eCom Degree University Review- Is William Rivera Legit?

Welcome to my eCom Degree University review. Can you really create a successful and profitable eCommerce business with William Rivera’s course, or is it another scam to avoid?

Here’s what you need to know. This is a legit program that will teach you how to create a Shopify store, list products, build an audience, and sell them products.

At its core, the course will show you how to start your own brand.

The second part of eCom Degree University is an in-depth course that shows you how to start selling on Amazon. 

This review will go over everything you need to know about William Rivera and his programs. It will also give you a REALISTIC breakdown of the business model and present you with alternatives that you can explore. 

Let me point out that I’m not affiliated with this product in any way or form, so don’t expect a thousand low-quality bonuses as an ethical bribe for joining through my links.

By the time you’re done here, you will know exactly what you’re getting into without any hype or exaggerated claims of income.

Ready? Let’s get started…

eCom Degree University Review Summary

Product Name: eCom Degree University

Product Owner: William Rivera

Product Type: eCommerce Dropshipping Course

Product Price: $1,497

Overall Score: 65/100

Recommended: Not For Everyone!

Summary: This is a training course filled with tons of value and practical information that anyone can implement to achieve success online.

You will learn how to find products, buy them cheaply, and sell them at a higher price for a profit.

When it comes to similar courses, you’re usually shown how to buy in bulk from places like Aliexpress or Alibaba, send these products to one of the many Amazon warehouses, and then try to sell them.

There is, of course, the complete opposite approach, and what William Rivera teaches is to create your own Shopify store, list a bunch of products for sale without buying them, and wait for people to purchase them instead.

When that happens, you simply act as the middleman between the client and the manufacturer. No matter what approach you decide to take, you WILL end up spending money on paid ads, which means that you should have at least $1K ready to spend on paid ads in the first month.

If it just so happens that you don’t get a good return on your investment, you will either quit because you can’t afford to spend any more money, or you will keep following the “proven process” until it eventually works out for you.

If you’re a beginner or on a tight budget, then I suggest that you take a look at this alternative below and learn how to create a wildly profitable online business without spending a ton of money upfront.

What is eCom Degree University?

It’s a course that follows a proven business model that many people are already utilizing to run successful online businesses.

The founder of eCom Degree University, William Rivera, teaches a proven concept that can be summarized in a few simple steps. Here’s a breakdown of the 4 step process that you will learn:

Step #1 – Finding Profitable Products.
This is a key part of the training and it’s what will determine your success or failure. Even if you do all of the other steps correctly if your products don’t sell or the profit margins are non existent, you will quickly go out of business.

net profit margin

Step #2 – William Rivera’s Step By Step Guide. This is the exact process that he used to go from $0 to $350,000 without paying any money for online ads. I still think that most people who enroll in his course will likely end up spending money on ads.

Step #3 – Important Tools & Software.
There are many tools and software that can make your life as an eCom business owner much easier. Instead of trying to figure out which ones are best suited for your needs, you can simply leverage the ones that William is using for his own Amazon/Dropshipping business.

Step #4 – Done For You Scripts. You can send them to your suppliers to negotiate the best deals and avoid looking like you don’t know what you’re doing. You will get access to the exact scripts that Rivera is using in his own business.

How Much Time & Money Do You Need to Spend Working on Your eCommerce Store?

ecom degree university sales snapshot

According to the founder of this program, you only need up to a couple of hours of your spare time per day to achieve success.

Some success stories are from people who run their business entirely through their phones.

It may sound like a good deal, but in my opinion, if you only spend a couple of hours daily, you would have to spend a lot of money to fast-track your progress to potentially see any results in the foreseeable future.  

Otherwise, you’re probably looking at many MONTHS of no results and very little progress. 

Is eCom Degree University a Scam?

eCom Degree University review legit or not

No, it’s not. eCom Degree University is a legit program that shows you exactly how William Rivera made over $350,000 with his eCommerce store.

While the blueprint is legit, he does oversimplify things. The workshop makes it look easier than it is. That’s why reviews like this one exist. To help you see the full picture, not just the good side of this business model.

If you were left with the impression that it would be EASY to achieve the same, or any, success while following this program, you’re wrong. 

I do like the transparency of things on his website. He makes it clear that the low-cost course comes with an upsell that’s priced at $997.

If you don’t have a few thousand to invest in this venture for things like a Shopify subscription, which is a platform that will help you create your eCommerce store, online ads, and other software, you could have a hard time seeing things through to success. 

That’s why I think that there are better, cost-effective alternatives for beginners to explore. 

Who is William Rivera?

William Rivera

He is a self-made successful entrepreneur. From working at LA Fitness for $8/hour to running profitable Facebook ads and selling physical goods on Amazon and through his own dropshipping store. It all started when he saw a dropshipping ad on YouTube.

Soon he began going to networking events in Atlanta and met someone who was making a fortune in the eCommerce space.

