Maverick Money Makers Review

Welcome to my Maverick Money Makers review. Can you really become a millionaire with this affiliate marketing training program?

According to their sales page, you can.

There’s a lot of hyped-up digital training programs that promise you a world of immense riches and wealth, but it always ends up as a disappointment.

Is this program any different? Let’s find out now.

Let me be completely transparent by letting you know up front that I’m not affiliated with Maverick Money Makers in any way or form, so I won’t be trying to sell you on the idea of how great this affiliate marketing training is.

Instead, I will reveal to you everything that you should know before making the buy or no buy decision.

I’m also going to be revealing some very disturbing facts about this program, that the owner doesn’t want you to know, because I think that it’s fair that you know what you’re getting yourself into before you decide to invest your time and money in it.

Maverick Money Makers Review Summary

Product Name: Maverick Money Makers

Product Creator: Mack Michaels

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Program

Product Price: $97/Month

Recommended: No!

Overall Score: 40/100

Summary: This is a program that’s designed to teach beginners all about affiliate marketing. The training is legit, however, most of the things that are inside can be found for free on the internet.

It doesn’t look like they have anything special to offer that can justify their price tag of $100 a month except for the wild claims that you can become a millionaire if you dedicate yourself to this program for long enough.

On top of that, you should expect to spend even more money on things like ads, and other paid traffic generation methods. In essence, this is a training program that teaches you how to sell it to others and earn a percentage of the profits for yourself. 

This means that if you want to have even the slightest chances of becoming profitable, expect to spend a few hundred each month, for a consistent period of time, and then MAYBE you will see some profits.

Their sales page, makes this process seem way easier than it actually is so that they can generate as many sales as they can.

I can’t recommend this program because I know that there are way better and cost-effective opportunities that won’t take all of your savings.

What is Maverick Money Makers?

Maverick Money Makers is an affiliate marketing training that almost guarantees to make you a millionaire in 46 months or less.

The owner, Mack Michaels goes so far into his sales pitch that at one point he describes one of the biggest issues about paying for results, that it can add up.

That’s why he promises to show you how to earn the amount of monthly spendings that you will need to make Maverick Money Makers work for you.

By introducing you with different low paying opportunities, you can supposedly bank up to a few hundred a month which is technically true.

However, the thing is that you will be grinding for hours on end working towards that monthly goal, which can make you forget all about this training program that got you going in the first place.

Maverick Money Makers has been around for 10+ years, however, it was recently removed from ClickBank, one of the world’s biggest affiliate marketplaces where vendors and affiliate marketers can collaborate together.

no longer on clickbank

Given the fact that ClickBank accepts almost every product or service, because they get a small percentage in the form of listing fees for every product that’s listed on their marketplace, something pretty serious has had to happen in order for Maverick Money Makers to be taken down from ClickBank.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for similar affiliate marketing training that is all about running paid ads, and CPA then you should take a look at Powerhouse Affiliate.

Is Maverick Money Makers a Scam?

maverick money makers review legit or not

Maverick Money Makers is NOT a scam, and it can truly help people in establishing a successful online business.

The initial investment to get it all going is a lot for something that may or may not work, which is why I don’t think that it’s a great opportunity for beginners, and people who are just getting started with affiliate marketing.

Their sales page says that you can start off with no upfront investments, and no hidden fees, but that’s just not true because you will be spending money on traffic (visitors) generation methods, in order to kick start your affiliate marketing efforts and start profiting.

Plus you will have to maintain your membership active which is a monthly investment on its own.

There’s been numerous complaints over the years from ex-members of this training program, and some of them had to deal with problems like this one…

That’s what happens when you raise people’s expectations too much. They end up being disappointed, which is totally normal. If I were paying $100/Month for a dream, I would be dissatisfied as well.

Who Created Maverick Money Makers?

Mack Michaels is behind Maverick Money Makers.

He is known in the online worlds with a bunch of different digital product creations that if you tried Googling, you would have a hard time finding simply because they have all been shut down.

