Ministry Of Freedom Review – Is Jono Armstrong a Scam?

Welcome to my Ministry Of Freedom review. Is this just another scam or can Jono Armstrong really teach you how to become a successful internet marketer? In his course, Jono claims that he will teach you EVERYTHING that he knows, including the secrets that got him earning $1 Million in yearly sales. 

Here’s what you need to know about this program. It’s a high ticket course, which means that it’s expensive, and the affiliate commissions are big.

This means that you can easily stumble upon very biased reviews, that praise this product like it’s the greatest thing that ever happened on the internet, without actually providing you with any REAL VALUE, that you can use in making the buy or no buy decision. 

I want to be completely transparent and upfront by letting you know that I won’t be offering a thousand bonus low-quality eBooks for joining through my affiliate link. In other words, I’m not here to pitch or sell anything to you.

Ready? Let’s get started.

Ministry Of Freedom Review Summary

Product Name: Ministry Of Freedom

Product Type: Internet Marketing Training

Product Creator: Jono Armstrong

Price: $1497 or 3x $597

Recommended: Not For Everyone!

Overall Score: 50/100

Summary: Ministry of Freedom is a high ticked training course that offers mentorship, and in-depth training on all the latest and up to date business models, and strategies. You can copy the exact blueprint that earns them $10K/Month.

The training is legit and can give you a boost if you’re struggling with earning money online, however, they use some shady tactics to get you hooked up, and I will dive into that as we go along with this review. Apart from the hefty price tag, you should expect to spend a bunch more cash on paid ads, if you want to see results fast.

If you’re prepared for that investment, then Ministry of Freedom may be what you’re looking for. However, I think that there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives for beginners that don’t feel comfortable spending that much money upfront.

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What is Ministry Of Freedom?

Ministry of Freedom is a 9 week long in-depth internet marketing training that’s designed to take people from complete beginners and turn them into experienced entrepreneurs. You will be introduced with a method called Launch Jacking, and how to take full advantage of it.

Apart from that, you will learn a whole lot of more useful things that work right now, such as creating, and marketing your own affiliate products, and outsourcing your work.

The thing that brings the most value about Ministry of Freedom is the fact that you will get access to a private Facebook group where you will get to interact with other successful people, and get personal mentorship from Jono himself.

This can increase your chances of success, however, you should know there are many other companies, and organizations that offer free mentorship as part of their offers, but at much lower prices. 

Here’s what you need to know about the first couple of weeks inside the training, and the shady tactics being used to keep you as a customer.

You see, Jono Armstrong will share your affiliate links with his email audience, which will highly increase your chances of earning some fast money, and that’s great.

Given the fact that this course costs $1497, you will have the opportunity to earn some of that amount back by “borrowing” a portion of the traffic that Jono Armstrong has.

This can get you hooked up even more to this program, and that’s not necessarily a good thing, because you don’t know for sure if this program will work for you or not.

Even if you earn some money within the first couple weeks, this will be because you’re tapping into Jono’s email audience and claiming that traffic as your own for a short while, which can make you think that this training really works, when you’re initial earnings have nothing to do with what’s being taught inside at all.

Don’t get your short term earnings confused with long term success. This shady marketing tactic can be seen with similar high ticket internet marketing training courses such as the Partnership to Success by John Thornhill

Is Ministry Of Freedom a Scam?

ministry of freedom review legit or not

Ministry of Freedom is not a scam, and I believe that the training inside is very valuable, and can teach people a lot of useful things that can be implemented into the online world for maximum success rate.

The methods inside are focused entirely on what Jono Armstrong is currently doing, to make a full-time income online, and you can get access to his entire business blueprint when you become a member of his training program. With that in mind, I have to say that the only issue that I have with this product has to do with the high price tag.

Combine that with all the extra cash that you will be spending on paid ads to get it all going, and you can end up investing a decent amount of money before you start seeing any real returns. You can choose not to invest in any paid ads and dive straight into the organic Launch Jacking methods, but this approach is slower and requires a bit more patience.

Who Created Ministry Of Freedom?

Ministry of Freedom was created by Jono Armstrong. Inside you will learn methods that he is using right now, for earning money online. He is a serial digital product creator and has helped many people in achieving the dream lifestyle.

One of the methods he shows you inside is called Launch Jacking, and you can do it for free with just a Youtube channel. Clearly his methods work, and this can be seen by the 45K + people who follow him on Youtube, and the thousands of daily views that he accumulates. 

It’s definitely safe to say that this person is a legit internet marketer that knows a thing or two about making money online, and many people can learn from Jono Armstrong.

