Rainmaker Family Review

Welcome to the Rainmaker Family review. Can you really learn how to build a profitable online business, even if you are a full-time mom?

Here’s what you need to know. Chelsey and Stephen Diaz can teach you how to go from a consumer to a contributor on Amazon.

All it takes is a small shift in how you work the platform, and you can start making money from it.

It will take a few months to set everything up, and it’s not going to be free. Expect to spend a few thousand dollars on business expenses.

That excludes the course cost, which according to some customers, may not be as well-structured and beneficial as they claim it is on their sales page.

The Rainmaker Family Review Summary

Product Name: The Rainmaker Family

Product Owners: Chelsey and Stephen Diaz

Product Type: Amazon FBA Training Course

Product Price: $47 for The 7-Day Rainmaker Challenge and $5,000+ For The Coaching Program

Overall Score: 60/100

Recommended: Not For Everyone

Summary: This is a family-owned business that teaches aspiring mom entrepreneurs how to make money online with Amazon. You will learn how to open up an online store, what niche market to choose, where to find winning products, and everything else required to be a profitable seller.

The Rainmaker Challenge is a 7-day introductory course, where you will learn the basics of getting started. At the end of day seven, you will have an operational business. However, that alone will NOT be enough to start making good money.

The real coaching begins when you enroll in The Rainmaker Family coaching program.

To get a price quote, you will have to set up a call with one of the representatives. They will find out your circumstances and give you a price based on that. Don’t expect to pay less than $5,000.

If you prefer to avoid spending and risk losing that much money, see this cost-effective alternative below and find out why it’s my favorite program for creating a profitable online business as a complete beginner.

What is The Rainmaker Family?

The Rainmaker Family is a family-owned company that teaches and empowers mom entrepreneurs looking to increase their income and reduce their time spent working.

You’re promised a way to create a passive income-generating business in a few short months while spending only a few hours each week.

They believe that running an Amazon business is the best form of e-commerce out there.

You are leveraging a brand that people know and recognize, you don’t have to worry about packaging and delivering the products yourself, and you don’t have to worry about storing your products.

Amazon takes care of that for you. In exchange, your profit margins become very thin, and you have to rely on selling LARGE numbers of products to earn good money.

Chelsey and Stephen are so confident in their program, that they offer to pay you $10K if you try it and fail.

they promise to pay you if the program doesnt work for you

However, they fail to mention that, they reserve the right to nullify that promise as they see fit as per their privacy policy.

privacy policy of the rainmaker family

Is The Rainmaker Family a Scam?

The Rainmaker Family review legit or not

The Rainmaker Family is not a scam. It’s a legit training program that will show you a real way to start an online business.

The sales materials can be hyped up and make the entire opportunity look easier than it is. You may even get the impression that this is a guaranteed win.

It’s not.

However, it’s apparent that they don’t just want to take your money, either. Before scheduling a call with a representative of The Rainmaker Family coaching program, you will go through a series of questions to evaluate your fit for the program.

You will be asked questions such as “What is your income goal?” and “What is your current household income?”

They want to see if you can afford their program. If you can’t, they will let you know that it is not a good fit for you.

the rainmaker family application form results

Amazon FBA can be a very effective way to make money online. It’s also one of the most expensive ways to get started.

How Much Does The Rainmaker Family Cost?

The only way to find out how much it will cost you to join the Rainmaker Family is by scheduling a call with one of the sales representatives or closers.

Most of them work on commissions. Their job is to convince you to make the buying decision and to get compensated for it.

According to users, the price can range from $5,000 to $10,000. This user paid $5,800 and left a negative review on Trustpilot.

Amber H negative review on Trustpilot

If you want to get a feel of Chelsey and Stephen Diaz’s teaching style, you can enroll in the Rainmaker Challenge.

It’s a cost-effective basic course on getting started with Amazon. Nothing you can’t already find for free online.

It costs $47.

According to Chelsey, Stephen, and their team, you can start your new business with a budget of $1K.

reply from the rainmaker family saying that you can start with 1K or less

While it’s possible in theory, practice shows that your options will be VERY limited at the beginning, and you will struggle way more to kick things off if you start with around $1K.

I have reviewed a lot of Amazon FBA courses and training programs, and I’ve talked with many coaches. Most of them agree that to get the best possible chances for success, you will need a budget of at least $3K – $5K.

You will need to invest in inventory, pay a fee to keep it stored in Amazon’s warehouses, spend money on paid ads to get people to see your products, and hope that your profit margins are high enough to not lose money.

It’s definitely one of the more risky and expensive ways to get started.

Alternative: The Simple Cost Effective and Highly Profitable System I’m Using to Make Money Online

What Do Customers of The Rainmaker Family Say About The Program?

The Rainmaker Family has a 3.9 out of 5 stars rating on Trustpilot. People discuss both the 7-day Rainmaker Challenge and the flagship coaching program. Most user-generated comments seem to be positive.

Victoria positive review

Victoria said that most negative reviews are from people in the community who are not tech-savvy or just complain about everything.

According to that comment, you will have a hard time with this program unless you are a tech-savvy person.

Addison positive review

Addison said, “this isn’t just a program. It’s a transformative experience”. She highly recommends the course.

However, there are those who do not seem very satisfied with their purchase of The Rainmaker Family coaching program.

Sara M negative review on trustpilot

Sara claims that the costs keep adding up once you invest a little. You are asked to pay for various tools and software.

“There are techniques promoted in the course that are against Amazon terms and conditions, and many things about business that should be discussed that are not.”

Sara negative review

She also said that most people who enroll do not see success with the program. Apparently, she has personally spoken to dozens of families that have been poorly affected by this program.

The actual number could be way higher than that.

Lina Smith negative review

Lina accused the positive reviews on Trustpilot of being fake and generated by AI. It seems like she had an unpleasant experience with one of the sales representatives of the program as well.

What I Like About The Rainmaker Family

the rainmaker family review pros vs cons

1. Chelsey and Stephen Diaz Are Legit. They know how to create profitable businesses, and they’ve become great teachers to many students.

2. Real Business Model. Amazon FBA can be a very lucrative venture. As long as you have the capital needed to get started and keep things going, and as long as you’re fully aware that you may end up losing a lot of money.

3. You Can Take the 7-Day Rainmaker Challenge. It’s a relatively inexpensive mini-course that covers the basics of getting started with Amazon. It’s a prerequisite to their flagship coaching program and can give you a good feeling of how they do things over there.

What I Don’t Like About The Rainmaker Family

1. Hyped Up Marketing. The sales videos and marketing content make the entire opportunity look way easier than it is. The reality is that you will have to put in way more than just a few hours each week to start seeing good results. Even then, you may not.

2. It’s Expensive & Risky. You can spend tens of thousands of dollars on this business venture. There is a very real chance of NOT making more money than you spend. Keep that in mind.

3. Not The Best Alternative For Beginners. I think that this is not the best way for a beginner to start an online business. Too many risks and too much money are involved.

I know that you can create a wildly profitable online venture at a fraction of the price it would cost to start an Amazon FBA business.

On the next page, I will show you the simple system I’m using to bank up to $1K per SINGLE sale using other people’s products and services.

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