That was the proof of concept that heeded to KNOW that this business model is not some sort of hoax and that people were actually making money online with it. 

That’s when he got serious and started watching more YouTube videos, buying a ton of courses, and spending all of his money from LA Fitness on Facebook ads testing different products to see what works.

One day when he was scrolling through his Instagram feed, he found an ad about a bracelet. He liked and commented on that ad because it was about dropshipping and eCommerce. He basically told the algorithm that he WANTS to see more ads like this one.

When you do this over and over again, you can turn your feed into a product research machine, which is exactly what William Rivera did. 

Fast forward to today, he now has a course called eCom Degree University, where he teaches everything he knows about running a profitable dropshipping business on Amazon and creating your own online store via Shopify.

According to him, the best type of ads that you can run to promote your physical products is Instagram ads. That’s where he found the most success.

What’s Inside eCom Degree University?

Right now, two courses are being offered in this program. The first one is about leveraging Amazon to sell physical goods and the second one is all about creating your own online store.

The Amazon course is kind of like an introductory offer designed to get you to learn all the basics of this business model.

The other one costs a lot more, but it covers all the information that you need to create a thriving online dropshipping business. Let’s take a look at each one below:

Steb By Step Ecommerce

Learn everything about setting up your eCommerce store from scratch. This includes designing it to make it look professional, finding winning products in any niche, gaining brand awareness, and increasing your prices based on brand recognition.

This is all broken down systematically. William Rivera will hand you over the exact blueprint he used when he got started.

That way, you can avoid making the same mistakes as him and reach a profitable point in your journey faster.

Running social media ads will be your main way of acquiring new visitors to your websites. In other words, you will need a solid budget.

eCom Degree – The Complete Curriculum

This is the flagship program that the owner wants you to buy. It’s where he makes the most money. As a member, you will get both video and PDF formats of the following training content:

– How to Set Up Your Store & Backend.

– Building Professional High-Quality Store Designed to Convert Visitors into Buyers.

– Finding Winning Products in Any Niche Market.

– How to Attract Awareness for Your New Brand and Build Credibility.

– Online Ads Training.

– Scaling, Monetizing & Automating Your Online Business.

The next part of the course covers selling on Amazon in even more detail. Here’s what you will learn:

– Full Breakdown of The Business Model and a Step By Step Guide on Becoming a Seller.

– How to Sell Name Brand Products in Large Quantities.

– Getting a Reseller Permit & Avoiding Taxes on Inventory.

– How to Find High-Quality Suppliers and Build Lasting Relationships With Them.

– What Tools and Software to Use.

You will also learn key methods for reducing your ongoing costs, such as forming relationships with your supplier, getting a reseller permit to avoid paying taxes, and selling name-brand products at scale.

How Much Does eCom Degree University Cost?

Ecom Degree University costs a one-time payment of $1,497

Can You Get a Refund?

Yes. There’s a 30-day money-back refund policy under the conditions that you’ve gone through the entire course in full, have set up an Amazon seller account or fully built Shopify store, and you show proof of Facebook ad spent or that you’ve opened a wholesale account. According to their refund policy, all refunds are discretionary.

What I Like About eCom Degree University

eCom Degree University review pros vs cons

1. The Course Owner is Transparent. You will learn exactly what you’re about to get from the sales video. William Rivera mentions that the low-priced Amazon Crash Course is only part of the offer and that you will be pitched a higher-priced program when you make your purchase.

2. High-Quality Training Content. The methods taught inside work, have been tested out by the founder of this program and many of his students.

3. It’s Beginner Friendly. Even if you aren’t tech-savvy or experienced in business, you can still get a lot of value from this program.

What I Don’t Like About eCom Degree University

1. It’s a High Ticket Offer & The Costs of Running Your Business Can Add Up. If you decide to go all in and spare no expense, you’re easily looking at thousands of dollars down the drain with ZERO guarantees for success.

2. It’s Not The Best Way for Beginners to Get Started.
In my opinion, people who are new to online business should look for less expensive ways to get started. You never truly know if something is for you until you try it. In this case “trying things out” could cost you a small fortune.

Is There a Better Alternative?

This review went over everything you need to know about the program, the workshop, and William Rivera.

While eCom Degree University can surely be considered as one of the better courses out there, I still think that there are better ways for beginners to get started with making money online.

My favorite way is to leverage OTHER people’s products to create a profitable online business. That way you don’t have to deal with customer complaints, refunds, chargebacks, and you don’t have to constantly update your products/offers.

All you have to do is send traffic (web users) to a landing page or website that’s already been created by someone else and share in on the profits with the owner.

It’s much easier and way cheaper than any other business model, including dropshipping.

Using this model and the simple system that you can see on the next page, I am able to earn a full-time income from home and up to $1K per SINGLE sale of a product I don’t even own myself.

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