Spreadsheet Millions Review

Welcome to my Spreadsheet Millions review. Can you really start making money online copying and pasting, or is this brand new method a scam you should avoid?

Here’s what you need to know. The sales page looks a lot like the many other “get rich quick” programs that are available on WarriorPlus

The main target audience is you. People that haven’t made any money online yet, and are looking for the faster and easiest way to do that. 

According to Spreadsheet Millions, you can be profiting from any niche market and all it takes is just a few seconds to produce the spreadsheets that people will be buying from you.

Apparently, the process is automated, and the market is huge. You can be making hundreds of dollars without doing any of the work yourself. In my opinion, the entire automated software is presented in a very misleading way.

By the time you’re done here, you will know exactly what you’re getting into, without any hype or exaggerated claims of income.

Ready? Let’s get started…

Spreadsheet Millions Review Summary

Product Name: Spreadsheet Millions

Product Owner: James Renouf

Product Type: Make Money Online Software

Product Price: $11 + Upsells

Overall Score: 15/100

Recommended: No!

Summary: Spreadsheet Millions is yet another hyped up software that claims to help you make recurring or high ticket sales. The 3 step process laid out makes the entire program look so easy to use and profit from.

You do the method, create a spreadsheet in seconds, and you sell it. Spreadsheet Millions is presented as a way to potentially increase your earnings to up to six figures per day.

In my opinion, this is way too exaggerated and most people that do purchase this program will end up extremely disappointed.

The founder of this program is a serial product creator with many launches inside WarriorPlus.

This leads me to believe that as soon as the hype around this brand new software goes down, it will be yet another useless product in the vast library of other outdated, low quality products.

The sole fact that you’re led on to believe that you can earn a ton of money fast and easy means that either the program is a scam, or the sales page is so incredibly misleading that most people will NOT earn anything with it.

Success, online and offline, comes when you put in the work. I’ve been exposed to many similar programs online.

When I see exaggerated claims of incredible cash flow in a matter of minutes or days, it usually indicates that the product itself is of low quality. That’s why I think that there are much better and cost effective alternatives that will ACTUALLY teach you how to make money online with no product or big investments.

What is Spreadsheet Millions?

Spreadsheet Millions is a program that utilizes people’s subconscious thoughts that drive them to pay more money for information on a spreadsheet.

If it’s presented that way, people are willing to pay a lot of money. At least, that’s what the sales page tries to convince you of. One of the statements over there is that this method can make you $40 a pop for 2 seconds of work. If that sounds too good to be true, you’re right. 

spreadsheet millions is hyped up

I’ve been making money online for over four years now and when I see a product with misleading copy such as this one, it’s almost always a low quality offer, AKA a shiny object that lures people in with false claims and promises of immense riches with little to no effort.

Is Spreadsheet Millions a Scam?

Spreadsheet Millions is NOT a scam. You are getting a product in exchange for your money. However, I can safely say that the entire website that sells this product is very misleading. 

While you are getting real software, It’s NOT going to be as easy to make money with it as advertised. Products like these operate in a very similar way.

You see all the testimonials from people that are profiting from it, the entire program looks as simple as pressing a few buttons, and you’re promised the world in exchange for a small investment.

What happens after you invest is that you will be showered with upsells and expensive upgrades that compliment the program in one way or another.

Nothing wrong with that, IF the product, was any good. When it’s not, even if you end up buying all the upsells, there is a slim to no chance for success.

How Much Does Spreadsheet Millions Cost?

Spreadsheet Millions costs a one time fee of $11 to get started. There are a few optional upsells and they are as follows:

Upsell #1 – $29

Upsell #2 – $39

Upsell #3 – $47

Upsell #4 – Crypto Ceos Final Mastermind ($1 for 3 Days then $29/month)

Upsell #5 – $97 

Upsell #6 – $997

As you can see, you can end up spending over a thousand bucks for this seemingly low ticket offer.

Can You Get a Refund?

Yes. Spreadsheet Millions is sold on the WarriorPlus marketplace, which means that it automatically comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Even if the vendor decides NOT to issue a refund, the platform that this product is hosted on will give you your money back with no questions asked.

What I Like About Spreadsheet Millions

Spreadsheet Millions review pros vs cons

1. Low Front End Cost. You can pay $11 and still get your money back. Apart from that, there isn’t much that I can say I like about this program. 

What I Don’t Like About Spreadsheet Millions

1. Hyped Up & Exaggerated Income Claims. The sales page promises six figure paydays. In a single day. As a newbie or someone with no experience dealing with similar make money online programs, this can sound very appealing. Everyone else simply knows that this is just a marketing tactic used by products that have no real substance.

2. Expensive Upsells.
If you’re not careful, you could fall into the trap of the upsells and end up paying way more than you anticipated. Usually, that’s not a problem. In this case, I don’t think that the product works, which means that you will only waste your money.

Is There a Better Alternative?

Almost anything is better than Spreadsheet Millions. Do you HONESTLY think that you can make six figures in a SINGLE day while all you do is copy and paste stuff?

You won’t. If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it and it would get very difficult very quickly. 

Forget about all the shiny objects that are out there and start looking for opportunities that do NOT promise you the world, but let you know what to expect realistically.

My favorite business model is affiliate marketing. It’s how I got started and how I got to a point where I’m earning a full time income online.

I owe it all to this very simple and highly effective four step system that you can see on the next page. Thanks to that system, I’m making up to $1K per SINGLE sale of a product I don’t even own myself, on top of monthly recurring income.

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