Sara Finance Review – What’s Her Net Worth?

Welcome to my Sara Finance review. In 2023, her net worth is over $500K. Her real name is Sara Rosalia. She is mostly known as a social media influencer and a dropshipping business owner that’s made over $1M with Shopify.

With a massive following of over 400K subscribers on Youtube, Sara is the go-to person for many people’s finance-related questions. 

In her own words, most people that get started online fail because they don’t take action. You’re never going to have all the answers so you might as well learn as you go. With the right marketing, you can sell anything. Even the most basic products.

The key is to focus on something that solves a problem. When you target the correct audience, and when the product is actually helpful, clients are much more likely to come back and buy from you again.

Repeat customers are very important when running any business online. 

In this video, Sara reveals her exact strategy for making over $1M with dropshipping. She even showed us the winning products that got her to that point.

Who is Sara Finance?

Sara Finance

Born in the US, she did not come from a wealthy background. Seeing her mom struggle to provide food on the table is one of the main reasons why Sara decided to do whatever it takes to achieve financial success.

At 15, she got he first job ever. Her idea was to save for future education. She wanted to pursue a career as a pilot, but that would cost about $200K.

That’s when she decided to search for ways to make money online and discovered Shopify and eCommerce. A few years later, she created a few wildly successful Shopify stores.

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What is Sara Finance’s Net Worth?

Sira Finance’s net worth is over $500K. That’s calculated from her combined streams of income including, her social media accounts, Shopify stores, courses, Youtube ad revenue, and brand advancement.

It looks like she is heavily focused on promoting her dropshipping and affiliate marketing courses by regularly uploading educational Youtube videos and leaving links to her programs.

Is Sara Finance a Scam?

Sara Finance is not a scam artist. If you look at her Youtube channel, you will see that she posts videos that help people make money in a very REALISTIC way.

She does not promote making money online fast. On the contrary, she talks about hard work, persistence, and putting in the work daily.

What Can You Learn From Sara Finance?

Sara Finance IG

According to Sara Finance, subscription products are the way to go. To make $6K per month, you need 300 recurring customers that pay you $20 each. 

There are many ways to find a winning product. You can use different tools. Some paid, others free. Sara recommends you use TikTok to find them using two strategies.

The first one is to go to the Creative Center. It will show you all the viral ads running on that platform. You can get inspiration from there and see exactly what products top advertisers promote. 

The other thing you can do is search up is “TikTok made me buy it”. Filter the results to the last 3 months and now you’re going to see relevant videos with winning products. 

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