100 Percent Clicks Review – Is This Platform Legit Or A Scam?

Welcome to my 100 Percent Clicks review. This is a platform you can use to promote different programs and services, mainly in the world of network marketing, affiliate marketing, and making money online.

100 Percent Clicks is a “safelist” type of program, which basically means that members can click on ads and earn credits so that they can promote their own stuff.

Think of it as a place for mutual advertisement. Internet marketers from all over promote their products and click on other Internet marketer’s ads, which results in exposure to their offers.

The earning potential is somewhat limited. The amount you can earn per click is very small. Many people use similar platforms, making it hard to stand out and get enough clicks to earn substantial income.

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How Does 100 Percent Clicks Work?

Members earn credits by clicking on ads displayed by other users. Each click earns a specific number of credits added to the member’s account.

These credits can then be redeemed to send promotional emails or display various types of ads, including banners and login ads.

You can use the platform’s mailer to send promotional emails to other members. Free members can email up to 500 users every three days, while upgraded members have higher reach and frequency.

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The platform also allows you to customize your ads with engaging promotional copy and a link to your website or offer to attract more clicks and engagement.

There are different types of ads inside. Email ads, banner ads, and login ads.

How Much Does 100 Percent Clicks Cost?


There’s a free and a paid option. 100 Percent Clicks’ free membership allows you to use the mailer every 3 days to send emails to 500 members.

You earn 30 credits for clicking on text ads, banners, and 50 credits for credit emails, and 100 credits for solo ads.

You receive 1,000 credits per referral and a 5,000 credit signup bonus, with 25% affiliate commissions on upgrades. The Gold membership comes with a one-time fee of $97.

With it, you can use the mailer every 2 days to send emails to 1,000 members. You earn 60 credits for text ads, and banners, 100 credits for credit emails, and 200 credits for solo ads.

You also receive 2,000 credits per referral and a 10,000 credit signup bonus, with 50% affiliate commissions on upgrades.

There are a few upsells and downsells that you will be exposed to once you become a member. The first one is a discounted version of the pro membership.

For $25, you can get part of the perks that come with the $97 offer and still upgrade to a Gold member.

There’s also a solo blast ad package offer that will cost you $101 for 80 – 100 clicks to any link of your choice.

Is 100 Percent Clicks a Scam?

100 percent clicks review legit or not

100 Percent Clicks is not a scam, but its effectiveness and profitability can vary based on user effort and expectations.

It operates as a legitimate credit-based advertising platform where users earn credits by clicking on ads, which can then be used to promote their own ads.

While the platform can be cost-effective, especially for free members, it requires significant time investment to earn credits, and the returns may be minimal for many users.

Upgrading to a paid membership enhances features and reach but involves additional costs.

Therefore, it is crucial to understand its limitations and potential before investing time or money. As an alternative, you can see how I make money online with this simple and very effective business model below.

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What I Like About 100 Percent Clicks

100 percent clicks pros vs cons

1. Free Advertising. The membership comes with an option to advertise your affiliate links or even your own products for free.

2. Global Reach. The platform can be used globally.

3. Affiliate Program. You can sign up to promote the program and earn affiliate commissions.

4. Community. You can network with like-minded people.

What I Don’t Like About 100 Percent Clicks

1. Time – Consuming. Earning credits by clicking on ads can be tedious and time-intensive.

2. Traffic Quality Varies. The effectiveness of ads can vary, affecting campaign results.

3. Email Overload. Receiving numerous promotional emails can be overwhelming.

4. Limited Access To Free Users. Free members have restricted access, requiring upgrades for better reach and features.

5. Limited Earning Potential. I don’t think that you can make a lot of money with this platform.

6. Not The Best Alternative For Beginners. I think that this is not the best way to start a profitable online business.

On the next page, I will show you the simple system I’m using to bank up to $1K per SINGLE sale using other people’s products and services.

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