Online Business Academy Review – Is Dave Nick Platform Legit?

Online Business Academy is a platform with various courses that teach different money-making skills online. This review will explore them and show you what you’re getting into.

You can choose from over five categories, ranging from YouTube automation to freelancing and affiliate marketing.

In total, Online Business Academy has 15 different courses, each with its own price tag.

Additionally, you can explore opportunities to connect with like-minded people who are also members of the platform and promote your services.

Dave Nick, the founder of this program, offers consulting services for $599 per hour. If you are an expert at something related to making money online and you’re looking to offer your consulting services to this platform’s broad audience, you can do that.

Online Business Academy Review Summary

Product Name: Online Business Academy

Product Owner: Dave Nick

Product Type: Online Training Platform

Product Price: $0 – $6,400

Overall Score: 65/100

Recommended: Not For Everyone

Summary: Nick’s platform is filled with experts and self-made entrepreneurs. Each one has their own expertise and their own way of teaching. His flagship product is the Online Business Club.

It comes with a one-time fee of $395. It includes new courses that are added each month, a community, an upgraded affiliate program for the Online Business Academy, and a bunch of job opportunities that can help you make money from home.

As proof of concept, the sales page for the Online Business Club is filled with student success stories.

It looks like Nick’s methods and years of experience in the online world are helping a lot of people.

However, you have to remember that this is NOT a guaranteed win. Just like with most business models, you run the risk of losing a lot of money.

What is Online Business Academy?

Online Business Academy is Dave Nick’s training platform. It comes with 6 categories you can choose from.

Each one covers a specific business model and dives into the nitty gritty of achieving success with it.

The categories are called YouTube Automation, Online Businesses, Money Making Club, Artificial Intelligence, Memberships, and Lifestyle.

You can even apply to upload your own course into their ecosystem and earn monetary rewards based on your performance and the people who sign up for your online courses. To apply, you need to schedule a call with a representative.

They will evaluate your skills and let you know more about the requirements for joining OBA as a Creator.

YouTube Courses

Five courses focus on creating content on YouTube and making money from it. The first one is led by Joachim DC. He will show you how he makes over $100K per month with faceless channels.

He will teach you how to create and monetize a lot of channels without having to show your face and without spending a lot of money to get started.

More importantly, you will learn how to automate the entire business to free up your time. The course costs $498 (one time).

The second program is led by Dave Nick. As an incentive to join his course, you will get access to a tool that usually costs $460 per year for free.

This program is called Advanced Online Business Automation and costs $395/year.

Inside, you will learn how to get free traffic from Google, YouTube, and TikTok. The next course is taught by Dave again.

He will teach you how to make money with Shorts. In his own words, this is the EASIEST way to get a lot of views.

The course costs $795.

Next, you have a completely free course that covers beginner steps to starting your own YouTube channel and learning how to get more views.

This is a very basic, beginner-friendly course that can help you get your feet wet, so to speak. The last course in this category is led by Alex Kramer.

Inside, you will learn how he makes over $5K per month in small niches that can easily get sponsorships and deals.

This course costs $395.

Online Business Courses

The first course in this category is The Art of Selling Digital Products. It’s designed to teach you how to make money with AI-created digital products.

The course creator makes over $10K/month with this method, and he will charge you a one-time fee of $199 to access it.

The second course is all about CPA marketing. It’s led by Nate Co, who calls it the Million Dollar CPA Marketing Playbook.

Cost Per Action means that you get paid whenever a prospect performs a specific action thanks to your marketing efforts.

This could be signing up for a newsletter, or simply clicking on an ad. For a one-time fee of $195, you can learn beginner-friendly ways of scaling your affiliate marketing campaigns using CPA marketing.

The next course is Dave’s Online Business Club AKA the Intelligent Approach to making money online.

Then, you have the most expensive course inside the Online Business Academy. It comes with a steep price tag of $6,400.

You get to have weekly meetings and plan your strategy one-on-one with coaches and Dave Nick.

This helps you stay up-to-date with the latest in online business and see what’s working for others.

You also get lifetime access to a club for online business leaders where you can chat with successful folks, join private events, and save a bunch of money on membership fees.

Plus, there are over 60 video lectures and more than 100 ready-to-use resources and templates to help you grow your business easily.

It’s created for exerts looking to scale their business. Next, it’s the Online Business Models course.

It includes 50 business models you can start right now to reach your first $1K/month. It costs a one-time fee of $49, and it’s updated for 2024. The last course in this category is completely free.

It claims that it will teach you how you can make a minimum of $5K per month and get your first five clients.

It’s suitable for copywriters, video editors, and SMMA owners.

Artificial Intelligence Courses

The first course in this category is the Online Business AI Supercharger. It costs a one-time fee of $495 and teaches how to start an online business using AI tools.

The second and final course is all about building a $10K/month Online AI Automation Agency. It costs $195, and it’s suitable for beginners.

Copywriting Courses

This category has only one course for now. It’s focused on teaching you how to start a copywriting business and scale it to over $10K per month.

The core teachings include how to write effective copy, how to sell your services, the best free and paid traffic sources, how to get five clients in a week, and how to scale to $10K using the right systems.

Affiliate Marketing Courses

There’s a single course here too. It’s taught by Ross Minchev, a very popular and successful internet marketer with huge expertise in promoting other people’s products and services.

Ross will teach you how to make money as an affiliate using a method called the video review process.

This means that you will be reviewing various products online. The course comes with a one-time fee of $199.

Is Online Business Academy a Scam?

Online Business Academy review legit or not

Online Business Academy is not a scam. It’s a legit training program suited for people serious about making money online and starting their own business.

The main focus of most of the courses is on YouTube and automation using AI tools. Ideally, you should be at least somewhat interested in these topics to get the most out of the program.

However, there are many courses inside, each with its own price tag, which could confuse some beginners.

Especially, if they are not sure which path to follow. Additionally, many of the courses inside the platform cost a lot of money and may not be suited for everyone.

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Can You Get a Refund From Online Business Academy?

Yes. There’s a 14-day money-back guarantee in place that’s conditional. If you’ve watched and consumed less than 15% of the content from your purchase, you can get your money back with no questions asked.

This refund guarantee does NOT apply for one-time purchases other than courses, events, memberships, and services.

What I Like About Online Business Academy

online business academy Reviews pros vs cons

1. High-Quality Content. The material provided inside is top-notch. Every course is taught by an expert who knows exactly what it takes to make money online with the methods they teach.

2. Free Courses. A few of the courses inside are free. This can give you a general understanding of the lesson structure and help you to better understand what it’s like inside one of the paid programs.

3. It’s Risk Free. As long as you don’t pay for any of the expensive services like consulting, your purchase is risk-free as it comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee. This applies to all paid courses inside the program.

What I Don’t Like About Online Business Academy

1. Some Services and Courses are Pricey. This means that not everyone can benefit from everything that’s included in the program.

2. The Refund Policy Comes With Strings. It’s contingent on the client not viewing more than 15% of the content. If you don’t do your research, you can lose your right to a refund.

3. It Can Be Confusing. Choosing the right training course for you can be difficult due to the many choices you’re presented with. If you decide to buy a bunch of them at once, you can spend a lot of money upfront.

As an alternative, you can see my favorite cost-effective program and find out how I make up to $1K per SINGLE sale using other people’s products and services.

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