My Lead Gen Secret Review

Welcome to the My Lead Gen Secret review. Can you really make money with the leads from this platform, or is it a waste of time and resources?

Here’s what you need to know. Getting 100 leads per day can definitely help your online business secure more conversions and increase your revenue flow.

As long as they are high quality, relevant leads and you have a good system in place, that is.

While the price of these leads is cheap, that doesn’t guarantee their quality, which is what will be discussed today, alongside everything else you can expect from this platform.

It’s important to emphasize the fact that I’m not affiliated with My Lead Gen Secret. Don’t expect a thousand low quality bonuses as an ethical bribe for joining through my links because you won’t find any.

No hype or exaggerated claims either.

Ready? Let’s get started…

My Lead Gen Secret Review Summary

Product Name: My Lead Gen Secret

Product Owner: Jim Harmon

Product Type: Multi Level Marketing Business Opportunity and Lead Generation Platform

Product Price: $60, then $30/Month + Upsells

Overall Score: 65/100

Recommended: Not For Beginners!

Summary: The most important thing about My Lead Gen Secret that you need to know is that the leads are cheap, work great for some, and are suitable for business owners in the internet marketing, make money online space.

If you have a niche website that’s focused on something else like health and fitness, for example, then the leads offered here will not work for you.

If you know what it takes to convert leads into buyers, then this program has a real chance of helping you make more money online.

However, if you’re a beginner with no prior experience, I do believe that there are better, more suitable alternatives you can explore.

Learn how to create a profitable online business that revolves around generating organic, completely free traffic and leads below.

What is My Lead Gen Secret?

My Lead Gen Secrets is a platform that can send you leads every day for a low price. You get charged $1/Day for 100 leads. In other words, you can definitely get your hands on some cheap paid traffic. 

Here’s something else to consider. When you buy from this platform, you will get additional details on each lead, such as their name, email address, etc. 

However, they will be cold, which basically means that the conversion rates might be lower compared to hot or warm leads.

That’s why it’s important to have a great sales funnel in place that’s designed specifically for this type of audience. 

In case you don’t know what this terminology means, here’s a quick rundown to help you get a clearer understanding.

What Are Cold Leads?

Cold leads are when you get traffic, email opt-ins, and such, from people that have never heard of you or your products and services before.

Since these types of leads have never shown an interest in you or your offers, you have a higher chance of getting negative reactions out of your paid marketing campaigns. 

You might have to work harder to build that initial trust too. 

What Are Hot Leads?

Warm or hot leads are people that already know what you or your offers represent and, usually, trust you enough to at least take a look at your promotions.

This means lower spam complaint rates, more open and click through rates, which is what’s important when it comes to My Lead Gen Secret because you will be learning mostly about email marketing.

Think about it this way. Who would you rather hear from, a complete stranger you know nothing about, or someone that you already know is an expert in their respective field? 

Is My Lead Gen Secret a Scam?

My Lead Gen Secret review legit or not

My Lead Gen Secret is NOT a scam. It’s a real platform that offers real services to people interested in making money online and helping others do the same. 

However, there are a few things to consider about this platform and other similar ones.

Sometimes, when too many people start sending strictly promotional content to their email list, people may start to report them as spam. Especially if you’re sending unsolicited emails.

If too many of them do that, the algorithm will be sending your emails straight to the recipient’s spam folder.

If enough people that use the same autoresponder to send out emails get marked as spammers, the autoresponder software will suffer as well. 

With My Lead Gen Secret, you’re allowed to use their own autoresponder only. The problem that could potentially arise from this important fact has to do with the deliverability rate to your recipients’ inbox.

In my opinion, it’s likely that you won’t be getting as high open rates and CTR (Click Through Rate) as you would expect.

If you are thinking of a way to increase the chances of your emails getting to your leads’ primary or promotional tabs, you may decide to use other autoresponders that have great reputations, such as GetResponse or AWeber.

However, if they catch you sending out cold emails to prospects, promoting My Lead Secret, you risk getting your account banned or removed.

