Wealth System Webinar Review

Welcome to my Wealth System Webinar review. This is one of the most expensive programs that I’ve come across. The only way to make money online with it is by promoting Wealth System Webinar and getting others to sign up with your special link. 

Everything is taken care of for you. From setting up a website to marketing and traffic generation. All you have to do is pay thousands of dollars and hope it all works out.

The business model you’re shown within Wealth System Webinar is affiliate marketing. A very legit and REAL way to make money online.

However, I think that Wealth System Webinar is one of the riskiest and most expensive ways to get started. Despite what you MAY have been led to believe, there are ZERO guarantees here.

Let me point out that I’m not affiliated with Wealth System Webinar, I’m not a member of this program, and I make money with affiliate marketing.

I’ve also reviewed MANY similar programs and ALL of them are sales funnels that lead to the same platform created by a couple of guys called Matt and Orlando.

Read on to get the full picture.

Wealth System Webinar Review Summary

Product Name: Wealth System Webinar

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Program

Product Owner: Blair Philips

Product Price: $3,247 – $21,847

Overall Score: 15/100

Recommended: No!

Summary: Coach Blair is an affiliate for a high ticket program called Matt’s Marketing Blueprint. By going through the sales funnel that is Wealth Webinar System, you will be presented with an opportunity to potentially earn a lot of money.

In return, you will get access to a bunch of outdated PLR products, a sales page that will be similar to what you’ve seen on WealthWebinarSystem.com, done for you lead generation, and more.

You can choose from four packages. Each one has its unique price tag and a set of PLR products that go along with them. The commissions you earn correspond with the level of membership that you’re on.

For example, if you pay the lowest entry fee of $3,247 and you start promoting the program, you will earn commissions ONLY for that membership level.

Making money with this program is possible, but it’s very risky and there’s a REAL chance of losing a lot of money here.

That’s why I think that there are better, cost effective alternatives for beginners that want to create a highly profitable affiliate marketing business.

What is Wealth Webinar System?

Wealth Webinar System is a done for you affiliate marketing system. It’s one of Blair Philip’s websites that promote a high ticket program. Flip The Career Switch is a lookalike website promoting the same system. 

Everyone that joins will get access to the same landing pages, lead capture pages, sales funnels, autoresponder messages, and traffic generation. The team inside this program will run paid ads all over the internet and promote their product with your affiliate link.

The only way to get the most out of your membership is by getting the most expensive one. That way, you won’t lose out on any commissions.

One more thing worth considering is the fact that you MAY end up paying more money for ads, which won’t be cheap either.

As a high ticket product, most people that see the offer won’t buy it. A rough estimate of a GREAT ad campaign is one conversion per thousand clicks. Most of the time, it will be less than that.

Is Wealth System Webinar a Scam?

Wealth System Webinar review legit or not

I can’t really say it’s a scam. Wealth System Webinar leads to an affiliate marketing program that has REAL potential. However, you will be taking on all the risks. There are successful people inside, and some of them are making good money. Most are probably not.

The whole point of this program is to get you taking all the risks and using your own face as a brand for this product while the owners sit back and enjoy all the sales that keep coming in.

Kind of like a pyramid scheme. On the upside, the costs are transparent and you know exactly how much you need to spend to get started.

Remember: Just because you’re spending a lot of money, does NOT guarantee that you will start making a lot of money. It only increases the risk. Affiliate marketing is one of my favorite business models.

Since I know that you can become a very successful and profitable affiliate without investing that much money, I can’t recommend it to beginners, or those on a tighter budget.

Beginner’s Alternative: Click Here!

How Does Wealth System Webinar Work?

Wealth System Webinar works by getting people to sign up for Matt’s Marketing Blueprint. Every time someone joins through Blair Philips’ website, he gets paid a commission.

The amount varies and depends on the membership level they upgrade to. When someone joins, they will be given the same website, tools, and resources.

Then, the marketing team inside will start running paid ad promotions, selling the same thing to others but with a different name and face. 

How Much Does Wealth System Webinar Cost?

Wealth System Webinar cash flow

There are four prices that you can choose from.

1. $3,247. This is the GOLD package. With it, you can earn commissions only from these types of memberships.

2. $7,447.
This is the PLATINUM package. You can now earn from the first two levels of membership.

3. $14,447.
This is the DIAMOND package. With it, you can get paid when someone you refer signs up for the gold, platinum, or diamond package.

4. $21,847.
This is the ROAYL package. It allows you to earn from EVERY level. 

How Much Money Can You Make With Wealth System Webinar?

The commissions you get paid can go up to 75% but in most cases, they are 50%. The catch is that there are admin fees associated with each paid membership. You earn a percentage of the sale without counting the admin fee.

For example, if you make a sale on the platinum package, you will earn $3,500. The total cost for this membership is $7,000 + $447 admin fee.

The gold package will get you $1,500 per sale, the diamond package pays $7,000 per sale, and the royal package can get you $10,500 per sale.

What I Like About Wealth System Webinar

Wealth System Webinar review pros vs cons

1. You Don’t Have to Do Any Hard Work. Most of the things are already done for you. You may end up talking in front of a camera, but everything else like promotions and marketing is already taken care of.

All you have to do is spend a ton of money for something that may or may not work. If it doesn’t you either keep going until it works or give up when you run out of money. 

What I Don’t Like About Wealth System Webinar

1. It’s Not Clear Who Operates The Business. The entire program is designed to get its members acting like they own the system. In reality, they don’t. There’s no way to find out who actually owns the program until you end up buying it.

2. Huge Income Claims.
To me, it looks like you’re almost guaranteed to make a ton of money with this program. In reality, there is no certainty. You won’t be able to spend 10 minutes per day and start banking $10K per month. Even if most of the hard work is done for you, these claims are unrealistic.

3. No Customer Reviews. You can’t find what people are saying on Trustpilot or any of the other platforms. That’s probably because there is no way to find out who the ACTUAL owners of this program are.

4. It Has a Lot of MLM Features. You join the program and get others to do the same with promises of lots of riches with little to no work. That’s how many pyramid schemes operate.

Is There a Better Alternative?

Affiliate marketing is a great way for beginners to begin their online journey. One of the best things about this business model is the fact that you can start making money with minimal investments.

When you’re charged over $20K for a program like that, it adds a ton of extra risks that can easily be avoided. 

My favorite program is created by people that aren’t afraid to be associated with it. It doesn’t cost a ton of money to get started, and you don’t need to worry about selling dreams to people.

On the next page, you will see the exact four step system that I’m using to earn up to $1K per SINGLE sale of a product, on top of recurring monthly income.

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