Moolavine Review

Welcome to my Moolavine review. Can you really make money online with this program using the “power of cooperation” by collaborating with other affiliates? 

According to its sales video, you can easily start earning income online and reverse affiliate marketing. Instead of you going out and finding people to buy the products you’re affiliated with, you would get people coming to you, and asking to buy these products. 

Imagine what can happen if you have 100’s and 1000’s of people who are eagerly waiting to purchase a product or service using your affiliate links.

This can result in a lot of potential income, however, the problem here is that if you’re new to affiliate marketing, it can be really difficult to get to a point where you are earning from that many people. 

In other words, it’s going to be way harder than what’s advertised on their sales page. Not only that but there are a couple of additional concerns that I have regarding this program, and I will be exposing them in this review today.

Online success can come in many different forms, that’s why it’s important to find YOUR way before investing time, and money into seemingly good products/services.

Let me be completely transparent by letting you know that I’m not affiliated with Moolavine in any way or form whatsoever.

That’s why I will be revealing some shady practices that are being implemented inside this program by the owners, and why you should know about them before even thinking about joining this program.

Moolavine Review Summary

Product Name: Moolavine

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Program

Product Price: Free or $30+ a Month & Upsells

Product Creator: Bryan Winters

Recommended: No!

Overall Score: 35/100

Summary: Moolavine is a “free” platform, where you can join and become part of a large network of affiliates, where they buy affiliate products from each other, thus helping each other make money online. The thing is that even though you can join for free, you can’t start earning anything unless you become a paying member.

There are a few different ways that you can become paying a member, one of them is by buying products every month, using the affiliate link of the person who referred you to this system. That’s where the name “reverse affiliate marketing” comes from.

I don’t think that this program is the best solution for newbies, and people with little to no experience with making money online, simply because their business model is not sustainable, plus you don’t really get to learn anything about driving traffic (website visitors).

That’s the lifeblood of any online website or platform, and if you don’t get traffic to your offers, then you won’t make any sales.

What is Moolavine?

Moolavine is all about referring others into the program, and getting them to join under your “vine” which is all the people that have registered inside due to your marketing efforts. In other words, there’s a strong focus on getting others to join the system, so if you’re good at that, then you can probably make some money with Moolavine.

However, if you don’t have any experience with that, it can be tricky because there’s no actual training inside that shows you how to get more people to register under your referral link.

Once someone joins under you, if they wanted to start making money with the program, they would have to buy a digital product using your referral link, where you will get a percentage of the profits in the form of a commission each month. 

That’s basically how they get every member to keep buying stuff from other members. There’s an alternative route where you can pay monthly membership fees so that your account stays active.

If you do that, the person who has referred you to this system will get a percentage of what you pay monthly to keep your membership active, and this also applies to everyone that you invite. 

Moolavine is very similar to CB Money VineThis is another product created by Bryan Winters, in fact, it’s entirely possible that one is just a rehashed version of the other. That wouldn’t surprise me as many digital product creators do this, just so that they can increase the likelihood of earning more money along the way.

Is Moolavine a Scam?

moolavine review legit or not

Moolavine is not a scam, but there are a few things that you should know. One of the ways that you can keep an active membership is by paying a straight-up monthly fee without purchasing any digital products.

In other words, you’re paying every month just so that you can have the chance of getting others to pay you every month, and “qualify” for commissions. This approach is very similar to how a pyramid scheme operates, and that is not something that you can look forward to doing for a long period of time.

This means that the business model is NOT sustainable, and can easily collapse, and get people to lose a lot of money virtually overnight.

Who Created Moolavine?

Moolavine was created by Bryan Winters, a serial digital product creator with numerous successful creations. He is a real person, with legit earnings, and a vast amount of experience with making money online. That’s definitely a good thing because it brings credibility to all of the products that he owns. 

What’s Inside Moolavine

moolavine physical products hot products inside moolavine review

Once inside Moolavine, you would have to purchase a product using your referrals’ links so that they can get a percentage of what you spend as a commission payment. You would then be awarded “Green Days” which basically means the number of green days determines how long your account is going to be active.

In other words, if you buy a product or service that’s worth $16, then you would get 16 consecutive green days, which means that during that time, your account will be active and you are eligible to make money online with Moolavine. 

Buying Products

Once you decide on a product that you would like to buy, you will have to ask for an affiliate link from the person who referred you to this program. Once that happens, they will receive an email with a message saying that a referral has requested an affiliate link.