A couple of them are Millionaire Society and Profit Banks.

Basically one was just a rehashed version of the other, and it’s what we are seeing with Maverick Money Makers all over again.

Mack Michaels doesn’t have a reputation as a credible person, rather he is known to present different low-quality products under fake personas just so that he can protect his online reputation.

By the looks of it, it didn’t really work that well for him now did it?

What’s Inside Maverick Money Makers

Inside Maverick Money Makers, you will get access to a lot of different things that can help you kickstart your online business. Let’s do a quick breakdown of everything that’s inside this affiliate marketing training program.

Core Training

This is a video training series that is focused on letting you in on the world of affiliate marketing and making money online.

By going through this training you will find out what it takes to build your own online business from A to Z. You will know everything about becoming an affiliate, and how the entire process works.

You will get access to the following training video matetirals:

– Development

– Online Spying

– Keyword Mastery

– SEO Intelligence

– Content Creation

– Video Marketing

– Social Networking

Quick Money Blueprints

This where you will see how you can complete different tasks online, in order to bring up to a few hundred monthly so that you can be able to pay for your advertisement, and traffic generation fees.

In reality, these work, but the payout is extremely low, and in many places, there will be a limit of how many tasks you can achieve daily, which means that it’s going to be way harder to get that extra cash than you would think.

At the end of the day, ask yourself, is making pennies by the hour really worth your time? 

A few of these quick money methods included are PPC cloning, CPA, eBay Trading, Using eBay for Magical Auctions, Yahoo Answers, and Google Trends.

Furthermore, you will be introduced to the Super Affiliate training, which is all about becoming a successful affiliate leveraging ClickBank for finding different products and services to promote and earn commission payments.

The core training’s final module is about leveraging WSO (Warrior Special Forum) inside WarriorForum. In case you don’t know this is a forum filled with internet marketers, that collaborate, and communicate with each other.

WSO is a marketplace where people can list different products and services related to the make money online industry. You can learn how to leverage that marketplace for your own benefit.

Skillset Videos

This is where you will learn about all the tiny little details that make a successful affiliate marketing business.

You will find out how to create your online property AKA a website, and customize it so that it can look appealing for your traffic.

You will also get access to traffic generation training that’s focused on CPA or Cost Per Action, which is a form of paid advertisements.

Heres everything else that you can expect inside this part of the training:

– Competitive Intelligence. This will show you how to use Google Alerts in order to gain a significant advantage over your competitors.

– Copywriting Mastery. This part is all about writing a great copy that is compelling and will get users to perform any set of actions like clicking a link or buying something.

– Affiliate Marketing. You will learn everything about affiliate marketing including how to find great affiliate products.

– Traffic Generation. Here you will get to learn all the different traffic generation methods both free and paid. You will also learn about social networking, and article marketing, which in all fairness doesn’t work as well as it used to.

– Website Creation. You will learn how to create a website and how to choose your perfect domain name.

You will be introduced to creating doorway pages, which can help for your organic search rankings but only for a short term because Google tends to penalize these kinds of website pages because they create a BAD user experience.

In other words, if you go that route, you should throw away any potential chances of creating a sustainable website that can bring you profits on a consistent passive income basis.

Success Mind Coaching

This part will help you train your mindset for success. You will learn valuable insights and techniques that you can use to ensure that you always keep a clear mind.

By implementing what’s inside these training videos you can restructure your thinking, and learn to focus more on the things that will actually help you in becoming successful.

You will be able to learn from people like Zig Ziglar, Mike Vance, Jerry Klark & Mark Victor Hansen.

Brilliant Niche Marketing Ideas

When you’re getting started on the internet, it’s important to choose a direction in which you will be going or in other words, your niche.

That’s a segmented market that’s focused on one topic, and Mack Michaels shows you how to choose your own niche. There is a list of niche ideas that gets updated every month, which can help you in choosing a direction.


