Kevin David Net Worth (Review)

Kevin David’s net worth dropped significantly after being fined $53M for false advertising, manipulating reviews, and deceiving his customers. 

Due to the inability to come up with that much money, he and his partner have to pay the FTC $2.6M. If they catch them lying about their financial situation, the full amount will be due.

In other words, Kevin David now has a net worth of less than 2M. When did it all go so wrong? You’re about to find out.

Who is Kevin David?

Kevin David

Kevin David is a self-made millionaire with multiple businesses and income streams. His youtube channel has over 1.47M subscribers, which is more than most Youtubers in the eCommerce space.

For obvious reasons, he hasn’t posted a new video in a few months. 

The way he promoted one of his most expensive programs, AMZDFY, was the main reason for getting fined. His company, DK Automation, promotes done-for-you services in a very shady way.

Despite being warned, he kept doing the same thing. The money will be used to refund all the customers that fell for it.

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It wasn’t always like that. In the early days, Kevin David was into creating gaming apps and website blogs.

He monetized mainly through Google Ad Sense and the Amazon Affiliate Program. After a while, he moved on to work for a big accounting firm. Then a private consultant at Facebook.

Shortly after, he learned about Amazon FBA and dove right in. Within a year, he was already making over $2M in sales.

The real profits came when he founded ThatNinjaLifestyle. A company that sells education courses to aspiring entrepreneurs.

What is Kevin David’s Net Worth?

Kevin David’s net worth is less than $2M. After getting a huge fine from the FTC, his worth took a huge blow. Before all that, It was presumed to be between $10M – $20M. 

That’s calculated from his combined streams of income, including multiple companies, done-for-you services, Youtube sponsorships, course selling, affiliate marketing, and brand advancement.

Is Kevin David a Scam?

Sure looks like it now. “DK Automation ripped off consumers by manipulating reviews and making empty promises of big returns on cryptocurrency investment schemes and bogus business programs.”

That’s from the director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. “They ignored warnings that these practices were illegal, and now they are paying the price.”

When you make people sign waivers that prohibit you from leaving negative reviews and sharing their opinions about your programs, it’s obvious that you’re not really interested in people’s success.

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What Can You Learn From Kevin David?

Kevin David charged consumers as much as $100K for his done-for-you services under the pretense that they can make 100% passive income. In reality, very few people ever saw good returns on their investments.

The advertisements make it seem like everyone who participates will get great results. If there’s one thing you can learn from Kevin Devid, it should be to put your customers first.

Unfortunately, there are many similar done for you programs that operate in the same way. Will they stop and take this as a warning to them? Highly unlikely.

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