ClickFunnels)  Julie Stoian (Executive Partner) and Stephen Larsen (Expert & Sales Funnel Strategist).

 It’s not always available, doors for registration open every few months or so but you can sign up for the waiting list and be notified as soon as it’s available again.

Find out more about the One Funnel Away Challenge HERE.

affiliate bootcamp

4. Affiliate Bootcamp AKA 100 Days to Retirement Plan -This is for all of you Affiliate Marketers out there.

 It’s an intensive training that’s worth 997$, BUT if you follow the link below you can get it for FREE, because Russell KNOWS how important affiliate’s are to his business.

He even offers to buy every successful affiliate a car of their choice…

 This is quite impressive and I’ve never seen anything like it…

 EVEN if you decide not to promote ClickFunnels, the training there is packed with a TON of value so it’s well worth checking out…

 It’s completely FREE and has an incredible amount of priceless knowledge that can be gained there. Check It out HERE

ClickFunnels Support

They offer extensive support and customer service 24/7. I’ve personally been in contact with ClickFunnel’s support team with a bunch of queries and issues and they have always been very helpful and polite.

 They usually get back to you within a few minutes.
They also have a private FB group that’s full of Affiliates and like minded people and they all like to help each other out.

 You can check out the Clickfunnel Avengers (Affiliate) group HERE.


As promised, here is the FREE bonus training that made small business owners millions of dollars.
  This is a New Super Funnel Strategy that only a few people know about and you can be one of them. You can learn how to implement this strategy into your funnels.

 As I said it’s completely FREE to register and attend the training, the only catch is that this is a limited time offer, so if you decide to just save it somewhere and come back another time it might not be available anymore.