Zeus’s Bounty Review – Is Zeusesbounty.com a Legit Website?

Welcome to my Zeus’s Bounty review. Can you really start earning money with this brand new MLM/Crypto platform, or is zeusesbounty.com a scam?

Here’s what you need to know. This is a website that encourages its members to become active promoters.

That’s why it’s entirely possible to come across biased, one sided reviews that praise this like it’s the best and only opportunity out there.

Let me point out that I’m not affiliated with Zeus’ Bounty in any way, so don’t expect a thousand low quality bonuses as an ethical bribe for joining through my links.

By the time you’re done here, you will know exactly what you’re getting into without any hype or exaggerated claims of income.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Zeus’ Bounty Review Summary

Product Name: Zeus’ Bounty

Product Type: MLM/Crypto

Product Owner: Tim Bentley

Product Price: Free

Overall Score: 55/100

Recommended: Not For Everyone!

Summary: Zeus’ Bounty is a platform where affiliates can sign up, build their downline, and promote this to others.

They have a lot of free training videos inside that can help a lot of people learn the ins and outs of internet marketing, influencer marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and more.

In my opinion, there is a lot of value that one can get. However, you are encouraged to promote Zeus’ Bounty to others, which is the only way that you can start making money online with them.

This may change in the future. The company is still pretty new, so it’s uncertain if it will pass the test of time.

If you’re not interested in building your downline and creating a team of people that will get even more people to sign up, then this may not be for you.

Keep in mind that to be successful here, you will likely need good team management skills and you will have to act as a mentor and coach to your downline.

If that’s not something you’re interested in, you can take a look at this alternative below and find out how you can leverage your interests to make money online and create a profitable business.

What is Zeus Bounty?

Zeus’ Bounty is a cryptocurrency platform with an MLM aspect that rewards its promoters every time they invite someone into the platform.

As it seems, right now, the program is mainly focused on getting as many affiliates, internet marketers, and promoters as it can.

In my opinion, they are trying to spread the word about this new opportunity, which is why everything inside is completely free for now.

How Does Zeus’ Bounty Work?

The sign up process is pretty simple. All you have to do is register as an affiliate to start promoting this program.

So far from what I can see, the platform is heavily focused on getting you to start building your downline and showing you how to share your stuff everywhere.

Immediately after signing up for free, you will see a short introductory video. It’s 4 and a half minutes long.

My immediate first impression of the video was that Zeusesbounty want to make each and every member feel like a co-founder. In other words, Tim Bentley is trying to show you how VALUABLE you are as a member.

As presented, this program is twofold. The first part is all about Zeus’ Bounty Academy. That’s the part of the website that allows you to learn a ton of things about internet marketing that can be very helpful for a long time.

The second part is ZeusBounty.io, which is a DEFI Smart Contract running on the Binance smart chain. Over there you will get various software and tools that will help you run your online business. It’s also where you can withdraw your earnings.

The welcoming video goes on to show you how to set up your account, add a profile image, and navigate within the platform.

In order to actually wog into the platform, you need to head over to your email and open up their message.

Over there you will have all the necessary details to log in. By the way, if you have Gravar, your new profile picture will be displayed automatically. That’s it.

Is Zeus’ Bounty a Scam?

zeuses bounty review legit or not

No, it’s not. Zeus’ Bounty looks like a legit platform that has a ton of valuable resources and free training modules that can help you a ton with things like social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, etc.

They are building their entire business around Binance, which is definitely a legit cryptocurrency exchange platform and one of the most popular ones out there.

My guess is that at some point, you will be able to earn by promoting Zeus’ Bounty and the Binance platform as an affiliate.

That’s why I don’t think that this program is a scam. It is, however, focused on getting people to promote it to as many people as they can, which may not be that appealing for a lot of people.

For example, there are other alternatives to making money online and starting a profitable business, that are based on people’s passions, hobbies, or interests. Find out how to monetize them below.

What’s Inside Zeus’ Bounty?

zeus bounty

Right now, the products and services offered inside Zeus’ Bounty can be separated into 3 different categories.

Affiliate Status & Downline, Creatives, and Zeuses Academy. The first one is all about helping you navigate within the platform, tracking your stats such as invites and downline.

Then there’s the Creatives section, which has a ton of banners and promo stuff about the platform that you can leverage to promote it and build your downline.

The Academy consists of 11 modules, all about growing an online business and making money online.

Even if you decide not to get involved with Zeus’ Bounty, the free training over there is really decent. Here’s a breakdown of each module inside and what you can expect to learn. There is one issue though. The last two models are not available yet.

Module 1 – Getting Started With Cryptocurrencies

If you are relatively new to the crypto world, this training can help you out a lot. It offers the basics that everyone starting out should know.

This includes things like getting familiar with the different currencies out there and how to spot winners in the industry. The entire first module can be completed in about 1 hour. It comes with 10 different lessons and they are as follows:

– Cryptocurrency Definitions.

– What is The BlockChain.

– How Government Agencies See Cryptocurrencies.

– Coin vs Token vs Currency vs Altcoin.

– Difference Between Limit Orders and Stop Orders.

– Cryptocurrency Mining.

– Crypto Wallets. 

Crypto Scams

– What Gives Crypto its Value.

– What is DeFi.

This module is focused on getting you to learn more about how to get your content, such as blog posts or videos ranked in Google and the other search engines.

