Income Club Review – Is Simone Sanchez’ Platform Legit?

Welcome to my Income Club review. Can you really make money in the equity market with this software, or is it another scam to avoid? 

Here’s what you need to know. This is a trading app that supposedly helps people make money even if they have no experience.

Apparently, all you have to do is use your phone to unleash the almost infinite power of a mysterious technology that’s already inside your phone.

By pressing a few clicks, you can start getting tens of thousands of dollars. That’s the gist of the sales video. It feeds on your inner greed and desire to make easy money. That’s ALWAYS a bad thing in my opinion.

There are many ways to make money online and create a thriving online business. All of them require a lot of effort and hard work. See this EYE-OPENING message to stop getting lured by fake promises and misleading claims.

Without being too quick to dismiss the Income Club as a scam, I decided to dig further and see EXACTLY what you’re getting into without any hype or exaggerated income claims.

Income Club Review Summary

Product Name: Income Club

Product Type: Investment App

Product Owner: Simone Sanchez

Product Price: $37+

Overall Score: 35/100

Recommended: Not For Everyone!

Summary: This is an app that does investments in the stock market for you. It’s promoted as a tool that can predict different trends and ensure successful investments in the stock market.

In the sales video, you’re even promised to start making money within an hour of watching it. The owner, Simone Sanchez, looks as fake as all the get-rich-quick promises you see every five seconds while watching the presentation video.

The people behind Income Club probably work with different brokers and get paid commissions whenever they send clients their way.

They make everything look so easy and effortless so that YOU can spend as much money as you can, thinking it will all be worth it.

If you’re lucky, you could end up making a lot of money with this platform. The truth is that you’re gambling. If you’re willing to risk losing whatever you put into this system, then you won’t end up disappointed.

However, if you approach this “opportunity” thinking it’s something different than a game of chance, you could end up in serious trouble.

That’s why I can’t recommend this platform to ANYONE. If you’re looking for a REAL blueprint that will help you create an ACTUAL online business around your passions, hobbies, and interests, see how I’m making thousands each month by clicking below.

What is Income Club? 

Income Club is a platform with a sales letter that, to me, sounds way too good to be true. It’s somewhat similar to a get-rich-quick scheme. A  plan to obtain high rates of return for a small investment. In most, if not all of the cases, it does NOT work out as expected. 

The thought of making tons of money with ZERO effort sounds appealing to us all. As you can see, the fine print at the bottom of the landing page of Income Club clearly says that “there are no guarantees in the equity market or the fixed-income market. Results may vary from person to person”. 

Use at your own risk. You should not be misled by the sales video. After all, it’s designed to get as many people hooked up on the idea of making easy money as possible. 

Is Income Club a Scam?

It does NOT look like a scam platform. It’s misleading and overpromising, but it does look like you’re going to be connected with legit brokers that will handle the day-to-day trading operations for you. 

In other words, there is an ACTUAL chance to make good money with this program. However, I really don’t like the way this opportunity is presented. First, the owner is most likely FAKE.

You’re shown ONE picture of what looks like an image from Shutterstock, a voiceover actor that claims to be a woman called Simone Sanchez. Second, the testimonials look fake. I’ve been exposed to many similar programs.

Most of the time, I can see when there are fake testimonials and success stories. In my opinion, these are not real. Could be wrong. Probably not.

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How Much Does Income Club Cost?

Access to the system costs a one-time fee of $37. Then, you will have to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars to get started. Investing more money means an increased risk of losing more money.

It also means that your ROI (return on investment) COULD be much higher. 

Can You Get a Refund?

Yes. There is a 7-day refund. 

What I Like About Income Club

Income Club review pros vs cons

1. It Comes With the Potential To Make Money Online. The business model you will be going into is legit and many people are earning a lot of money with it.

2. You Can Get a Refund. This reduces the risk of wasting money. If you feel this program is not for you, there is the option to get your money back.

What I Don’t Like About Income Club

1. Sounds Way Too Good To Be True. The overpromising sales video could mislead people into thinking they can start making easy money with little to no effort.

2. Not The Best Alternative For Beginners.
I think that beginners should not risk losing thousands of dollars on something that may not even work in the first place.

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1 thought on “Income Club Review – Is Simone Sanchez’ Platform Legit?”

  1. Yes it’s a high risk investment scheme.
    Possibly losing thousands. One can start smaller with other ways. Presentation gives the impression when the arrows turn green you make money…Not true. It smacks of the schemes of using robots A.I. to invest for you. Also I have talked with others that can’t get there money back. Don’t take a chance. …To Risky


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