The Affilorama Review – Can It Really Make You Money in 2020?

The Affilorama Review

Are you just getting started with Affiliate Marketing?

Or Maybe you have dipped your toes in the industry pool already?

Do you want FREE training?

This is the affilorama review – a full and honest in-depth presentation of all it’s features good and not so much…

What Exactly Is Affilorama AND How to Become an Affiliate Marketing Ninja?

Right off the bat lets start with a brief introduction.

Affilorama presents itself as a platform that teaches ordinary people like me and you how to make money online with affiliate marketing, email marketing, SEO & PPC.

It’s been around for quite some time now and its proven over the years to be a very successful and trustworthy platform.

It has made people thousands of $ teaching them the ways of the Affiliate Marketing Ninja (as I like to call it).
The Affilorama Review

“But Alex, some guru on the internet told me that affiliate marketing is dead”… well, that’s a load of you guess what.

Affiliate Marketing is very much alive in 2019 IF done correctly and Affilorama teaches EXACTLY that.

Affilorama Review + A Bonus At The End



Price: FREE Starter Pack With an Option to go Premium

Add On #1: AffiloBlueprint Membership – 197$

Add On #2 AffiloJetpack Membership – 997$

Add On #3 AffiloTheme – 97$

Add On#4 Path2Passive – 37$

Owner: Mark Ling

Overall Rank: 78 out of 100

Pro’s and Con’s of Affilorama

It’s FREE to join and you get over 20+ hours of video and learning materials without having to pay anything.

Pro: A great community to connect with and share thoughts and knowledge.

Pro: If you want to try the premium membership of Affilorama it will cost you only 1$ for the first 30 days. I kid you not.

Pro: You get FREE tools for affiliate marketers that will help you to research keywords, investigate backlinks, track your rankings and more.

The Affilorama Review

Cons: The paid training can be a bit pricey for some.

Cons: Affilorama provides you with a lot of options and choosing the right program may be difficult for newbies.

Who can benefit from Affilorama?

Anyone who wants to make money and is willing to put in the work.

Just like any other LEGIT platform, hard work and dedication will be required from you.
The Affilorama Review

This is an honest review and I will be lying if I said that financial success is going to happen overnight and it will require no effort from you whatsoever.

This is REAL talk and anyone that is promising you wealth and riches without having to do any work is simply after your money and nothing more.

With Affilorama there is an easy to follow step by step training with PROVEN methods that are working for other people.

The Affilorama Review

Keep in mind that CONSISTENCY and PATIENCE are key. With that being said, you can now ask yourself ”Is this really for me” and YOU and only you can answer that question.

Be honest with yourself, are you willing to put in the work?

Affilorama Tools & Training

Pathway2Passive: How Not to Screw up Affiliate Marketing

This training is self-explanatory. It’s for beginner Affiliate Marketers.

I recommend reading THIS article to have a glimpse of what this training is all about.

Even if you decide not to purchase it, it still has quite a lot of value that you can get a hold of just by reading the post.

AffiloTheme: The Fastest and Easiest Way to Build a Profitable Website

AffiloTheme offers and exclusive members-only access to a group full of successful people from which you can gain knowledge, experience and get help along the way All of the features and the offer itself can be seen HERE.

The Affilorama Review

1. AffiloTheme is designed to maximize your conversions & profits.

2. Six Themes in one, to make sure that you can create a stunning website.

3. Build in squeeze pages and opt-in form templates. Affiliate link cloaking. Sweet Header Creator.

4. Multiple color and font variations.

5. Easy Layout options.

6. Full Training is provided to show you exactly what each feature is about and how it can help you build your online business.

AffiloTools: Great Keywords tool that will help you get a better understanding of your SEO efforts 

Get info on all the DATA related to your keywords and ranking efforts. You can track your movement within the search engines.

Check out AffiloTools FOR FREE HERE.


2. It shows you which keywords are most relevant for your website and your rankings for each one.

3. You can track your rankings in multiple regions and search engines like Google Bing and Yahoo.

4. You can see all your social media shares and likes and your indexed pages whether they go UP or DOWN.

The Affilorama Review

AffiloJetpack: Email Marketing Gone Crazy. This is basically a done for you system.

Save a lot of time in exchange for money. It’s worth if you are willing to invest

 Check it out HERE. 