If you do it right and learn how to deliver value to people searching on the web, you can create an awesome stream of free web traffic.

Think about how you found this particular article for a second and you can get a better understanding of how powerful this actually is.

I like this module because it teaches you what NOT to do as well as what you NEED to do. There are 10 lessons inside and you can complete them all in about 1 hour and 35 minutes. Here’s what to expect.

– Intro to Link Building.

– Link Building Through Facebook Outreach.

– Interlinking.

– Linking a Page to Itself.

– New Citations.

– Citations Through LinkedIn.

– Finding Industry Specific Citation Sites.

– How to Tell if a Link is Good.

– 10 Ways to Build Them.

– Follow vs No Follow. 

Module 3 – Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is all about connecting with people that have a big following on social media. As long as they are in your niche market, you can ask them for a shout out of your products/services and they can send a ton of traffic your way.

A lot of influencers do this, so as long as you can spend some money on influencer marketing, you should be able to leverage this opportunity.

However, you should probably approach this particular module with caution as there is no guarantee that you will make more than you spend.

Be smart about it. The entire module is 1 hour and 35 minutes long and consists of 10 lessons:

– Intro to Influencer Marketing.

– Influencer Marketing Over Paid Ads.

– How to Find Worthwhile Influencers and Spot Fake Ones.

– Manually Finding Influencers. 

– Twitter Lists to Find Influencers.

– Email Pitch for Influencer Marketing.

– Fyre and Influencer Disclosures.

– Example of Disclosures.

– Audience Sizes.

– Compensation Models.

Module 4 – Video Editing

Video is a big part of the internet world. You can leverage it to increase your online presence and revenue flow. The module has 10 lessons and a watch time of 1 hour and 35 minutes:

– Intro to Video Editing.

– Video Quality Item Checklist.

– Improving Your Videos.

– Case Study With Tim’s Early Video Mistakes.

– Case Study: Problems With Video.

– Preparing Your Videos.

– Video Format Options.

– Talking Head Video Genre.

– Screencast Video Genre.

– Picture in Picture Video Genre.

Module 5 – Social Media Marketing

– Intro to Advanced Social Media Marketing.

– Social Media Exercise.

– Intro to Facebook Marketing.

– Facebook News Feed Algorithm.

– Effective Selling on Facebook in a Legit Way.

– Facebook Groups vs Pages.

– Using Colored Background Posts.

– Where to Access Unlimited Free Images.

– Selling from Pinned Posts.

– Like Vs Share.

Module 6 – Twitter 1000% Engagement

– Intro to Twitter.

– Showing 1000% Engagement.

– Professional Twitter Branding.

– Twitter on Day 1.

– Personal vs Branded Account.

– Tweet Formula.

– Crossposting on Social Networks.

– Intro to Hashtags.

– Using Trending Tags.

– The Hashtag Algorithm.

Module 7 – Adwords With Youtube

– Video Sales Intro.

– Google Ads Account Setup.

– Youtube Ad Formats.

– True View Video Ads.

– Youtube Campaign Types.

– Non-Skippable Ad Scripts.

– True View Ad Pitch Script.

– Setting Your Ad Budget.

– Youtube Ads Bidding Strategies.

– Ads With CPV Down to a Penny Per View.

Module 8 – Youtube Thumbnails

– Intro to Thumbnails.

– Dimensions.

– Intro to Canva.

– Creating Youtube Thumbnails With Canva.

– Using Color Wheel.

– Examples of Thumbnails.

– Youtube Banners With Canva.

– Technical Setup of an Autoresponder.

– Finding Funny Memes. 

Module 9 – Augmented & Virtual Reality

– Intro to AR & VR

– What is VR (Virtual Reality)?

– What is AR (Augmented Reality)?

– AR or VR for Business.

– ZR & MR Definitions.

– HMD Overview.

– Intro to Blender & Offering as a Freelance Service.

– Game Engines Overview.

– Creating VR Settings With a Program.

– Meeting Spaces With VR.

What I Like About Zeus’ Bounty

zeuses bounty review pros vs cons

1. It’s Brand New. With similar programs, the earlier you get in, the higher your chances become to earn money online.

2. Free Training.
The modules presented inside this platform are completely free of charge and come with a lot of value.

3. More Resources Are Coming.
It looks like the owner of this program is doing a great job at presenting new innovative ways and resources to make money online.

What I Don’t Like About Zeus’ Bounty

1. It’s Focused Mainly On Getting The Members to Invite More People. Right now, it looks like there is a heavy emphasis on promoting the platform.

2. It’s MLM.
In my opinion, Multi Level Marketing is one of the hardest industries to break into. Most people that get involved do NOT make more money than they invest.

3. It’s Not For Beginners.
I think that mainly people with MLM experience can benefit from this program.

Is There a Better Alternative?

If you’re looking for a new MLM with a crypto element, and you don’t mind recruiting, nurturing your prospects, and making sure that they invite more people, then you may be able to leverage Zeus’ Bounty. 

However, if you’re looking for time tested, proven platform that will definitely NOT go away anytime soon, then you may want to consider other alternatives.

Especially, if you are a beginner with no prior experience in running an online business or making money online. I use the affiliate marketing business model, which in my opinion, is the best way for beginners to get started.

Using this model and the 4 step blueprint that you can see on the next page, I am able to earn consistent passive income. I’m also generating high ticket affiliate commissions of up to $1K per sale of products I don’t even own myself.

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