Push Button Profits Review

Welcome to my Push Button Profits review. Can you really make a ton of money online with very little effort whatsoever thanks to this program or is this just another scam that we should be avoiding?

If you were left with the impression that you can bank easy dough, then I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but you will be disappointed. Why am I saying this?

Because every single get rich quick program that’s out there is just filled with shiny promises and hyped-up marketing tactics to lure more people into buying into it.

Does that mean that this program is useless?

Not exactly, but you shouldn’t approach this with the idea that you will make a lot of money fast and easy either.

Let me be completely transparent by letting you know that I’m not affiliated with Push Button Profits, so I won’t be selling you on the idea of how great this thing is. 

Instead, this review will show you everything that this system is about without all the fluff and exaggeration.

Expect to find out what’s inside the membership area, how much does it all cost, and how much you can realistically expect to be making.

I’ve done the research so you don’t have to.

Ready? Let’s started…

Push Button Profits Review Summary

Product Name: Push Button Profits

Product Type: Done For You Web Traffic Solution MLM

Product Owner: Eric B.

Product Price: $47/Month – $144/Month + Traffic Costs

Recommended: No!

Overall Score: 20/100

Summary: Push Button Profits is presented as the ultimate solution for making a lot of money online with the push of a few buttons.

The reality is that this program is just a sales funnel that will try to get you to join a different digital platform called Traffic Authority.

In order to generate money, you have to promote this program to others, and when they sign up and pay for a membership, you will earn a commission payment.

In order to get more people to sign up, you would need to know how to get traffic (web visitor) to your product offers, and you can do that by taking advantage of Traffic Authority.

They will provide traffic packages starting from $220 for 170-190 clicks. This means that if you don’t know how to get it yourself, you will have to pay for traffic packages and hope that you get a return on your investment.

For these reasons, I don’t think that Push Button Profits is even remotely beginner-friendly, or useful for those that are just starting out.

Investing a ton of money upfront and hoping for the best, may not be the best solution for you.

What you can do instead, is learn how to create a sustainable passive income stream using free traffic sources like Google.

What is Push Button Profits?

Push Button Profits is a copy of one of the pages inside Traffic Authority, which is a platform where you can buy traffic, and promote your affiliate offers to earn money online.

Apart from all the hype that you can make a ton of cash fast and easy, you will be given an opportunity to promote Traffic Authority to others and earn a commission on multiple levels when others buy.

Push Button Profit was created by a guy called Eric B. We don’t know much about this person apart from the obvious fact that he is affiliated with Traffic Authority, and earns money every time someone joins through the Push Button Profit website.

Is Push Button Profits a Scam?

push button profits review legit or not

Is Push Button Profits a scam? Not really, but it is a misleading sales page that will get you to join an entirely different program.

Confusing and misleading? Definitely yes, but I would not go a far as to call this a scam, because you will be getting something for your money.

Push Button Profits is not going to automate the entire process that it takes to make money online unless you invest a ton of it upfront and hope for the best outcome.

Not the smartest thing to do in my opinion. If you’re willing to spend hundreds of dollars and more, on something that may or may not work, then this may be what you’re looking for.

As a beginner, I can imagine that you would much rather join a more cost-effective alternative that can show you how to create an online affiliate marketing business using completely free traffic methods.

How Does Push Button Profits Work?

If you want to start using Push Button Profits you would have to pay a monthly fee of either $47 for the Starter Package or $144 for the Top Earner Package.

Any of these packages will give you access to Traffic Authority. You can get the chance to earn from each person that you invite to join this program.

The commissions from the Starter Package are $16/Month per person or $40/Month for every Top Earner that you refer.

It’s important to understand that you qualify for commissions up to the level of your membership only.

In other words, if you are paying for the Starter Package, and a person that you referred buys the Top Earner package, you will not earn anything from that. 

If you also had the Top Earner Package, then you would have earner your share of the profit.

In order to start pushing this product to others, you will have to buy any of the traffic packages. Here’s a breakdown of all the traffic packages and the amount of link click that they can generate.

– Basic Package ($220) & 170-190 Clicks.

– Bronze Package ($440) & 350-380 Click

– Silver Package ($660) & 510 – 570 Clicks

– Gold Package ($1097) & 850-950 Clicks

– Platinum Package ($2197) & 1700 – 1900 Clicks

– Titanium Package ($4297) & 3400 – 3800 Clicks

– Diamond Package ($8397) & 8100 – 8400 Clicks

When you buy any of these packages, Traffic Authority will be promoted to a lot of people using your affiliate links until the designated link clicks are reached.

The amount of clicks that will convert into sales depends a lot on the quality of traffic. If they are all people interested in a similar opportunity then you have a higher chance of earning money online.

However, there’s always the risk of investing a lot of money upfront and getting little to no result, especially if you’re a beginner that’s just starting out.

Once you get someone to join, they will have to buy a traffic package and promote Traffic Authority as well.

