The Click Generator Review – Is The Traffic Good Or Not?

Welcome to The Click Generator Review. This platform was created for internet marketers looking to access high-quality traffic without paying a lot of money for it.

If you have a good offer to promote as an affiliate, or if you have your own, and are looking for ways to get more people to see it, The Click Generator may be able to help you.

At least, that’s what the founders of the platform, John Cornetta and Frank Selenas, claim

The idea is simple. You pay a monthly membership fee; in return, you leverage their email lists to promote your stuff.

However, conversion rates are generally lower with similar traffic sources, which is why they are so cheap.

Plus, it could potentially get saturated very quickly as more people get into the rotation.

I would recommend The Click Generator to internet marketers with an established offer that’s been proven to convert well.

Beginners with no experience should consider other alternatives more suitable for those who are just getting started with creating a wildly profitable online business.

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What is The Click Generator?

the click generator

It’s a traffic-generating system that offers access to buyer traffic for a very low price. It’s designed and marketed as a “set it and forget it” type of system.

You set it up once to start getting clicks and traffic to your links. The system uses an email rotator to distribute the traffic across all members.

The founders have various sources of traffic, such as CPA networks, to ensure new visitors to your offers daily.

To get started, all you need is to become a member and plug in your link in the rotator.

Is The Click Generator a Scam?

The Click Generator review legit or not

The Click Generator is not a scam. It’s a legit platform that will deliver on its promise. However, that does not mean that your traffic will convert at a high rate.

On the contrary, it’s more likely that you will have lower conversion rates compared to other traffic generation sources such as running paid ads or doing social media lead generation.

Furthermore, the platform is NOT recommended for beginners.

This is best suited for experienced individuals who know how to convert traffic into buyers.

If you’re just starting out, see below.

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How Much Does The Click Generator Cost?

The Click Generator costs $5/month. If you decide to pay for a whole year, you will get three months for free, which is a discount of $15. Keep in mind that this membership gives you access to only one affiliate link slot.

If you want more, you will have to pay extra. Each additional URL slot costs $20. As for getting a large number of clicks at once, the prices are as follows:

500 clicks = $500

1,000 clicks =$950

2,500 clicks = $2,250

These are the most expensive packages. The traffic is Top Tier, which means that it’s the highest quality they have in their ecosystem.

Can You Get a Refund?

No. The program does not give out refunds. All sales are final. This applies to the front-end price and all additional upsells along the way.

What I Like About The Click Generator

The Click generator reviews pros vs cons

1. Easy To Use. You don’t need any serious technical knowledge to get around the platform and learn how to use it properly.

2. It’s Inexpensive To Get Started. Getting started with The Click Generator is relatively cheap compared to other programs.

3. You Will Get Consistent Traffic. The quality may not be great, but the consistent flow of new visitors to your links increases your chances of getting more sales.

What I Don’t Like About The Click Generator

1. Results Will Vary. Depending on your niche and offer quality, you will get different results. Even if you have everything set up correctly, the traffic may still not perform well.

2. Some Users Are Not Happy. They’ve expressed disappointment in the quality of traffic, saying that their offers do not convert well when they use The Click Generator.

3. Not The Best Alternative For Beginners. People with little to no experience in internet marketing and making money online will likely not see any good results with this program.

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It’s the most beginner-friendly way to start a profitable online business that I know of.

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