The downside to this is that it can take some time until you get the affiliate link, and you can’t really proceed forward unless you get that link. Usually, when it comes to buying digital products, the great thing is that you don’t have to wait for arrival times or anything like that.

All you have to do is buy the product, and you will have instant access to it. Well, when you have to wait around for your referral to respond with their link, who knows how long it will take.

If you’re lucky enough, the person who referred you to Moolavine is going to be really active online, which means that you can get that affiliate link and move forward pretty fast. 

The other way for you to keep an active membership, and hot having to worry about any green days, is by paying a monthly membership fee, which will grant you green days for the entire duration of that month.

Moolavine Price, Upsells & Refunds

Moolavine is free to join, however, if you want to be able to actually make money online with this program, you will have to buy a product every month. Let’s say for the sake of this example that you buy a product that costs $20. You would then have to top up  $1 a day for the duration of that month.

After that, you have to do the same thing over and over again. In any case, you shouldn’t expect to be spending less than $30 if you want your membership to stay in the green and be marked as active.

The other option is to pay a monthly membership fee of $30 where you won’t have to worry about keeping your membership active.  There’s an option to take advantage of the solo ads services that Moolavine provides called MV Traffic Share.

This will give you access to an automatic monthly advertisement of your affiliate link, which can give you the chance to earn even more money. This offer comes with a $40 price tag every month.

There are a few upsells along the way, so let’s do a breakdown of each one to see what they are all about.

Upsell #1 – Unlimited Green Days ($20/Month)

This one is pretty self-explanatory. By buying into this upsell, you won’t have to worry about buying green days ever again, because you will have an unlimited amount of them. 

Upsell #2 – Duel Squeeze ($97)

This is a software that will automate your email marketing, and help you reach even more people by automatically promoting Moolavine using email marketing.

Upsell #3 – MV Traffic Coop ($40 – $120 Each Month)

This one will get your affiliate link for Moolavine placed on their rotator which means that your links will be exposed to more people, and depending on the monthly package that you choose, you can choose from different traffic share packages.

The higher the cost, the more exposure you will get. In other words, with this upsell you can get your affiliate link out there without you having to think about generating traffic. 

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee on everything which means that you can always ask for a refund within the given time frame and get your money back.

What I Like About Moolavine

green text on the upper left corner that reads pros vs red x with text that reads cons on the lower right corner with Moolavine logo on the lower left corner

1. You Don’t Need a Website. Even though nowadays it’s extremely easy to build your own website, you would still have to consider some additional expenses such as domain hosting if you had to create one. With Moolavine you don’t need to worry about any of that.

2. You Can Get a Refund. This is really great because you can always ask for a refund in case you’re not satisfied with your current purchase. That’s exactly why many people take advantage of this opportunity because they know that their payment is safe in the event that someone doesn’t like what they’ve bought.

3. There’s A Real Chance To Make Money Online With This Program
. That is if you know how to recruit others into the system. If you know how to get traffic to your offers, this can be a legit way of earning money online.

What I Don’t Like About Moolavine

1. You Have To Invest Constantly. In order to keep an active membership to this site and be able to promote it to others and earn from that, you would have to pay a monthly membership fee or buy different products that will keep your membership active. 

2. No Real Traffic Generation Training. Right now the hardest thing to do is getting high-quality traffic for your offers.

If you’re not good at it, then you will likely struggle with Moolavine because they have no real training that can help you along with that. 

3. Too Hyped Up
. If you’re a beginner and have limited experience with digital marketing then you have a higher chance of believing, and falling into the hype that’s around this program.

The reality is that it won’t be that easy to earn money online with Moolavine unless you already know all the essential things like traffic generation.

4. A Lot Of Upsells. Even though they are not mandatory for your success they will sure amplify the whole process. Many programs and services online have upsells and most often than not they are way more expensive.

It’s a common marketing tactic to buy into the front end of a product for a small fee, only to be showered with many different (and expensive) upsells once you’re inside the membership area.

My Recommendation

My recommendation is that if you’re a beginner then you shouldn’t get involved with Moolavine simply because you will find it way more difficult to become profitable with this program than you would think.

Furthermore, you will definitely have to look for external training resources because you need to know how to generate traffic to your affiliate offers, and that is NOT taught inside Moolavine.

There is just not enough info, and training videos that can get teach a beginner everything about online business from A to Z. Luckily, we live in a digital age, with lot’s of opportunities to make money online, you just have to find the right one.

If you want to learn how to make REAL money online then I suggest that you check out how these people are banking profits using a simple, yet incredibly effective blueprint that so many neglect and lose out on that opportunity forever. 

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