When that happens you can earn a commission from each traffic package that your referral gets. Here’s a breakdown of the amount of money that you can make from your referrals.

– Basic Package ($80 in Commissions)

– Bronze Package ($160 in Commissions)

– Silver Package ($250 in Commissions)

– Gold Package ($400 in Commissions)

– Platinum Package ($800 in Commissions)

– Titanium Package ($1600 in Commissions)

– Diamond Package ($3200 in Commissions)

This is the amount of money that you can earn per person when they buy one of the above-mentioned traffic packages.

It’s important to understand that you need to have bought a traffic package that’s equal to or lower than the traffic package your referral gets, in order to qualify for the commission payments.

In other words, the only way to get paid when someone you refer buys the Platinum Package is if you have it yourself.

Either that or you would need to have the Titanium or Diamond traffic package.

Can You Benefit From Push Button Profits?

You can benefit from Push Button Profits only if you already know how to get others to join similar programs, and do not rely solely on the traffic packages that Traffic Authority has to offer.

You could go all-in on the traffic packages, but it will be VERY expensive. 

This is a “pay to win” type of digital program, where you stand a chance of becoming profitable only if you invest a lot of money upfront.

As a beginner, this is probably not the best solution for you, that’s why you should know what you’re getting yourself into beforehand.

Another thing that you need to realize is that the traffic that you will be buying may not always be of good quality, which means that you run the risk of operating at a loss for a considerable amount of time.

What’s Inside Push Button Profits?

push button profits review inside

Inside Push Button Profits, you will get the chance to join by getting the Starter Package or the Top Earner Package. Here’s a breakdown of what you will get with each one.

Starter Package

With the Starter Package you will get Traffic Reseller, and a set number of tools like tracking link creator, lead capture page builder, traffic rotator, and more.

Top Earner Package

This one offers everything that the Starter Package has plus Traffic Academy, which is a training course on traffic generation.

Basically you will learn how to take advantage of all the different ways to get traffic to your affiliate offer that you’re promoting.

In order to keep and maintain an active membership, you will have to buy these traffic packages on a regular basis, which means that the minimum amount that you should expect to spend is $220.

What I Like About Push Button Profits

push button profits review pros vs cons

1. It’s Been Here For a While. Push Button Profits basically promotes Traffic Authority which is an affiliate marketing program with multi level marketing elements in it.

It’s been around since 2011 which means that either they are doing something right, or no one has caught up to them yet.

2. There is an Earning Potential. The business model that you will be learning inside is something that is legit and works for some.

If you have some sort of traffic source other than what the traffic packages inside Traffic Authority offer, then you can make some money by promoting this program as an affiliate.

What I Don’t Like About Push Button Profits

1. Hyped Up Income Claims. The amount of money that you can supposedly generate with this program is unrealistic and anyone that is misled into believing that they can make easy money fast will end up being very disappointed.

The sales page uses all sorts of marketing tactics to make more people buy into this system, regardless of the fact if this is actually going to help them or not.

2. Misleading Product.
Push Button Profits is NOT what it claims to be. It’s just a sales funnel that pushes Traffic Authority and nothing more.

Even though this program is being promoted as a push-button system that can generate you tons of cash on autopilot, that’s NOT the case.

In fact, you can see Traffic Authority’s income disclaimer. It clearly states that in order to become successful in this business you will have to put in hard work, dedication, and good sales skills are a must. None of that is ever mentioned on the Push Button Profits sales page.

3. It’s Multi Level Marketing. This means that you can earn money from the people that your referrals invite as well.

Although this can give you even more ways to generate money, it’s important to understand that in most MLM cases, 99% of people who are involved with them, end up losing more money than they make. The FTC presents these statistics here.

4. It’s Expensive.
The traffic packages inside Traffic Authority are very expensive. This means that you will be paying a minimum of $220 for unreliable traffic that may or may not convert into sales.

FYI most people don’t end up being profitable for a while after they join, and this is especially true for beginners.

Do I Recommend Push Button Profits?

Not really, and here’s why. Push Button Profit is just a sale page made to funnel you through to Traffic Authority, which means that it’s a product created by an affiliate of Traffic Authority.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but in this case, it is a problem.

Why am I saying this?

Because the sales page is extremely misleading and doesn’t remotely mention anything related to what Traffic Authority does.

Many people will end up being misled into thinking that they can get rich quick when that’s just not true.

Maybe the owner of Push Button Profits will get rich by misleading others into buying but definitely not the ones buying it. 

As a beginner, you will have to invest hundreds upfront on a monthly basis to have the smallest chance of becoming profitable.

This is a big investment for something that may or may not work.

When you consider the fact that there are far better and cost-effective opportunities out there, I don’t see any real value for anyone in spending that much money online.

With that said, if you’re looking for a way to start a profitable passive income online business as a complete beginner, then you should see how these people are banking profits using a simple yet incredibly effective blueprint that so many neglect and lose out on that opportunity forever.

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