What’s Inside Ministry Of Freedom?

ministry of freedom review inside

The training inside Ministry of Freedom is separated into 9 modules, and each one is focused on a different aspect of your online business. By following through all of the training, you will be equipped with the knowledge of how to successfully launch your own online business. Here’s a breakdown of what’s inside the training.

Module 1 – Mindset, Commitment & Success 

This is the first week’s module, and it’s all about preparing you mentally for what you’re about to dive into. It’s important to realize that you would have to put in the work in order to achieve anything great, and that includes making money online. This means that you have to commit yourself to doing things, and sacrificing other activities in the process. 

In order to be successful, you have to discipline yourself into doing things that sometimes you may not feel like doing. This bit is all about that and setting up your mindset for success.

Module 1 – The Organic Module

This is an addition to the first module’s training and is all about organic traffic generation from Google and Youtube. Jono will show you the exact methods, strategies, and tips that he is implementing for his own organic traffic generation efforts.

Module 2 – Tools & Applications

This is the second week’s training and it’s all about the tools, and external apps that you will need in order to succeed online like an autoresponder for your email marketing. Some of these things will cost you additional expenses, so you should keep that in mind.

Modules 3 & 4 – Launch Jacking

In these modules, you will learn everything about Launch Jacking and how to effectively implement it into your business strategy. In case you’re wondering, Organic Launch Jacking is the practice of getting your affiliate links for products that are not yet listed online for sale, and promote those products using Youtube or Google.

The idea behind that is to post Youtube videos and be one of the first people who promote a certain product. This will give you an unfair advantage over your competitors, and because your video was one of the first that mentioned a certain product, it will get priority over other, newer content that get’s ranked on Youtube when people search for it.

This means that you will gain more exposure that way, and will be able to tap into a market that’s not that competitive. That’s actually how Jono Armstrong started his affiliate marketing success journey and then evolved into digital product creation.

Module 5 – Advanced Launch Jacking

This is where Jono goes deep into the advanced stuff of launch jacking. You will see a unique approach to that method, which is part of the reason that it has brought him much success as well. It’s combined with paid ads so you need to be prepared to spend some extra cash if you want to take advantage of this week’s training module.

Module 6 – Creating Your Own Affiliate Products

This module is all about showing you how to create a high-quality affiliate product that people will want to promote. It’s packed with value, and you can learn a lot about affiliate product creation. 

Module 7 – Email Marketing

This is a really big one, and if you’re using email marketing the right way, it can be the only thing that you will ever need for making money online. Jono knows that, which is why there is a lot of emphasis on the importance of email marketing from the beginning of this module.

You will learn everything about it, and how to implement it into your online business in the most efficient ways possible. That’s where you would have to invest a bit for an autoresponder that will help with your email marketing campaigns.

The idea is to collect emails from as many people as you can and send them promotional letters with affiliate links inside them. If you don’t have an autoresponder to take care of all the automation for you, then you can’t really respond to hundreds of people each day and manually send each one an email.

It’s way too time-consuming, if not impossible to do. Luckily, most autoresponders are not that expensive, and you can find very effective ones, for as low as $15/month.

Module 8 – Product Launching

This module is all about the strategies and techniques that you need to implement to have a successful and profitable product launch. Jono is one of the top affiliates at WarriorPlus, with many product launches under his belt. You will be able to learn his exact secrets and strategies that are being used by him for each successful product launch that he has had. 

Module 9 – Paid Traffic 

This part is going to teach you everything that you need to know in order to attract laser targeted traffic to your affiliate offers or products, using paid ads on different platforms. You will learn everything that Jono knows, and he will let you use his own ad campaigns and implement them into your own online traffic generation efforts.

Apart from all of these modules, you will get a couple of extra stuff that comes along with Ministry of Freedom.

Jono’s Sales Rotator

With this one, you can send “guaranteed” traffic to your affiliate links using Jono’s email list. Every week, he will promote one of his student’s affiliate links to his email audience, which will surely bring some sales for them.

This can be an easy way to make up to a few hundred dollars of your money back. This is a marketing tactic that’s used to get you into thinking that you’re getting results, when in reality, Jono is just passing some traffic juice your way, to ensure that you stick with the program.

Access to Jono’s ad Audience

Jono will allow you to place your retargeting ads in front of his audience so that you can increase your chances of generating sales.

Ministry Of Freedom Price, Upsells & Refunds

Ministry of Freedom comes with a price tag of $1497 which will save you $900. The alternative to that is 3 consecutive payments of $597.