2. 90+ Pre Written Emails for your audience created to build trust and make sales. With a build in sequence made to prevent SPAM. Each e-mail that is being sent is done so with perfect timing.

3. Once you get people to subscribe to your newsletter, you can just set up everything like it’s taught in the AffiloJetpack and forget about it. Money making on autopilot.

The Affilorama Review

4. Build trust with your audience with these e-mails, because they all provide some sort of FREE value to the readers. That’s an important one if you want to make any sales online.

5. Don’t know how to get people to subscribe to your already made for your newsletter? Don’t worry, AffiloJetpack has got you covered.

I said that giving FREE VALUE to your audience is important and I meant it.


Mark Ling knows that too, that’s why he gives you 3 FREE REPORTS each one packed with a lot of value that your audience can get in exchange for their e-mail.

Clever, right?

Everything and I mean everything is done for you with AffiloJetpack including your website with 12 months of hosting and you get AffiloThemes for FREE.


With a graphic tool that will help you design your own professional logo and header image.
The Affilorama Review

My personal favorite. 20 content ”cheat”  sheets that will help any blogger, content writer and affiliate marketer to write great quality in any niche of your choosing (AffiloJetpack helps you with choosing a niche too – 18 known profitable niches to choose from).

The Affilorama review

“Ready for you” content without having to go through all the research (trust me it can take hours just to research a single product).

With these ”cheat” sheets you have all your research done for you. Each sheet can be used to create A LOT of content.

Even if you are not a professional writer and have never done articles like this one before, it won’t matter.

If you want to skip all that hustle, you can hire the same writers that Mark Ling uses for his websites (that’s a sure way of knowing they will be good at their job).

He is so confident about his products that he will give you…


Don’t Just Take My Word for it

These are some of the satisfied and now successful customers who took advantage of Affilorama and it’s features.

The Affilorama Review

The Affilorama Review
The Affilorama Review


Because you stuck around so far I want to offer you and exclusive invitation to a FREE TRAINING on how to make 112k a month with a proven 3 step strategy


20 thoughts on “The Affilorama Review – Can It Really Make You Money in 2020?”

  1. Affilorama is the best platform, I had no idea of affiliate marketing but after registering on the platform I was taught all I need to know and right now I can say I can now work on my own.

    The platform takes out time to provide us with the necessary tools and tutorials to grow your business to the peak.

  2. Affilorama is an affiliate program I don’t really know much about. I think you really did a good job writing such an insightful post on affilorama. I’m always skeptical about joining affiliate programs because there are always add-on after paying the initial fee. After reading your blog post on affilorama, I’m now confident in registering for affilorama program.

    Thanks for the write up

  3. Thanks for your review of Affilorama. Your articles are very helpful because gave been reading your articles much lately. I am intrigued by the amount for subscription for first month to be 1 dollar. That’s really amazing and if truly it is then it’s an opportunity one shouldn’t miss out. Their training packages are amazing. Thanks alot

  4. This definitely sounds like a great program to use for people looking to get started with affiliate marketing. For all the different tools and training you get it sure comes at an attractive price point. I love how they give out so much free training, and the $1 premium for 30 days is such a great deal. Other similar programs I’ve observed won’t even give you a sneak preview before you hand over $100s of dollars. The fact Affilorama gives you a free membership proves they’re confident in their product.

  5. Never heard about Affilorama, not until i came across your post. From the rank of 78/100 which you gave it makes me feel comfortable with the platform and also your review touched every necessary details that needs to be known about it, (both the pros and cons). The Affilio tools is also efficient in getting DATA related to the keywords and rankings. Nice post 

  6. Hey there,

    I’ve seen Affilorama for quite a few years, and although I haven’t tried it, it really seems like a legit program. I’m still concerned though because there are a few upsells, and I’m not sure what is good and what is not – or, what to choose and what to leave out.  What would you suggest for an aspiring, what for a novice, and what for an experienced affiliate marketer?



    • Hi Marios, For those who are just getting started with affiliate marketing I would recommend going through all the free training that’s provided In Affilorama. After that, check out Pathway2Passive. It’s perfect for beginners. For the more advanced affiliate marketers that won’t go to full on and take over the internet then AffiloJetpack would be the one to go for because it has everything that you need to do to build a successful online business. It’s all laid out in an easy to digest and comprehensible manner with a step by step training. 