Turnkey Products. With this one, you can get access to dozens of pre-build pages that are interconnected with products and services within various niches. Every month they release dozen new products with their associated landing pages.

In other words, you won’t have to build your own landing pages, and they will even take care of all your email marketing campaign to ensure maximum conversion rates.

Virtual Bookshelf. This a library of eBooks with business-related themes. You can get access to all of them without having to pay anything extra, and there’s a good number of them that you can access.


There’s a community of successful people inside Maverick Money Makers, and according to some users, they aren’t that friendly, or active at all.

You can download any of these training videos if you wanted to. There are no upsells inside this training program, and you will get a 60-day money-back guarantee.

What I Like About Maverick Money Makers

maverick money makers review pros vs cons

1.Legit Training. Some of the training inside can help beginner affiliate marketers, and even help guide them in the right direction. The email marketing training is probably the most worthwhile piece of information inside this program.

2. There is a Money Back Guarantee
. In the event that you end up disliking Maverick Money Makers, you will have the chance to get your money back within the given time frame.

3. You Can Learn Different Things. The whole program is not limited to affiliate marketing only. Instead, you can get the chance to take advantage of all the different side gig opportunities that are being exposed. They can all help you with making a bit of extra income to cover all of your expenses for this program.

What I Don’t Like About Maverick Money Makers

1. Too Hyped Up. The sales page is way too hyped up and goes as far as to almost promise that you will become a millionaire with Maverick Money Makers.

Even if there are people who became successful with this program, claiming over, and over again how anyone can EASILY make money with this program with just a little bit of monthly investments for a period of up to a few months is very misleading.

2. It’s Core Training Revolves Around Promoting This Program
. Even though you have the option of promoting other affiliate products and earning a commission, you will be strongly encouraged throughout the whole training to promote Maverick Money Makers because it’s the most rewarding option for you.

This, in essence, means that the creator is building a massive army of other people to promote his products. It’s not that this is a bad thing on its own, but when it’s done in such a shady way, and when every effort has been made to convert you into their affiliate, you have to stop and wonder, if this program is actually designed to help people?

3. Some of The Training Doesn’t Work Anymore. If you take article marketing, for example, this was something that used to work really well for building brand authority and increasing sales rate, however, it’s almost not effective anymore. There is a ton of info about the subject on the internet.

4. You Can Find Most of The Information For Free Online. This is another big thing that makes me hesitant in investing $100 every single month. By going on platforms like Google or Youtube you can easily find everything that a beginner should know about affiliate marketing for free.

5. It’s Not a Sustainable Business Model. Due to the fact that you will be creating doorway websites, that Google doesn’t really like, you can’t sustain a single website for a consistent period of time on the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page).

In other words, this business model promotes the constant creation of new websites, that may or may not be successful for a short period of time at best.

6. You Risk Losing Money. It’s expected to see some results a few months after you join, which means that you have to keep up with your monthly payments.

You should think about all the additional investments that you will need such as paying for an autoresponder and running paid ads online to attract traffic to your affiliate offers.

Over time the costs can add up, which means that you’re burning away money for something that may or may not work.

My Recommendation

Maverick Money Makers is an affiliate marketing training program with some pre-build landing pages that will help with your affiliate promotions.

The training inside is nothing special and everything inside can be found for free on the internet.

If you don’t have a few hundred or more upfront, you can’t really achieve anything significant with this program, which means that you run the risk of losing money, because success is not guaranteed.

For a beginner, this can be a bit overwhelming, and I don’t think that it’s worth paying that much for an unsustainable business model that relies on the constant creation of new affiliate websites that serve as doorways to other websites.

I know that there are better alternatives, that won’t cost you as much, and you will be creating a long-lasting SUSTAINABLE passive income stream leveraging Google, and the other search engines for getting free traffic to your offers.

If that sounds interesting then you should check out how these people are banking profits using a simple yet incredibly effective blueprint that so many neglect and lose out on that opportunity forever.

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