There are no upsells to this product and you will get the full product with either of these payment methods mentioned above. There is a 30 day money back guarantee in place, but if you want to qualify for one you need to prove that you’ve gone through the training, and attended at least one live Q & A call with Jono.

What I Like About Ministry Of Freedom?

ministry of freedom review pros vs cons

1. The Training is Legit. Inside Ministry of Freedom, you will learn a lot of valuable things that can help you become a successful internet marketer. You have the option to go hard and start investing money into ads for fast results, or you can take the organic traffic path, and learn how to create Youtube videos using launch jacking as your main model for monetization. 

2. There’s a Mentorship In Place
. You can get access to Jono himself during his weekly Q & A calls, where you get to ask for feedback or get help with anything if you ever need it. This personal approach can really expedite the whole process of turning a beginner into a profitable internet marketer.

3. Jono Armstrong is a Real Person.
Not only that, but he is experienced with the methods that he’s teaching inside his training, because that’s how he managed to make a significant amount of money online, and now he’s spilling the beans on all his secrets.

4. There’s a Refund.
You will have about a month to decide if this is the right program for you or not. If it’s not, you can ask for a refund, and they will give it to you as long as you can prove that you’ve really invested your time in exploring the program.

What I Don’t Like About Ministry Of Freedom?

1. It’s Expensive. If you’re a beginner, then the idea of investing $1500+ for online training that may or may not work is probably not in your list of priorities and I get that. Some may not even afford to pay that much even if they wanted to.

To be honest, if it was just for the training itself, then it’s not worth paying that much because you can find a lot of the info that’s inside, on the internet for a much cheaper price.

Even when you take into consideration the personal approach that they’ve taken inside this training program with the mentorship, and everything, I still don’t think that paying that much is worth it. Especially when you consider the fact that you can find a qualified, successful mentor that’s willing to help you, for much cheaper than $1,500.

2. You Will Have To Spend Even More For Faster Results. The only way to actually achieve some decent results fast is by going with paid ads, which means paying more money for exposure. This is risky because you can always lose your money without making any seizable profits, and it can take multiple runs until you figure out exactly what works, and what doesn’t.

3. Shady Payment Rewards. The fact that you will get your affiliate links some temporary exposure using Jono Armstrong’s email list of subscribers can be both good and bad.

It’s good in the sense that you can earn up to a few hundred dollars without doing any work at all. It’s bad because it can give you a false sense of achievement, and get you hooked up into the training, thinking that it’s all paying off.

The reality is that you are almost “guaranteed” to make a portion of the money you invest back, with the sole idea of getting you hungry for more, and it’s all part of a marketing tactic that some people like to use.

My Recommendation

If you’re willing to spend more than $1,500+ for a training and complete breakdown of what Jono Armstrong is doing to become so successful online plus getting him as your mentor, then you will most likely be left satisfied.

However, if you’re a beginner that’s just getting started with this internet marketing thing, then you might want to reconsider paying that much for a training program.

There’s a lot of value inside, but if you decided that you wanted your money back, there is a possibility of running into trouble because you would have to prove that you’ve at least tried to make this work for you.

What you need to realize is that there are a lot of different training programs out there, that can help you get started with your online business, and become successful, without that high price tag in place. 

I know for a fact that there are platforms out there where you can get complete, in-depth training with mentorship, and no extra money spent on ads, without having to spend all your savings in one go. 

If that sounds interesting, then you should check out how I and these people are banking profits using a simple, yet incredibly effective blueprint that so many neglect and miss out on that opportunity forever.

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  1. on March 5-2021 I was introduced to Jono Armstrongs Ministry of Freedom. I viewed the website and signed up and after jumping through a few hoops I managed to scrape the funds to enroll. ( $797 USD + exchange $1,008.68 Canadian) This left me with very little money to try and make it to the next pension payment. At this point, I was ready to throw caution to the wind and jump into the program. Unfortunately, I was extremely shocked there was no Login information Jono Armstrong took my money and threw me under the BUS. I have spent two days trying to locate Jono Armstrong and so far this is the closest I have been able to come. Jono Armstrong is expecting ($797 USD =$1008.68 CDN). over the next two months. If anybody reading this could lend me some assistance it would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hi, im thinking about joining the program. I believe he lives in Bali, Indonesia and he has a social media accounts (youtube & facebook) you can try to reach him from there.
    I understand you are in a stressful situation, but do you mind letting me know once you have resolved the situation?

    Thank you & I wish you all the best in pursuing the solution for your issue.


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