You may not be able to fully leverage some affiliate platforms like ClickBank to promote stuff either. 

These are some of the things that I think are worth considering. The platform is definitely not a scam and you can get a ton of leads with it, but you may not be able to use them as efficiently. 

In my opinion, there are better ways to start a highly profitable online business without spending money on paid ads to generate leads.

What’s Inside My Lead Gen System?

my lead gen secret inside

My Lead Gen System provides you with leads every day of the month. You can get as many as 3000 leads per month.

There’s also the option of becoming an affiliate for this program and earning commissions each time you help someone become a paying member using your link.

Depending on your offer, you can send your leads to webinar sales funnels, landing pages, squeeze pages, or checkout pages.

Your sales funnel should be cultivating enough to help convert your leads into customers and referrals.

My Lead Gen System Compensation Plan

My Lead Gen System’s compensation plan structure has an MLM (multi level marketing) structure.

You can earn when you invite others and help them do the same. This process can go on until the 5th level.

In other words, you can earn from your referrals, the ones that they invite, and so on. Here’s a more detailed look into the compensation structure.

Level 1 Pays Out $5/Month Per Person.

Level 2 Pays Out $4/Month Per Person.

Level 3 Pays Out $3/Month Per Person.

Level 4 Pays Out $2/Month Per Person.

Level 5 Pays Out $1/Month Per Person. 

As for the $60 starting price, you can earn $10, $8, $6, $4, $2 on 5 levels.

You get the point. If you want to earn good money as a promoter of My Lead Gen System, you need to recruit a lot of people.

Doing that alone without the help of your team will be really hard. To hype you up and encourage you to promote this platform, they have a bunch of bonuses for referring more people.

For example, if you can send at least 1 new customer to them each month, you will start getting double the leads (200 per day) for the same price. 

How Much Does My Lead Gen Secret Cost?

The price of My Lead Gen System is $60 upfront and $30 each following month. Your initial investment will also cover the costs for your leads for the first month.

You will be paying for the attention of people in Top Tier places like the USA, Canada, UK, Australia.

What about a refund?
You can get one within 30 days.

How Can You Make Money With My Lead Gen Secret?

There are 2 main ways that you can make money online with this system. You can be one of the members that promote My Lead Gen Secret to others and earn on multiple levels, or you can promote affiliate products and services.

The choice is yours. However, there is a chance to get subtly encouraged to build a team of Top Earners that all have the same goal in mind. Spreading the word about this platform.

You should also remember that this market is a niche specific one. You can’t just promote whatever you like, or you won’t get any results. The target audience here is interested in making money online.

What I Like About My Lead Gen Secret

My Lead Gen Secret review pros vs cons

1. Cost Effective Leads. High quality and low price does not always come together. In this case, it looks like it does.

2. Jim Horman is Legit.
He knows what it takes to succeed in this industry and how to teach others to do the same.

3. Compensation Plan.
It’s structured in a way that allows you to earn in different ways. 

What I Don’t Like About My Lead Gen Secret

1. You Will Be Promoting Your Stuff to People That Don’t Know You. This is a big one in my opinion. Getting cold leads will result in fewer conversions.

2. You Can’t Use Other Autoresponders.
You have to use the one that’s available within the platform. If you’re promoting My Lead Gen Secret, this may not be such a bad thing.

3. It’s Not For Beginners. If you don’t have decent experience with online marketing, then you may not be able to utilize the leads provided for you. 

Is There a Better Alternative?

If you are a beginner with no previous experience, I think that it’s better to start off by learning how to attract free traffic and leads.

This is a cheaper, much safer alternative than paying for leads and traffic. It’s not as instant and quick, but it can help teach beginners a ton of useful things.

Then, when you’ve seen some success with organic methods, you can move on to paid lead generation.

This will increase your chances for success and you will approach it in a more educated manner. 

Using only organic methods and the 4 step blueprint that you will see on the next page, I am able to make consistent $1,000 in commissions with a SINGLE sale of a product I don’t even own myself. 

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