  7. In as much as Afilorama has laid emphasis on the effects of hard work to succeed online, then it’s legit. When it comes to internet marketing, hard work, patience, and consistency are the keys to success in the online business world. This is a great article, keep up the good work. I am definitely bookmarking this post.

  8. Thanks for this informative review, I am very grateful coming across affilorama which seems to be a great platform with legitimate affiliate marketing training to new and intermediate affiliate marketers also love the benefits where member get access to a ton of lessons, videos, and tutorials to start you off. It is surely going to be a good start with such an amazing platform.

  9. Nice article there. It’s very informative as far as online affiliate marketing is concerned

    Have been hearing about affilorama for sometimes now and I didn’t have time to check out any review’s on it up until this post.

    I like how honest the review is from your end and you are not trying to cover the cons of online affiliate marketing. Which truly it takes time before anyone can make it on it. I will like to go for this program because a friend of mine has been telling me about it for a while now and I find this article to be useful because it explains more about it

  10. Hi,

    Thank you very much for sharing with us such an important article about Affilorama. Affilorama is the best platform, I’m now confident in registering for the affilorama program. A full and honest in-depth presentation of all it’s features I’ll be bookmarking to come back to it.Thank you again for such a nice post.

  11. Hi,

    I’m new to affiliate marketing. After reading the Affilorama review, I am very excited to work seriously on this platform in the future. I am pleased to see an offer of the first 30-days premium membership for just  $ 1 in wealthy by default. This offer will be a great help to beginners. They get a chance to prove their skills in affiliate marketing. Thank you for sharing the article.

  12. I love how you say to keep in mind that consistency and patient is the key. This is so true, we live in a instant gratification society and if we do not see results quick we just assume it is not working. This sounds like a really good program to try. I might even give it a try later on when I am getting some results from my current one. I believe that trying different ones might be good so you know the benefits of each. Thank you for a good review of affilorama.

  13. This seems like a legitimate program for those looking to get into affiliate marketing. It’s really nice that they give you a pretty good amount of training to go along with your membership. I do balk a little bit at the price of the Jetpack membership as for someone working on a budget, it’s a little steep. 

    One of the nice features though, is that the e-mail marketing seems very easy. 

  14. This affilorama platform sounds very interesting indeed! I am not familiar with the research tool Affiliotool so for me its worth checking it out to see what that is like.

    I am also drawn to the idea of having content templates, it could be a good way to get the newbie content to get into a writing flow. Thanks for this great review.

  15. Thanks for your honest review of the Affilorama system. I have heard of it before so I was glad to see a site like yours that I know and have come to trust give a review of it. Half the battle with reviews is just knowing who to trust. I saw you gave them a pretty high ranking in your review. I am looking to take my business further so you have given me a lot to think about. With the company offering a free trial I think it would be negligent of me not to try the program. I mean why not free is free so no risk right?  Thanks again. 

    • Affilorama offer’s excellent and up to date training that’s mainly focused on Affiliate Marketing. The best part of it is that registration is completely free with no hidden costs AND you have a lot of fresh content again with absolutely no cost. If you are interested in affiliate marketing then Affilorama would definitely be worth your time.

  16. Hi Alex:

    Thanks for the insightful post. Here is my experience during my search for an honest way to make a cool income online, I had run across a lot of fluffs online, so many hype and lots of nonsense from some industry experts. And after jumping in, it becomes pretty clear that the only real benefit to those platforms is for whoever is convincing me to buy it. (not for me) Yes, they promise to be there for you along your journey, but they aren’t. Then comes along Mark and Affilorama, and he has literally restored my faith in internet marketing, and delivering on promises. If there is any courses that one should focus on, Affilorama is one of them!

    Thanks for the article


  17. Thank you for the review of Affilorama. It is obvious that you have done your research on the subject matter as shown by your very in-depth review. I was wondering how this method compares to Wealthy Affiliate. Which one would be your top pick for the training and the price?. 

    • Wealthy Affiliate has a larger community that’s full of people who are willing to help others succeed in the online business world. I would have to say that the training on wealthy affiliate is more newbie friendly than the one in affilorama and WA is also FREE to join and doesn’t really have any upsells other than premium membership. I have a review of Wealthy Affiliate that you might want to see the link is HERE


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